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Bio For "Letters to New York, The Empire State!"

State: New York

Human Name: Ash (Ashley) Marie Jones

Gender: Female

Age: 16-19

Hair: Brown hair with natural highlights. She has two curls that poke out from the top of her head. She loves to wear her hair down, but on sunny, hot days, she puts it up in a ponytail.

Eyes: She has green/ hazel eyes. Although when sad, they turn slightly lavender.

Height: She is tall, 5"11.

Appearance: She likes to wear a short hoodie jacket, a greenish tank-top, a blue scarf, and shorts. She takes the jacket and scarf off when it is too hot for her.

Personality: Ash is a tomboy who is cheerful, bubbly, and always looking for adventure. Her happy-go-lucky attitude can easily cheer people up, or annoy them to the great beyond. Yes, sometimes, she can be a bit dense. If you ask her about sexual activity, she will just laugh in your face and quickly change the subject, which would suggest that she's a virgin. That's why she is a bit uneasy around France, but she still thinks he's pretty cool. Although she doesn't show it, she desperately wants to fall in love. She stands up for what she believes in, although she can easily get flattered or timid. She doesn't like to brag, but she wants everyone to know that she is the capital of the world. She takes an interest in Spain, for what reason, it is unknown to anyone else but her.

Scars: She has two, identical scars on both of her shoulders from the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11. This is why she usually wears her jacket, so it cannot be seen to others.

Addictions: Ash loves apples. If you bribe her with an apple, she would most likely do anything you please.

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