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I'm a kiwi and I live in Auckland, NZ.

I love Pokemon, it's one of my longest running fandoms. I also love How I Met Your Mother (you don't know how much I love this. I quote it in real life all the time. I annoy myself .-.) and of course my laptop. I'm also a fan of Minecraft, Agents of Shield (absKUFYb I love this) and any Marvel movie.

Thanks to Serebii, I get all my Pokedex entries from you. They're very good for the latest Pokemon news too.

Hoenn Confirmed anbahgfgyhaeyighaeg

My Favourite Pokemon Characters (1st = best)

1st Equal - Dawn and Ash's/all Monferno and Chespin

2nd Equal - Dawn's weird/awesome Piplup and Paul

3rd - Ash in Sinnoh (So NOT Unova. Not in Unova at all...)

4th - Roxie because, because she's just awesome

5th - Misty's Togepi before it evolved

My Least Favourite Pokemon Characters (1st = worst)

1st - CILAN!!!

2nd Equal - Harley and Iris (The Unova anime just ruined the T.V show practically)

3rd Equal - They aren't Pokemon Characters but... Team Magma and Aqua

4th - Dunsparce. I just don't like that Pokemon on the whole (if that's how you even spell it though?)

5th - Ritchie. I don't know why, but I hated Ritchie.


1. ShadowDuDex - Famous in my world for story 'Jake Dragon's Adventures'

2. Killer Of Thy Cookies - Famous in my world for stories 'Pokemon Kanto: The Journey' & 'Pokemon Johto: The Journey'

3. El Torro - Famous in my world for stories 'Pokemon Kanto Adventure', 'Pokemon Johto Adventure' , 'Pokemon Hoenn Adventure' , 'Pokemon Sinnoh Adventure' , 'Pokemon Unova Adventure' & 'Pokemon Kalos Adventure'

4 ukrazian - Famous in my world for story 'Silver's Adventure'

5. JohtoBlue - Famous in my world for story 'Pokemon: Free and Heather's Adventure: Johto' & many more!

6. Rales Mckoy - Famous in my world for story 'PKMN: Frost Version'

My Main Stories:

1. Pokemon - Unova Capers

Summary - I’m Nick and I plan on becoming Pokemon Champion of the Unova Region. I live in a beautiful beach town called Undella Town, or known as Undella Bay. My best friend is called Lilly; she’s sweet, beautiful and kind. I want to travel with her but her 13th birthday is just two days before mine so she'll be leaving sooner. Dreams of my father haunt me at nights sometimes, but is it really him? Team Plasma, love, strife, and legends rise while my journey unfolds. This is going to be tough…

Main Characters - Nick, May and Max

2. Pokemon XY: Kalos

Main characters - Tyler, Tori, Levi

Summary - A young boy from Santalune City, decides it's time for him to set out on his journey around Kalos. He is yet to discover himself, and who he wants to be, but he is sure of his love for Pokemon. On his journey, he will acquire many friends and Pokemon, he will face evil, good, love and betrayal, and will even discover the mysterious Mega Evolution!

Pokemon - Unova Capers

Main Character:

Nick -

Age: 13

Appearance: Nick has the same face as the main boy character in Pokemon Black and White (The games) but has completly different clothes, and they change everyday.

Height: 5"3

Background Info: Nick comes from a two person household in Undella Town, with only his mum and himself. He had a dad, who used to be champion until Alder defeated him. Now he has dissapeared without telling anyone where he's gone. This happened when Nick was 4. Since then he's seen his dad only once and that was in Virbank City, but as soon as he found out that Nick knew it was him he fled.

Badges: 7

Unova Badges:

Trio Badge - Given to by Leaders Chili and Cress in Episode 8, 'The Duo with the Trio Badge'

Basic Badge - Given to by Leader Lenora in Episode 13, 'Lenora: The Un-Normal'

Insect Badge - Given to by Leader Burgh in Episode 18, 'Burgh Takes on the Bird!

Bolt Badge - Given to by Leader Elesa in Episode 23, 'The Battle of the Fashion Police!'

Quake Badge - Given to by Leader Clay in Episode 41, 'A Pledge to Win!'

Jet Badge - Given to by Leader Skyka in Episode 46, 'Battle of the Sky Warriors!'

Toxic Badge - Given to by Leader Roxie in Episode 53, 'Battling Roxie: Attack of the Poison! Pt.3'


Unova Pokemon:

Tepig/Pignite/Emboar - Emboar was Nick's first ever Pokemon, evolving all the way to his second stage from the Tepig that he got from Professor Juniper. As a Tepig, he was never really a powerhouse and lacked power and speed, but that all changed when he evolved in a battle against Team Plasma into a Pignite. He then became bigger, stronger and faster. Pignite pulled through for Nick many times and won him many battles. One he evolved into an Emboar, he then showcased his true power with a mighty Hammer Arm, which crushed into a Simisear's skull and knocked him out cold. Emboar's full power is still unkown though, and it is also unknown if he kept his speed. He appears to have a rivalry with Cheren's (Nick's arch emeny and rival) Samurott who has beaten the Fire-Type in every battle they've had...

Pidove/Tranquill/Unfezant - Unfezant (male) was Nick's first caught Pokemon that he captured on his journey (Well, excluding Braviary). He evolved from the small Pidove that he caught on Route 1, who aided him in many aireal and normal battles. Unfezant really became powerful when he evolved into a Tranquill, but his speed and agility went way up when he reached his final form. He's always up for a challenge and will take on any bird Pokemon, and almost always will never give in.

Snivy/Servine - Servine was a rogue Pokemon that roamed Route 1 when Nick first met her, stalking predators as they roamed around. Although she is a very tough pokemon she got cremed by Nick's Tepig. She has showed her strength in lots of battles, including in the Striaton, Castelia, Driftveil and Virbank Gym Battles. She once nearly took down Lilly's Servine but it ended in a tie with both Pokemon falling. Snivy evolved into Servine in a battle to the bitter end with Landorus, although after she evolved she learnt Leaf Storm and once she used it, it caused her a major fever, even if it did defeat Landorus. There will surely be some complications with Leaf Storm in the future to come.

Riolu - Riolu is Nick's No.1 partner and always calls on him when he's in trouble. He's always out of his pokeball because he hates being trapped in the small device, but he also shares the same aura as Nick which enables them to communicate telepathically. He also can use Aura Sphere, which normally Riolus can't learn until they evolve, but it seems that Riolu has no plans to evolve anyway. He is the weakest on Nick's team at the moment and isn't relyed on in really tough battles as much as Nick's other Pokemon but he gets out there sometimes anyway just because he can.

Oshawott/Dewott - When Dewott was still a Oshawott he was first found in the Garden Metropolis, where they were holding a catching contest. Although it turned out to be a phony catching contest to steal trainer's Pokemon, organised by none other than Team Rocket, Nick still met Oshawott and they took down Team Rocket together. Since Dewott has evolved he has shown that he is a powerful Pokemon and a great addition to Nick's team, with his moves like Water Pledge, Razor Shell and Aqua Jet.

Solosis/Duosion - Duosion was met when he was a young Solosis, and that's also when he was partners in crime with May's Gothita. They were the children of the Pokemon Bonny and Clide and took after their parents, stealing items and money. Solosis evolved in a battle against Team Rocket when he and Gothita had to help save their fellow friends. Once Solosis and Gothita evolved they became a lot more powerful, and became a lot bigger. Duosion has not been used in battle that much and is probably the least used Pokemon of Nick's.

Tirtouga - Tirtouga is a kind hearted, sensitive Pokemon who was revived from a fossil in the Relic Castle. After Team Rocket tried to steal some fossils, Nick along with his Pokemon stopped them. Fennel, the researcher at that stage, rewarded him with the Dome Fossil which she revived into a Tirtouga. Tirtouga was the powerhouse of Nick's team for quite a while knowing the moves of Hydro Pump, Stone Edge and Ancient Power before he was finally overtaken by Pignite.

Cubchoo - When Nick and his Pokemon first met Cubchoo she was crying down in an alleyway (Between crates) in Cold Storage. She then fled once Nick tired to approach her, but later came back to help Nick defeat Team Plasma in a battle. Cubchoo has become very fond of Nick and always loves to give him 'neck cuddles'. She also has a hatrid of Riolu, but it's more of a jealously because she hates it when she's not out of her pokeball but he is. She has prooved to be a powerful Pokemon, because in the driftveil Gym battle she took down Stunfisk and Excadrill. She has powerful moves such as Slash, Ice Beam and Superpower and will surely be a great addition to Nick's team.

Tynamo/Eelektrik - Eelektrik was met in Chargestone Cave as a Tynamo in a large collany with other Tynamo. Nick decided to help the Tynamo when 5 Krokorok were attacking them, also because the Krokorok hurt his butt. All the Tynamo were quite timid of the Krokorok but Nick's Tynamo, the only courageous one, stepped up and attacked the Krokorok. He also caught 3 out of 5 of the Krokorok but released them. He decided to capture them to stop the Tynamo being atatcked so much, and also because it'd be easier for them to take on 2 Krokorok instead of 5. Eelektrik is a decent battler since he is able to take down strong opponents like Skyla's Unfezant, winning the Gym Battle for Nick.

Lampent - Nick caught Lampent while climbing Celestial Tower with Skyla. Lampent was the leader of a colony of Litwick, and was a very strong opponent. Lampent is a very good battler, with some powerful Fire-Type attacks. She will be a powerhouse in the future, for sure, and will use her moves like Flamethrower, Inferno, Flame Burst and Shadow Ball to win Nick many battles.


May -

Bio: May is from Petalburg City, in the Hoenn region. She originally travelled around with Ash until she went travelling alone. She then met up with her brother, Max, and soon after met Nick. They all quickly became friends and began to travel around the Unova region together. May has a mixed personality; she can be a hothead, she can be nice and even can get quite mean. May is a very powerful coordinator and has used her strength to win ribbons and protect the group many times.


Ribbons: 4

Maronaka Ribbon - Won in the Maronaka Town Pokemon Contest in Episode 15, 'Soledad's Contest Appearance!'

Aqua Ribbon - Won in the Undella Bay Wallace Cup in Episode 30, 'The Commander of the Aqua Ribbon!'

Forktree Ribbon - Won in the Forktree Town Pokemon Contest in Episode 42, 'Forktree Town & Kirlia's Desire'

Anville Ribbon - Won in the Anville Town Pokemon Contest in Episode 56, 'Double is Twice as Nice!'


Blaziken, Beautifly, Skitty, Venasaur, Munchlax, Wartortle, Glaceon, Chikorita, Minccino, Gothorita, Emolga

Max -

Bio: Max is from Petalburg City, in the Hoenn region. He originally travelled around with May and Ash until he went back home for a long time. Once he turned 10, he got his starter and met up with May. They decided to travel to the Unova region, where they met Nick. They all quickly became friends and began to travel the Unova region together. Although Max is still a rookie, he uses the intelligence he's gained on his previous journeys in battle and out of battle. Max resembles Ash in a way, but still remains true to his own personality.


Grovyle, Gallade, Poochyena, Joltik, Arcanine, Rufflet

Pokemon XY: Kalos

Main Character:

Tyler -

Age: 13

Appearance: Tyler has dark blonde hair that is medium-length and green eyes. He wears mustard coloured chinos with a white undershirt, covered by a shy coloured think jacket. He wears black vans and has three thread bracelets on his arm along with a rainbow coloured stone on a necklace that resembles a mega stone.

Height: 5"4

Background Info: Tyler was originally born in Santalune City, Kalos, but with her mum becoming a famous fashion designer they moved to the riches of Lumiose City. Tyler has one brother and one sister, although he hasn't seen his sister since she left for her journey. Tyler has been good friends with Gym Leader Viola ever since she became Gym Leader at the young age of 15 (Tyler was 5).

Badges: 1

Kalos Badges:

Bug Badge - Given to by Leader Viola in Episode 7, 'Round 2: Viola vs. Tyler!'


Chespin - Chespin was Tyler's starter Pokemon that he got when he traveled to Aquacorde Town. Chespin has been shown to sit on Tyler's head a lot, which appears to be his favourite spot. Chespin is a very happy Pokemon who is very affectionate towards Tyler, and seems to like to do everything and anything. Chespin is also a Pokemon who uses strategy a lot in battle.

Fletchling - Fletchling was first encountered by Tyler on his way to Aquacorde Town in a massive flock that attacked Staraptor. Tyler, Bree and Kevin soon ran into the flock again in Santalune Forest, where Tyler battled and caught Fletchling. Not much is known about Fletchling except for the fact that she is very powerful.

Froakie - Froakie was first seen by Tyler when he was being abandoned by his previous trainer. He was badly injured and was afraid of Tyler at first. Froakie doesn't have confidence in himself or others, which stops him from battling, and causes all of his attacks to fail. Despite long and intense hours of training, Froakie is still unable to use attacks caused by his lack of confidence.


Tori -

Bio: Tori met Tyler while on Route 4, where she was looking for the allusive shiny Flabèbè. After eventually capturing the Pokemon, they ventured to Lumiose City where Tori competed in the contest. After an unfortunate loss, Tyler and Tori decided to travel together. Not much is known about Tori yet, except for the fact that she's originally from Sinnoh and that her family lives in Laverre City. Tori is a very bubbly and passionate person.


Ribbons: 0


Fennekin, Flabèbè

Levi -

Bio: First encountering Levi and his brother while training along Route 22, they then met again along Route 5. Levi is the younger brother to Levi's main rival Dwayne, who is as cold hearted as they get. Levi is the exact opposite to his brother, as he is a kind and caring kid. Levi's parents own the Friend Safari in Kiloude City, where he is assumed to be from.


Bulbasaur (Bulby)

Main Characters' Rivals:

Nick's Rivals


Cheren - Cheren got a starter Pokemon at the same time as Nick, and he chose Oshawott. He wears the clothes he wore in Black and White. He's stubborn and mean like Trip and Paul. Cheren and Nick have an un-friendly rivalry as both Nick and Cheren have pointed out, and when Nick lived in Nuvema Town when he was young, Cheren was aparently a kid that bullied Nick. Since they re-met in Juniper's Lab they've had a burning ambition to destroy each other. Cheren is by far Nick's main rival. Cheren has proved to be a strong trainer, beating Nick in every battle they've had (with the exception of 1 tie).

Lilly - Although Lilly is a coordinator, she and Nick still have many battles along the way since they are childhood friends and secret lovers. Lilly is kind and does care about others, but is still a tough battler. She picked Snivy from Professor Juniper just days before Nick got his Tepig. She has travelled with Nick for a while and is sure to travel with the trio at some point. Lilly's strongest Pokemon known is Swanna, along with her Servine who is a major powerhouse and is used most frequesntly in battles.

Wes - Wes looks much like N when he was young (except with white-grey hair and the pony tail cut off, and a more matured face). Wes seems to be kind and caring but seems to know an awful lot about Team Plasma, probably because his twin brother Finn is a top member of it. He seems to have a hatrid of Team Plasma much like Nick as they both have family in the corperation. Nick and co. met Wes on Liberty Pier, Castelia City. His full name is Wesley Stone and he is 14 years old, and seems like a experienced and powerful trainer. He is seen a lot with Shade, the Umbreon, by his side.

John - John is a Pokemon trainer that is aiming to win the Unova League with his Monferno. John originally was born in Unova but moved to Sinnoh when he was 4 and then finally got his starter Pokemon, Chimchar, at 14. He then immediately came back to his homeland, Unova, and started to compete in the League there. He has mud brown eyes and black scruffy hair along with a black top. Covering the black top is a red jacket along with blue jeans and white sneakers. John is said to be a strong trainer since he has Pokemon such as Monferno and Luxio but not much is known about his strategy since Nick has never faced him in battle.

Casey - Just like Lilly and May, Casey is a coordinator and is aiming to win the Unova Grand Festival. Even though she is a coordinator she is still Nick's rival since they do battle and also have secret feelings for each other (The counterpart to Lilly). Her and Lilly are enemies and hate eachother, but Casey has lost to her in battle. Casey picked Tepig and started her journey a month after Nick so she is weaker, although she can hold her ground in battle with him. Casey has blonde hair that is let down and she wears a white dress most of the time.

Trevor - Trevor is a young 17 year old Pokemon Trainer. He comes from Opelucid City and is the son of Drayden, although he doesn't really like Dragon-Types but has a Druddigon (He was Trevor's first Pokemon). Trevor has long white hair that is tied up in a pony tail at the back and it almost goes to his butt. Trevor has a fringe that sways to the side and a mature face, yet one that will let you know he's always ready to battle. He wears grey jeans and a sea blue top with white trainers. Trevor is quite bulk and strong and he also beat Nick in their first battle. His powerhouses in battle include Heracross and Druddigon.

Melanie - Melanie is roughly 13, and has pink hair that is let down but two oval hoops have been tied up, and rest on the sides of her head. Melanie is both a coordinator, and Gym Challenger. She has not speciified how many ribbons or badges she has, and has only showcased three of her Pokemon so her strength is still unkown. She also has a crush on Nick, and usually always calls him 'Handsome'.

Tyler's Rivals


Kevin - Tyler first met Kevin in Aqucorde Town when he got his first Pokemon. Not much is known about Kevin aside from the fact that he is a supportive and friendly character, that wields a Mega Ring. He has been shown to use a variety of Pokemon.

Bree - Tyler first met Bree in Aquacorde Town when he got his first Pokemon. Bree has proved to be a very powerful trainer, beating Tyler in both of their two battles so far. Bree is also a very knowledgeable and graceful battler, which she uses to win battles with ease.

Owen - Tyler met Owen after his loss to Viola in the Santalune Gym, where Tyler was training his Pokemon along Route 22. Owen is the star character of El Torro's Pokemon 'Adventure' series. Owen has competed in many other leagues before, but despite his experience, he was defeated by Tyler in their first battle. Owen has many powerful Pokemon, most notably his Charizard, that he uses to easily take down opponents.

Dwayne - Dwayne is the roughest, meanest rival Tyler will most likely ever face. Dwayne was the ex-trainer of Tyler's Froakie, who now has severe confidence issues. Dwayne is also the older brother to one of Tyler's travelling companions, Levi. Dwayne's only shown Pokemon so far is his Metang that took down all of Tyler's Pokemon without a sweat being broken.

Companions' Rivals:

May's Rivals

Drew - Drew is quite stunbborn, and thinks he's all that sometimes. He obviously has secret feeling for May, and vice versa. He has a green t-shirt and black jeans. He also has a purple over jacket, its more like a shirt though from the way its designed. He now wears trainer gloves, the same ones Ash did in Sinnoh. Drew is mainly known in the contest world because of his Roserade and Flygon.

Harley - This rival of May's is a creep! Harley is ANOTHER male rival of May's that's up himself and he has been since the day that he met May. He still wears his normal Cacturne costume, like he has for the past four years and I think he's gay. He is.

Soledad - Soledad is warm hearted, and is one of the best coordinators on the planet. She dresses in a tight dull orange t-shirt that is almost like a dress because it goes below her waist, and some red jeans's. Her black boots pull of the look. Soledad is usually seen with Slowbro, Pidgeot and Lapras in contests but doesn't really have a favourite Pokemon.

Lilly - Aswell as being one of Nick's rivals, Lilly is also May's (being a coordinator). They are both good friends with eachother and have a friendly rivalry. They used to have a friendly rivalry until May had a random rage at Lilly so now she is cold hearted and doesn;t care for feelings of others. Lilly and May have battled only once, May winning. Lilly has shown that she is a powerful coordinator by nearly defeating Nick when they battled in Undella Bay, and also proving to beat Harley who May lost to. Lilly's main battler and performer is her Servine but her Stoutland plays parts in many battles too.

Amelia/Amy - Amelia is a coordinator who is in disguise because she is actually Amy. Amy used to be a coordinator before May came to Unova but Team Plasma stole her starter Pokemon (Pignite) so she had to call it quits half way through her journey to save him. She still hasn't got her Pignite back and that's why she joined Team Rocket: so that she could defeat Team Plasma. Amy has bright pink hair that is tied in a pony tail on her right and the pony tail is very curley, like it was a swirly ribbon.

Casey - Casey is a coordinator that has a warm heart and cares for others. She has a crush on Nick just like Lilly and they have a harsh rivalry together (Lilly & Casey). Casey is said to be nice to May and she has shown her strength in battle against Lilly, rising up to the challenge but when she battled Nick in Undella Bay she got crushed. She chose a Tepig as her starter Pokemon and also has strong Pokemon such as Tranquill. Her Eevee and Bellossom have shwon their beauty at times too.

Bobby - Bobby isn't really a rival but more of a recurring character. He first met May in the Wallace Cup where they battled in the first round, him and his Marshtomp losing to May and Balziken. He is a Hoenn boy that thinks May is useless and can't win but he does usually give respect to whoever beats him. I am not giving his appearance, age or any background info apart from that he's from Hoenn since he ISN'T a rival, but I felt that he needed to be mentioned.

Melanie - Melanie is a Gym Challenger, and a coordinator and is roughly the age 13. She had pink hair that is let down, but had been tied up in one oval loop on each side ogf her head. She wears a red puffed out skirt that looks like corregated iron (The bumpy up and down stuff) with a orange-skin coloured top. She had orange-skin coloured shoes as well, that has pinky-red stripe on the sides of them. Melanie;s strength is unknown, as had only been seen with a Simisage, Simisear and Simipour so far.

Tori's Rivals

George - George was first met by Tori in the Lumiose Southern Boulevard Contest, but he previously met and battled Tyler along Route 4. George takes down all of his opponents with both beauty and power, which made the Lumiose SBC an easy victory. George's primary partner is his Corphish, who helps Goegre with his day job of gardening.

UPDATES (3 At A Time Only):

29th/June/2014 - Wow it sure has been a long time. I thought I would update you all on where I'm at. Over the past two weeks I have wrote the next 5 chapters to XY, and am looking to continue writing. I want to write at least 6 chapters ahead however as I want to release an episode a week and am afraid that if I start releasing them now that I will stop writing and you'll get 4 episodes and then nothing. So I think staying about 5/6 episodes ahead of what I'm releasing is a good amount because if gives me the chance to take breaks from writing for a few weeks. Anyway, that's all for now so look out over the next couple weeks for my returning chapter! Until next time - MonfernoFreak

6th/April/2013 - I'm back baby! Finally, I've got up Episode 56! It's been over 2 months since I've posted anything on FanFiction, but I thought I'd add to the celebration of my return by posting a new story, a spinoff of PUC. I won't go into details but I just wanted to say I'm hoping to try and get at least one episode up every fortnight, since I've sort of lost my inspiration. I mainly think it was because I was pushing myself to get one episode out a day over the summer break but there's no need for excuses. Well, bye. Until next time - MonfernoFreak

22nd/January/2013 - Well hello. Long time no... update? Well, Episode 54 is coming along nicely and I assure you, will be up but the end of today. I'm expecting one or two chapters up tomorrow, depending on my progress which will bring the total of chapters up to the amount of 55-56! But, I really have no te to write updates because I still have to write 5 more (after this chapter) episodes in 6 days if I want to achieve my goal of 60 chapters by the end of the Summer Holidays! So, bye. Wait a second, don't forget to vote on my poll. Ok, now, bye. Until next time - MonfernoFreak

I appreciate any reviews I get, and it'd be nice if you could leave one to tell me what I'm doing right/wrong. Thanks to anyone who reviews, because you guys are why I write c; That wasn't cheesy at all...

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Pokemon XY: Kalos! reviews
A young boy from Santalune City, decides it's time for him to set out on his journey around Kalos. He is yet to discover himself, and who he wants to be, but he is sure of his love for Pokemon. On his journey, he will acquire many friends and Pokemon, he will face evil, good, love and betrayal, and will even discover the mysterious Mega Evolution! Weekly Updates!
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 13 - Words: 45,454 - Reviews: 44 - Favs: 23 - Follows: 25 - Updated: 9/6/2014 - Published: 10/27/2013 - OC
Pokemon: Unova Capers! reviews
I'm Nick & I plan on becoming Pokemon Champion of the Unova Region. My best friend is called Lilly; she's sweet, beautiful & kind. Her 13th birthday is just two days before mine so she'll be leaving sooner, meaning I can't travel with her. My journey will be the best. Team Plasma, love, strife, & legends rise while my journey unfolds. This is going to be tough…
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 58 - Words: 255,123 - Reviews: 272 - Favs: 43 - Follows: 43 - Updated: 7/27/2013 - Published: 9/8/2012 - Riolu, OC
Spinoff Series: Daddy Days! reviews
Remembering my incredible past as a trainer, being 10, travelling Unova with my incredible Fire and Dragon-Types. I'm Unova Champion, but 25 years ago I was just a young trainer with a love of Pokemon, alongside my best friends Hazel and Hugh. Tough battles happened back them, the battles were Galactic. Join my memories, they were Plasmatic, and listen to my story alongside my son.
Pokémon - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,488 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 2 - Published: 4/5/2013
A Journey of Friendship: Ches & Fen! reviews
Two friends, Ches the Chespin and Fen the Fennekin, embark on a journey around their homeland: a large forest. But, there's more than just the normal goings on here! On their trek they also meet Pokemon such as Froakie, Xerneas and Yveltal! Better Summary, coming soon...
Pokémon - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Mystery - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,543 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 2 - Published: 1/15/2013
Dawn's Hearthome Adventure! reviews
#MINISERIES STORY# Dawn, after parting ways with Ash, Pikachu and Brock goes to Hearthome City with Misty at her side. Kenny makes a comeback with love in the air, but Paul is in town. Is he jealous? Misty's side adventure contains Brock and Tracey, which one loves her? Misty and Dawn have a girls adventure together, Hearthome City better be ready for these two!
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 4,976 - Reviews: 2 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 7/21/2012 - Published: 7/20/2012 - Dawn/Hikari, Misty/Kasumi