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"What a CYANIDE SURPRISE you have left for my eyes, if I had common sense I'd CUT MYSElF or CURL UP and DIE!" -"Sarcasm" by Get Scared ft. Craig Mabbit

"You don't love a God, you love your comfort
To you we are filth, we are dirty, so be it
We are dirty and unclean, a congregation of the unseen
Together we will set this world on fire
-"New Religion" by Black Veil Brides


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I Am Aware that my profile is cluttered with characters. Please don't steal the characters!!!!!!! If they are my characters, feel free to ASK permission to use them, but if they are other people's characters, don't touch them, unless you want to PM them about it!!!!!

ABOUT XxInuzukaxX

Name: Amanda, but I'd answer better to Inuzuka. On this site, anyway.

Age: Eh...

Gender: Female, but I identify more with males. I used to wish I was a boy when I was younger, but I've gotten over that and have just come to terms with the fact that I'm a girl and attracted to women and men.

Appearance: Eh...

Personality: It varies...

Wanna know more about me? I talk a lot in my author's note, and even though I'm horrible at coming up with conversations, I'll talk back if you PM me, but you'll have to lead the conversation on, sorry.


Movies: Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, Zombieland, Resident Evil series, Stephen King's Desperation

Video Games: Pokemon, Mario, Halo, Sims 3

Music: I love Black Veil Brides, Escape the Fate, and Avenged Sevenfold, but I listen to a mix of Post Hardcore(Emo is more common, though not correct, term for it), and pop/electronic, which is stuff like Ke$ha, 3OH!3, Lady GaGa, and Katy Perry... I don't like country, rap, or most songs that came out before the nineties.

Anime: Naruto, Bleach, Deathnote, Hetalia, Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, Hellsing, Chaos;HEAD, Ayakashi, Soul Eater

Errr... Stuff: I'm bisexual, I have tattoos, piercings, I love black eyeliner and swearing(In both English and Spanish and hopefuilly French one day as well), and I don't believe in religion... Does that make me a bad person? That's really for you to decide. In actuality, I'm terrified of most people, so I'm not going to be mean to you. I would give my life for the people who can see past my appearance to become my friend, but for the majority of people who think I'm weird, good. Insane, weird, crazy, derranged, eccentric, that's all okay in my book. Think I'm gonna burn in hell? I don't believe in hell, so that's okay too, dearest. I don't see the point in trying to scare me with something that I don't believe in the least. Decided that you don't like me? That's not gonna hurt me any, but I'm not going to say anything. Wanna start a fight with me over the internet? Psh. Please, my six month old puppy is more mature than you! Do I sound like a b*? Hmph. Sorry.

The Avatar that I am currently using was drawn Hosinoko0620 of Subeta.net for ME! It is Emiko Inuzuka, from my Fanfic, Naruto: Legacy Chronicles.

OC's for my future fanfic, a next gen version of Naruto: Legacy Chronicles.

Age: 11

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: straight

Crush Type: someone who understands her

Appearance: dark purple hair that falls to her shoulders, red eyes, pale, snake tatoo/scar that wraps up her right arm, usually wears a baggy black t-shirt and dark shorts or jeans and dark colored converse, average weight, somewhat tall for a girl, wears forehead protector on her forehead

Personality: quiet, almost never talks about hersef but will ask polite questions about others, makes A's and B's in the academy, doesnt ever fully smile but usually gives a small understanding smile, doesnt protest if someone does something she doesnt like but will question it politely, doesnt open up to people easily, doesnt show too many emotions unless the stress overwhelms her completely

Biography: her parents are Amaya and Sai, they live in a modest sized house with a pet bird, she's an only child, her parents taught her to appreciate art and some helpful tips on how to create her own art, her favorite thing to draw is her pet bird, her parents sometimes go away on missions and leave her home alone for a couple hours(a day at most) but always give her advanced notice and ask someone(it usually ends up being Naruto) to come over every couple of hours or so to check up on her

Battle Strengths: she formed an early summoning contract with snakes after she was bitten by a poisonous one when she was 4(the scar helps her summon), has good aim, good at genjustu(when they get older I have an idea about her eyes...)

Battle Weaknesses: focused more on offense than defense, not the best at taijutsu

Known Jutsus: minor poisonous snake summoning, average genjutsus

Jutsus they are working on: more snake summons(taught by Sasuke maybe?), higher lever genjutsus(name: bloody remorse, causes the victim to live in their nightmare world)

Tools: good aim with kunai and shuriken, feels awkward with a sword

Other: the scar on her arm is from getting bitten by poisonous snake, she formed a contract with them to 'stop the pain,' the scar on her arm is usually a scar tissue pink but when she summons it turns more black with the number of snakes she summons
Owner: Painting-The-Apocalypse

Name: Aiko (Hiroki and Sakura)

Age: 9

Gender: female

Sexual Orientation: straight

Crush Type: anyone you think she'd like

Appearance: long orange hair usually in low pigails with bangs, green eyes, thin, short, usually wears a pink skirt(with under armor to repel pervs) and a white tank top and white sandals, always wears a black bracelet with a star charm on each wrist, wears forehead protector as a headband

Personality: bubbly, obsesive ice cream disorder(like Naruto's obsesive ramen disorder), happry, smiley, enthusiastic, loyal, kind, hyper, loud

Biography: only child of Hiroki and Sakura, expecting a younger brother soon, they live in a medium sized house near the edge of town, Aiko pleaded with her parents until they got fed up and gave in and got her a nin dog(puppy at the time) for her 10th birthday named Cerbres

Battle Strengths: synchronized ninjutsu with Cerbres, dodging, jumping, punches and slaps(lol) are good

Battle Weaknesses: kicks are weak, terrible at undoing genjutsus(Cerbres helps her get out sometimes), aim isn't so great

Known Jutsus: basic synchronized ninjutsu with Cerbres

Jutsus they are working on: higher level synchronized ninjutsu, wants to learn her chakra affinity so she can do elemental jutsus

Tools: kunai and shuriken 'hate her'

Other: she hates it if she doesnt know someone and will take the time to get to know at least their name and face, good singer, feeds Cerbres ice cream
Owner: Painting the Apocalypse

Name: Kazuo and Katsuo (twins) (Gaara and Harumi)

Age: 11

Gender: male

Sexual Orientation: straight

Crush Type: any

Appearance: Kazuo: shaggy ice blue hair, blue eyes, lean, tall-ish, forehead protector is worn on the right arm, usually wears baggy shorts and a tshirt

Katsuo: shaggy fire red hair, brown eyes, lean, tall-ish, forehead protector is worn on the left arm, usually wears baggy shorts and a tshirt

Personality: Kazuo: good at math and science, sly, plays pranks often, a little sadistic, nice towards friends, ruthless towards enemies

Katsuo: good at english and history, sly, plays pranks often, a little sadistic, good at smooth talking his way out of tough situations

they're best friends and talk to each other during battles, usually tauntin their opponents

Biography: live in Suna with their parents Harumi and Gaara

Battle Strengths: Kazuo: defense is better, good aim, good with genjutsus and basic water style jutsus

Katsuo: offense is better, good stamina, good with taijutsu and basic fire style jutsus

Battle Weaknesses: Kazuo: stamina is somewhat low so he doesnt like to use his full power unless he's in a bad situation

Katsuo: aim fails him so he likes to use wide-spread jutsus

Known Jutsus: Kazuo: basic water style jutsus, basic genjutsus

Katsuo: basic fire style jutsus, moderate taijutsu

Jutsus they are working on: Kazuo: higher level water jutsus

Katsuo: higher level fire jutsus

Tools: both carry a lot of kunai and wire and paper bombs but Kazuo is the only one that ends up using most of them

Other: you dont have to focus on them too much since they live in Suna, but I think they'd do anything to be in the chuunin exams
Owner: Painting-The-Apocalypse

Name: Sachiko Yamanaka (Takeshi and Ino)
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Crush Type: The type of guy that would actually show interest in her, and not just treat her as a boy.
Appearance: Platinum blonde hair that is short, choppy and extremely disheveled. Bright blue eyes with really long lashes. Has her mom’s facial build, but with a rounder nose. Her skin is slightly sunkissed due to hours in the sun, training. She has no curves to her body and is showing no signs of developing them, making her look rather boyish, but she doesn’t care at all. She is rather small, even for her age.
Shinobi/Academy: She wears a black t-shirt with dark purple tribal markings going up the left side, along with black pants and dark purple ninja sandals. When she receives her forehead protector, she wraps it around her midsection, an inch or so under her breasts. She has a dark purple kunai pouch on her right thigh. Her hands and wrists are normally wrapped.
Regular: Exactly the same, but she sometimes changes into black cargo shorts if she gets too hot.
Personality: A real tomboy. She’s determined, brave and tough. She doesn’t care about romance and despises the girls who obsess over guys. She loves to train and loves a good fight. She speaks her mind and doesn’t care what others think of her. The only soft spot that is visible in this girl is the fact that she loves her dad more than anything.
Biography: She is the daughter and second child of Ino Yamanaka and Takeshi Hanari. She has been raised in a middle class home on the Yamanaka compound, after her granddad, Inoichi, insisted that her parents raise their children as Yamakas, since Takeshi was never of a clan. She has always been a daddy’s girl, loving to train under him. She doesn’t talk to her mom much and instead goes to her granddad when she needs to work on the Yamanaka clan jutsus. She doesn’t hate her mom, she just thinks that she’s too weak to provide her with sufficient training.
Battle Strengths:
Fast Learner
Lightning Chakra Nature
Yamanaka Mind Transfer jutsu
Battle Weaknesses:
Body is a bit frail
Not the best aim, no matter how much she tries
Cannot understand Genjutsu at all.
Known Jutsu:
Mind Transfer Jutsu
Clone Jutsu
Lightning Style Technique ((She knows that she has lightning chakra, but she hasn’t managed to use any of them yet.))
Jutsus She’s Working On:
Lightning Jutsus, specifically the ability to cause some kind of damaging spark
Better Mind Transfer Techniques
Two Kunai
A few paper bombs
Some antidotes and medicines that her parents make for her.
How they Act:
Friends: Same as usual. Protective a bit
Crush: She would want to be around him more and constantly try to be near him, but not in a creepy way.
Rivals/Dislikes/Enemies: She would make sure that they know that she hates them. With friendly rivalries, she would be competitive and serious.
Owner: XxInuzukaxX

Name: Koichi Yamanaka (Takeshi and Ino)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Crush Type: Someone sweet and kind, more feminine
Appearance: Pale blue hair that is long, having his mom’s signature bangs that cover one eye. The exact same eyes as his dad, though his are a bit kinder. Pale skin. Tall, standing at 6’1’’, making him taller than his dad. Slightly muscular build. Resembles his dad in the face. Kind, gentle features.
Shinobi: Standard Jonin outfit. White forehead protector wrapped around head.
Regular: A black long t-shirt with a long-sleeved fishnet undershirt, black pants, white ninja sandals.
Personality: Kind hearted and very gentleman like. He’s friendly, polite and selfless. In battle, he hardens, resembling something close to his grandfather. He’s family-oriented and loves his parents and little sister.
Biography: Same as his little sister, basically. Loves both of his parents and likes to tease his little sister and make her angry.
Battle Strengths:
Fast Movement
Fairly high amount of chakra
Battle Weaknesses:
Bad Aim
Not good with taijutsu
Known Jutsus:
Lightning Surge Armor
Lightning Earthquake
Medical Ninjutsu
Flower Ninja Art: Autumn’s Dance ((Scatters beautiful orange flowers that ignite on contact, bursting into beautiful flames
Working On:
More Flower Ninja Art
Medical Ninja Supplies
A few snares and explosives
Toxic Kunais
The Antidote to his toxic kunais
Owner: XxInuzukaxX

Name: Arashi Aburame-Inuzuka (Shino and Emiko)
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, though he hates himself for it
Crush Type: He’s not even sure.
Appearance: Dark brown hair, that, despite the choppy, messiness of both of his parents’ hair, is close to smooth, falling over his ears and just past his eyebrows, a few of the ends sticking up just a bit. His eyes are dark and round. They are covered by light green wrap around goggles, sort of like the ones Obito Uchiha would wear. His face is round, with a round nose. His teeth are sharp due to his Inuzuka blood. He has the Inuzuka cheekmarks as well. His skin is slightly pale, but not enough to make him look ill.
Shinobi: A thick, dark green hoodie that is a bit loose fitting over a white t-shirt. Light gray shorts that fall just past his knees and dark green ninja sandals. He has a kunai pouch wrapped around his left thigh and when he gets his forehead protector, he wraps it around his head, letting his bangs cover most of it. White fingerless gloves. Wraps his ankles, so none of his leg shows.
Regular: Sometimes takes off his hoodie or removes his goggles, but pretty much the same apart from that.
Personality: When it comes to personality, Arashi can be weird. He’s outgoing but rather strange, as he loves to obsess over details and the small things, though he doesn’t flip out about them, just points them out and won’t stop until they’re fixed. Many people who have worked with him suspect him of being a genius, which is flattering to Emiko and not too astonishing to Shino. He is oblivious to others emotions towards him, whether that be hate, love or anything else. He is aware of his surroundings due to his heightened sense of smell and hearing. He doesn’t back down in battle and can be rather adamant.
Biography: Only son to Emiko Inuzuka and Shino Aburame. When he was born, the question of which clan he should be raised under came to mind. After many arguments, fought and won by Emiko, it was decided that he would be raised under both clans, after his chakra was tested and found to attract the chakra beetles, and it appeared that he had the Inuzuka’s canine like senses. Even though he was to be raised under both clans, Emiko still moved in with Shino on the Aburame compound.
When he was three, he received Shimaru, a small white puppy with floppy ears and a cute pink nose.
He began training with both of his parents and his clans a year before he entered the academy, giving him a head start.
Battle Strengths
Two different kekkei genkais
Heightened senses
Great Analysis and tracking abilities
Battle Weaknesses:
Can’t take too many hits
Not good with taijutsu or genjutsu
Not to fastest movement in the world.
Known Jutsu:
Clone Jusu
Basic ninken collaboration techniques
Basic insect techniques
Working On:
More collaborations with Shimaru and his insects
A journal where he takes training notes
A few kunai and shuriken
How they Act:
Crushes: He would have a problem coming to terms with it, but when he did, he would be caring and extremely protective of them.
Friends: Same
Enemies/Rivals/Dislikes: He wouldn’t be able to make an enemy, but he would be competitive towards friendly rivals.
Owner: XxInuzukaxX

Name: Hiroyuki Inuzuka (Kiba and Izumi)
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Crush Type: Unknown
Appearance: Dark brown hair that shines with lighter brown highlights when the light hits it. His hair is long in the front, with bangs that frame his face and cover his forehead. The back of his hair is smooth, covering his neck and then flipping outwards. His eyes mirror his moms, with the same bright green color and dark lashes. His facial structure is more like his dad’s. His skin is a bit pale. He has the standard sharp canines as well as the Inuzuka clan markings on his cheeks.
Shinobi: Wears a purple t-shirt with baby-blue arm warmers that go up to his elbows, along with black pants and baby blue ninja sandals. Has a baby blue kunai pouch and when he gets his forehead protector, he will wear a baby blue forehead protector around his neck.
Regular: Wears a baby blue t-shirt, black pants and the same shoes. Will sometimes wear a purple jacket if he gets cold.
Personality: Hiroyuki inherited his mom’s personality, but worse. He’s bashful and introverted. He blushes a lot and he gets nervous when working with people, something that makes Izumi question his ability to be a shinobi. He loves to read and study, though. He also loves to write and draw, anything that he can be creative with. He’s kind and if he was to make a close friend, he would be protect them with his life. There’s just a thick ice that anyone would have to break through.
Biography: Only child of Izumi Takumi and Kiba Inuzuka. He was timid even as a small boy. He was even afraid and bashful when he received his ninken, Syumaru, an orange fluffball that instantly took to Hiroyuki. He eventually opened up to the little puppy, however and now considers it his best friend.
Since their moms were friends, they tried to force Hiroyuki and Arashi to be friends, but they just never really got along too well. Arashi would try to be as nice as he could to the boy, but Hiroyuki always seemed afraid and would never open up to Arashi. When they entered the academy, they stopped even trying to be friends, pretty much.
Battle Strengths:
Tracking abilities
Unlike most Inuzukas, he does have an elemental ninjutsu ability, the element being water.
Surprisingly durable
Battle Weaknesses:
Loses confidence easily
Easily frightened
Slightly low stamina.
Known Jutsu:
Basic collaboration with Syumaru
Some basic water techniques
Working On:
More Water and Collab jutus
Two kunai, one from each parent.
How They Act:
Crush: Even more nervous. Tries to talk to them, usually fails.
Friends: Protective, talks a bit more
Rivals/Enemies/Dislikes- Would avoid them at all cost
Owner: XxInuzukaxX

Name: Chouyuki Akimichi (Kaeda and Chouji)
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Crush Type: Someone who could stand his eating and chubbiness
Appearance: Chouyuki is obviously a member of the Akimichi Clan and obviously Kaeda’s son. His hair is pale green and normally pulled back into a ponytail that goes about halfway down his back. His bangs are a bit messy and poof out, covering his forehead. His eyes and facial structure is much like his dad’s, the only thing resembling Kaeda being that his eyes are red. He has a dark green zigzag mark on each cheek. It starts at the bottom of his ears and goes horizontally across, ending about two inches from his nose. Chouyuki is heavyset, due to his need to eat to build up chakra supply.
Shinobi: Wears a grey shirt with the kanji for “Food” on the front of it, over a long sleeved, dark green t-shirt. He also wears dark green pants and gray ninja sandals. When he gets his headband, it will be dark green and wrap around his forehead. Wraps his ankles and hands.
Regular, same, but he takes the undershirt off.
Personality: Chouyuki is not as in love with food as his father, though he does love to eat. He will share when he wants and unlike his dad, he doesn’t mind being called fat, as long as no one relentlessly teases him about it. He has an ill temper, much like his mother, and the easiest way to set him off is to mess with his friends. He also inherited his mother’s love for training, though he can’t do so as much as he wishes, due to the fast depletion of chakra from the Akimichi jutsus. He is fairly studious, but he really doesn’t enjoy the academy that much. He’s protective, kind hearted, but serious natured.
Biography: The only child to Kaeda Yakuta and Chouji Akimichi. He was raised on the Akimichi compound and forced to start training and eating “right for an Akimichi” at an early age. Kaeda didn’t want her son to be limited to Akimichi jutsus, however, so she also began to teach him the art of weaponry and plans to introduce him to her armadillo summonings and teach him how to use them.
Battle Strengths:
Physically Strong
Good Aim and Weaponry skills
Battle Weaknesses:
Chakra depletes fast from clan jutsu
Tires just a bit easily.
Known Jutus:
Akimichi Expansion Jutsus, as well as human bolder techniques
Weapon Use
Working on:
More Akimichi clan jutsu
Will One day learn summonings
A short sword that his mom had made for him.
Owner: XxInuzukaxX
How they Act:
Friends: Same
Crush: He would be a bit shy around them, and extremely protective
Rival/Dislike/Enemy: His mom’s anger and attitude would show throug.

Harumi Rock (Rock Lee and Mai)

twin daughter of Mai and Lee

age 11

Sexual Orientation: straight

crush: Toshiyuki

appearance: She has long black hair fastened in a braid kind of like Lee as a child. She wear chinese traditional clothes.

personality: Like her father she is extremely energetic, single-minded, and over-enthusiastic and is kind. She has more common sense than her father did as a child. She also has a keen sense of honor, and respects her opponents, refusing to hold grudges against those who have defeated her, and returning favors to those that have helped her. She follows her fathers ideals and believes that, with hard work and passion, she can surpass a natural genius, but can be prone to depression when faced with setbacks. Her fighting skills is that of her mother and father's taijutsu.

powers: She can use the pain powers like her mother, but doesn't like using them as much as her sister, because she doesn't want to see a persons memories and their future. She uses nun-chucks and tonfas as weapons.

Strengths: Taijutsu and genjutsu

weaknesses: ninjutsu

weapons: nun-chunks and Tonfas
Owner: Sco23

Rin Rock (Rock Lee and Mai)

twin daughter of Mai and Lee

age 11

Sexual Orientation: straight

crush: a guy who isn't intimidated by her and who is a nice person.

appearance: She is a carbon copy of Mai as a child and wears the same clothes.

Personality: Like her mother, she is cold, calculating, blunt, brutally honest, extremely serious and mature for her age, have great self-control. In battle, she is able to stay relatively calm and collected in most situations and carefully look at the situation at hand. She has excellent instincts, both on the battlefield and as a leader. When forced to make difficult decisions on missions, she shows herself able to make a decision through keen observation and analysis. She is more cautious and pragmatic than her sister. Even though she gets quite annoyed with her father and sister, she still loves them. Her fighting skills is that of her mother and father's taijutsu. Her sister always challenge her to test her flames of youth, but loses to Rin each time.

powers: She can use the pain powers like her mother. She can also use pressure points

Strengths: Taijutsu and genjutsu

weaknesses: ninjutsu

weapons: senbon needles, kunai's, and shurikans
Owner: Sco23

Yuko Yagani (Daisuke and Sora)

daughter of Daisuke and Sora

age 12

Sexual Orientation: straight

appearance: She has black hair braided into pigtails and red eyes. She wear a black chinese shirt that has a phoenix symbol on the back and red pants.

personality: She is a loving and caring individual like her mother and is adventurous and brave like her father. She prefers peace, but she is quick to anger when someone insults her brother and father. She gets along with her brother and somewhat tolerate's his pranks, but always gets him back

powers: Fire manipulation, Pyrokinesis and the ability to absorb heat energy

strengths: mid range fighter and ninjutsu

weaknesses: genjutsu

jutsu: phoenix flower jutsu, fire mane jutsu(her hair lights on fire and she whips her hair back and forth like Willow Smith allowing her to burn the target thats close to her.) mini fireball jutsu.
Owner: Sco23

Toshiyuki Yagani (Daisuke and Sora)

son of Daisuke and Sora

age 10

Sexual Orientation: straight

crush: a girl that has a genuine sense of humor

appearance: short red hair and black eyes. black jumpsuit with red stripes on both sides.

personality: like his father he is clever, cunning, mischievous and an acarophile. He enjoys playing pranks on people and making jokes. His favorite pranks is going near the women side of the hot springs disguised as the bullies in his school or people that talks bad about his father and use his tickle jutsu on the woman and blaming them resulting them ending up in the hospital. And also enjoys torturing her sister, however he can't take what he can dish out.

powers: shapeshifting.

jutsu: tickle jutsu, sexy jutsu(only it's much more better than Naruto's since he's a shapeshifter and he get's what the woman looks like naked down to a right.)

weapons: kunai and shuriken

strengths: ninjutsu and interrogation and torture

weaknesses: genjutsu and taijutsu

Name:Rangiku Hyuga (Neji and Yuri)

Age: 11


Sexual Orientation: straight
Crush Type: she likes people who have a good sense of humor,gentle manly, and hardworking.
Appearance: since she is a hyuga she has the byakugan,but unlike most hyuga's her is a pale blueis color. she has brunette hair that goes to just below her shoulders which is kept in pigtails, and has fair skin.she usually wears a botton up silver shirt with black cabri tights and ninja sandal(like hinata's in shippuden. other times she is seen wearing t-shirts and cabris or sweat pants.


she is incredibaly smart which is why she is one of the top students in the acadamy. she is usually cheeryful, and funny craking jokes and is fun to be around.she is friends with almost everyone but she like her mother Yuri hates people who hurt others intentionally. in battle she is fierce and scary.
Biography: Her and her older brother live with thier parents Yuri and Neji hyuga in the hyuga combound.her mother refused to let her children recieve the curse mark for the brach members so they don't have them.
Battle Strengths: she is good at close combat being a hyuga and all, she is good at ninjutsu having 3 elements that she can control.wind, lightening,fire.she can only do the basics.
Battle Weaknesses: she has trouble creating good genjutsu but since she has the byakugan she can see through weak ones.
Known Jutsus: clone jutsu,main hyuga jutsus,flame thrower: which is a weakr version of the kind sasuke does.don't know it name.
Jutsus they are working on: sembon storm,wind blade cutter, fire dragon,riakiri,fire ball, wind drill, heavenly fire spin with she combines fire with the traditional hyuga heavenly spin.
Tools: she has a small katana(20 inches in lenght, a large assortment of shuriken and senbon.
How They Act Section

Crush:she doesn't have a crush yet but is like she always is with everyone else.

Friends:she is funny, loving.
Rivals:she is combetitive and sacrcastic.


Owner: Ruristorm15

Name: Ranmaru Hyuga (Neji and Yuri)

Age: 15 and a half


Sexual Orientation: straight
Crush Type: he would be interested in a girl who isn't afraid of him and isn't after him for his looks.
Appearance: he has long jet black hair that reaches his waist, with bluish hyuga eyes, and creamy pale skin.he is slightly tall and lean.he wears black ninja pants with a black long sleeved muscle shirt and a white jacket on top.he wears ninja boots and has two sai's strapped to his back.he also has a dagger strapped to his hips.he has two scrolls that he keeps extra ninja gear and clothes.
Personality:he is slightly emotionless and can be aloof specially people he dislikes.he is also a very good actor (gets frustrated when it doesn't work on his sister and parents)and uses it well on missions.he can be manipulative and charming when he wants.
Biography: he is the older brother of Rangiku hyuga and his parents are Yuri Kisora and Neji hyuga.he became a jounin when hes was nearly fourteen.
Battle Strengths: he is exceptional at tiajutsu.,ninjutsu and is average at genjutsu but his byakugan can see thorugh A-ranked genjutsu even if he can't creat an illusion of that level ,and is geerally well rounded.Battle Weaknesses: His weakness would be summoning jutsu's which is why he prefers animals that aren't summoned.
Known Jutsus: most of neji's moves (i'm tired and lazy to creat new ones) and a few jounin ranked jutsu's from every element.
Jutsus they are working on: chidori,
Tools: he has twon sai's and a dagger. he also has many shruken and kunai's and well as a curved blade he sometimes uses.
How They Act Section

Crush:he is nicer to them, helps them when they need help and thinks greatly of them.

Friends:he tends to not have many friends because most see only his status and/or hate him. his team members, his family, naruto and hinata's children, and he tries to get along with everybody.but his trust is very hard to earn and even harder if you betrayed his trust once.he loves his sister and does almost everythig for her like traing and just hanging out.he is very protective of those he cares deeply about.

Rivals:don't know you choose one.

Dislikes/Hates/Enemies:fangirlz, traitors,scum.

Owner: Ruristorm15

Name: Hikaru Hyuuga-Uzumaki (Naruto and Hinata)
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Crush Type: Probably someone feminine, but tough at the same time.
Appearance: Violet hair that is in a style similar to his dad’s, but parts of the front hang down to frame his face, more like Minato. His eyes are the same color as his mom’s, as he inherited the Byakugan, and they are shaped like his mom’s. Looks more like his mom, but his nose isn’t as round, and he’s got the unforgettable grin that his dad has.
Shinobi: Wears a cream colored, short sleeved, zip up top with pockets on the front(Sort of like pre-Shippuden Neji), over a dark blue shirt, with dark blue pants and black ninja sandals. Wraps his hands up up to about mid wrist and wears black fingerless gloves for more support. Wears a dark blue forehead protector around his head when he receives t.
Regular: Wears a black t-shirt with the “Frendship/Uzukagure” symble on the front, beige shorts and the same shoes.
Personality: Hikaru did not inherit any of his mom’s shyness, but he’s no where near as goofy as his dad. He’s playful at times, but calmness is probably his main trait. He is doesn’t trust easily and is often, but when you do earn his trust, you earn a friend that will give his life for you. Loves animals and plants and likes to spend most of his time outside, either training or just lounging around, enjoying nature. Becomes bored and slightly irritable if he has been indoors for too long. He’s friendly, despite the fact that he doesn’t trust easily.
Biography: Son of Hinata Hyuuga and Naruto Uzumaki. He started training at an early age, knowing that people have high expectations for him, being the son of Naruto. He’s not nearly as strong as his dad and he’s not afraid to admit it, either. It doesn’t stop him from wanting to train constantly, however.

He is surprisingly accepted by the Hyuuga Clan as a main branch member. When his mom announced that she was getting married to Naruto Uzumaki, his dad denied her the right to. Naruto, being the outgoing man that he was, stepped forward and told Hiashi that he would do anything to be able to marry Hinata. Time after time, Hiashi refused, however. That was until the Cloud Village decided to launch an attack on Konoha, specifically the Hyuuga clan. Hiashi saw how Naruto risked his life was the Hyuugas, even though hadn't accepted him. He also so how strong he made Hinata, how he made Hinata actually worthy to be Heiress of the Hyuugas.

Hiashi began to accept Naruto after that, but he made Naruto move onto the Hyuuga compound, knowing that when they had a child, it would have the Byakugan.

Now, even though Hinata was offered the position, Hanabi is head of the clan, but since the girl has no children, Hikaru has been placed in line as the next head of the Hyuugas, though he is not sure that he wants the burden, either.

Battle Strengths:
Great with Close-Quarters combat
Great Stamina
Battle Weaknesses:
Horrible at Long Range Combat
Can’t use elemental ninjutsu well.
Can’t fight nor use genjutsu
Known Jutsu:
Basic Hyuuga Clan Jutsus
Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu
Basic Medical Ninjusu
Working On:
More Hyuuga Techniques
Better Rasengan
Understanding his chakra nature, which is Wind
More medical ninjutsu
Doesn’t even bother with shuriken, but he has a few kunai.
A few medical herbs that he picks himself
How They Act:
Crushes: Attempts to flirt. Often embarrasses himself
Friends: Loyal, caring
Rivals/Enemies/Dislikes: Is friendly and competitive towards rivals. Hateful towards enemies.
Owner: XxInuzukaxX

Name:Shikachie Naara(like Shika- chee) meaning Wise deer (Shikamaru and Arianna)

Age: 12


Sexual Orientation: straight

Crush Type: Likes a person with a fire inside. He is very laid back, easily smiles. He isn't as lazy as his father, thanks to his mom :p He loves to day dream and is an observer, and likes people who he can't seem to figure out. Other than that, have fun with him in the crush department

Appearance: hair: dark brown, wavy from his mother's curls. Worn kind of surferboy-esque in length eyes: has his mother's eyes, very pretty. Skin: the color of Shikas Height: tall as Shika was at his age, since Ari is so short.
Clothes: have fun with the actual styling, make him wear what you would like. I don't think he'd wear glasses or anything.

Personality: Easy going, day dreamer, very smart and has a lot of common sense. WOuld rather be dreaming than anything else. Very sweet and not shy about anything. He is one of those people everyone talks to, but he doesn't tell them much about himself at all. He and his twin know eachother 100% though. He is willing to do anything to protect his loved ones, and has inherited his mother's ability with people and his father's ability with the Shadow Clone Jutsu.

Biography: He had a twin sister who fell into the water and drowned before anyone could get to her.

Battle Strengths: He's smart like his daddy with strategies, he thinks outside of the box. He's great at using his opponents strengths against them, having been taught how to read people by his mother.

Battle Weaknesses: Doesn't like the sight of blood, it makes him kind of queasy ( can push that off until after battles), Trying to get stronger physically because he isn't putting on muscle like he wants. Better at genjutsu than tai jutsu, but not bad in any (though doesn't ecell in a specific one either)

Known Jutsus: The Nara shadow jutsu, though he is perfecting it. A jutsu that allows him to make the teacher forget he isn't there so he can sneak out of class (could be used in battle)
Jutsus they are working on: Working on shadow possession more, also working on his mother's technique. Working on learning a jutsu that controls light to make it seem like he is invisible.

Tools: His favorite tools are knives and throwing stars. Things that can be easily concealed and used in many different ways. Doesn't like whips because that's what his sister used.

How They Act Section

Crush: go for it with anyone female

Friends: His team obviously, his little brother, and Kai and Tenten's son

Rivals: pick someone :p

Dislikes/Hates/Enemies: people who a troublesome ;p

Owner: Crazycreator33

Name: Rika Miyamato (Shinichi and Kiku)

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Crush: Eventually Chouyuki Akimichi.

Appearance: She has long black curly hair that goes to her shoulders similar to Kurenai. Rika is about 5'1, she has her mother's lilac eyes, and has a somewhat pale skin tone. She wears a light pink sleveeless blouse, black pants with a shuriken holster, and black sandals. She also has a bandage on the lower part of her right arm and black fingerless gloves.

Personality: Rika is smart, determined and not conceited. She can be slightly arrgoant and has a nice sense of humor. She loves a challenge and training to her is a top priority. She's good with words and it's unlikely that there will be a moment when she has nothing to say. Easy to approach but can come across as distant because she tries so hard to hide her emotions and she often fails.

Biography: She the daughter of Kiku Iwatani and Shinichi Miyamato. She was born & raised on the Miyamato compound and loves that it is very spacious. Overall at the academy she's a very good student. She loves training with her dad because he make it fun and also challenging but her mother always think that he is going too hard on her. She likes when she and her mother have "Bonding Time" because they can talk about anything thats general or things that she would normally put in her diary. When she was younger she always hated that her parents had to go on missions because she'd miss them alot but it was fun hanging out at Kaeda's House if they were not busy. (Her parents asked Kaeda if she could be Rika's Godmother.)

Battle Strengths:


Ninijutsu (Needs to develop the Miyamato Kekkai Genkai)

Good Agility


Battle Weaknesses:


Summoning Techniques

Known Jutsus:

Basic Lightning Techniques

Shadow Clone Jutsu

Lightning Release: Static Blade (Rika charges lightning chakra through her arm and it takes the shape of a blade.)

Jutsus they are working on:

Lightning Release: Call of the Lightning

Lightning Release Armour

Plasma Release Jutsus




Lightning Barrel

How They Act Section

Crush: Normally she acts indifferent but most of the time it doesn't work.

Friends: She's friendly, caring and considerate.

Rivals/Dislikes/Enemies: She's very sarcastic and cold.

Other: She has one of those diary that has the lock & key thing. She generally just writes about school, her friends, her eniemes, training with her dad, etc.

Owner: Silverstone007

Name- Karu Kazumoto (Syn and Temari)

Age- 9
Gender- Female
Sexual Orientation- Straight
Crush Type- Any ((can't wait to see what you do))
Appearance- Like her mother her hair is blonde and put into four ponytails. Like her father she has bluish gray eyes but does not possess pigmentation in them, due to the Hyuuga blood in her veins.She wears a lot of white ((most times from head to toe)). She wears a white, skin-tight tee with the words "Light Kazumoto ((her name translate to Light))" on the back just below her shoulder blades, her pants are black ninja pants, and she wears white sneakers. She carries Temari's fan on her back and a small sword sheathed in black velvet.
Personalty- She's bashful like her mother, but she tends to become silent like her father. She's never afraid to speak her mind.
Bio- Karu's name literally translates to Light. Her parents are Syn and Temari. After defeating Isan the two settled down in Konohagakure. After Karu was born they began teaching at the academy. Karu was taught to read and write before she entered the academy. She inherited her mother's fan and was taught by her father ((who had started to accept his bloodline)) to use the Byakugan. She tended to use the fan to create small gusts of wind out in the backyard until she became better at it.
Battle Strengths- She is adept at using her fan,but is also good at taijutsu and ninjutsu .
Battle Weaknesses- She has poor aim with shuriken and kunai. She has poor genjutsu skills.
Tools- Fan and a small sword.

How they act
Crush- Begins to stutter and clam up
Friends- Very open and sometimes reserved
Rivals- competitive, tries to be better than they are.
Dislikes/Hates/Enemies- Shows no type of attention to them
Other- Hates thunderstorms

Owner: Asyura Tsuichi Whyte

Name: Keichi Miyamato (Shinichi and Kiku)
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Why the hell would it matter?
Crush Type: Someone who could prove their strength. Hates weakness, even in females.
Appearance: Jet black hair that is shaggy falling down and brushing his shoulders with bangs that cover one eye. His eyes are similar to his mom’s, but they’re just a few shades darker. He has dark lashes and strong facial structure. His skin is an average color. He stands fairly tall for his age. He dresses in a black t-shirt, black pants and black ninja sandals. Often wears a dark red jacket. When he gets his forehead protector, it will hang loosely from his neck. Wraps his right hand.
Personality: Keichi is set on becoming the best shinobi that there is. He loves to train more than anything and has never really liked to socialize. He’s not really that mean, if you get to know him, just more serious, which is weird, since both of his parents and his sibling are all laid back for the most part. He’s not one to smile much, or to speak his mind. He likes to stay to himself as much as possible. Surprisingly, he can work well in a team, as long as his teammates aren’t bent on prying into his life.
Biography: Son of Kiku Iwatani and Shinichi Miyamato and younger brother of Rika Miyamato. He showed his mother’s love for blades at an early age and so his mom began to train him in the art of Kenjutsu and taijutsu. Of course, Keichi wanted to be trained by his dad, too. While his sister excelled in lightning style jutsu, he found that he was stronger with fire style. He hasn’t succeeded in mastering his kekkei genkai either and he realizes that his sister will probably master it before him, since he does more kenjutsu training, rather than ninjutsu. When his parents would go on missions, he would often wonder over to the Yamanaka compound, visiting with Sachiko and Koichi.He always envied their lightning abilities, but still had fun hanging out around the compound.
Battle Strengths
Excels in close quarters combat and aiming
Good with defense
Can break C and maybe even B ranked genjutsu.
Battle Weaknesses
Not the best speed.
Apart from throwing shuriken and kunai, he can’t do much with long range combat
Won’t back down from a fight, often getting hurt
Known Jutsu
Fire Style: Suffocation Technique ((Blows dark smoke out of lungs. Blinds and chokes victim))
Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu
Shadow Clone Technique
Working On:
Plasma Release
Lightning Style
Combining his fire style with his sword
A long katana with a dark red blade and black hilt.
Two twin daggers, one with a lightning bolt on the hilt and one with a flame on the hilt.
How they act
Crush: Nervous to the point of feeling light headed
Friends: He’s protective and loyal to what friends he makes
Enemies: Cold, borderline sadistic.

Owner: XxInuzukaxX

Name: Maruyama-Uchiha, Itachi (Sasuke and Irie)

Age: 15

Gender: female

Sexual Orientation: She doesn't really think about it, knowing she'll fall in love eventually and when she does she won't care what type of person it is. Love is love.

Crush Type: Ranma Hyuuga.

Appearance: She looks like a miniature itachi with red-ish hair. She wears his forehead protector around her neck and wears a blue tank-top with a pair of stretchy jeans. She is constantly under a genjutsu making her appear to be a male, though her hair or facial features don't change.

Personality: She is friendly, loyal and sometimes quiet but she can have a good laugh. She has serious issues trusting people. Although very patient she has a horrible temper earned from her mother when someone sets her off.

Biography: Daughter of Irie and Sasuke. Named after her deceased uncle.

Battle Strengths: An all around powerful opponent with great taijutsu and genjutsu skills thanks to her sharingan. Well versed in fire style jutsu.

Battle Weaknesses: She dislikes hitting women as she learned to respect them from watching Akira's pain. (She doesn't actually think of herself as a female, simply human and relates better to men because she doesn't have any female friends.)

Known Jutsus: sharingan, shadow clone, chidori. Fire dragon missile.

Jutsus they are working on: Not all that much.. you can chose stuff here if you'd like.

Tools: kunai, shuriken. Wind shuriken.

How They Act Section

Crush: The exact same, maybe a tad cautious.

Friends: Ranma Hyuuga. (also teammates?) Loyal, isn't afraid to joke around but tends ot be serious.

Rivals: No one in particular.

Dislikes/Hates/Enemies: Hates Kenji (the father of Kisho and her brother)

Other: Part of her wishes she was like her younger brother, not worrying about fighting and protecting the village.

Owner: Sukaretto Miyuki

Name: Maruyama-Uchiha, Hayate "smooth" (Sasuke and Irie)

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight. He has an extreme distaste for anything homosexual.

Crush Type: He's a bit of a player and doesn't really focus on crushes.

Appearance: Dark blue hair styled similar to his fathers but it's short in the back. Onyx eyes and a glare that could kill. He, like his father, has a smirk that earns fangirls. Though the only people who have seen him actually seen him grin are family and close friends. Extremely handsome.

Personality: He's pretty much a bad ass. He's cocky and confident. He skips classes though he's passing with flying colours. He enjoys teasing Hikari Hyuuga-Uzumaki, prolonging the old rivalry between their fathers. He's a bit of a goof and is good at making people laugh. He tends to brag a lot and has the skill and experiences to back those brags up for the most part. He has a distaste for Itachi who'm tends to scold him for hurting girls, though he is twelve he's been known to lead them on or accept a date then ditch.

Biography: Second son of Sasuke and Irie. Doesn't actually mind Kenji for not sticking to one women but his mind is changed when he gets to know Kisho and Tamotsu when they come to live with him. Though he remained fairly distant with Kisho for a long while he became close friends with Tamotsu.

Battle Strengths: He's got his mother's bloodline. In a simplicity he analyses the attacks of his enemy's jutsu using his own whether it's genjutsu, ninjutsu or taijutsu and quickly finds the weakness. It quickly envelopes his enemy in a genjutsu state where they are fighting their worst nightmare while she lets it take over her body to fight them outside the genjutsu using their weakness's against them. The only way to beat it is to realize how it works and face your fears. He is also a good taijutsu user.

Battle Weaknesses: After using his bloodline more than three times he's out of chakra for roughly a day. He has better stamina than his mother so this time is less for him. He can still use taijutsu but he has to be careful not to over-exert himself. He's also not very good with defense instead taking to offense to protect himself so he tends ot get hurt by people with strong attacks though he can fight through most injuries.

Known Jutsus: Ribingu akumu no jutsu.* Sharingan.

living nightmare. In which his bloodline brings his opponent into a living nightmare.

Jutsus they are working on: Chidori, Medical jutsu.

Tools: Scrolls. He summons weapons similar to tenten since he can't rely on his bloodline all of the time.

How They Act Section

Crush: He doesn't really get crushes, if someone is attractive he'll flirt. If he truly falls in love he'll be honest and loyal (surprising to most who know him)

Friends: You pick? ;D

Rivals: Hikari Hyuuga-Uzumaki. Confident, cocky, teasing, anger yet fun and happy. Will protect Hikari if he's in a tough situation.

Dislikes/Hates/Enemies: No one in particular. You can chose. Though he has mastered the Uchiha glare and is more than willing to hurt an enemy.

Other: Despite his hate for homosexuality, Kisho interests him in her personality and actions. He doesn't understand why she appears to be interested in him since it appears against her personality.

Owner: Sukaretto Miyuki

Name: Uchiha, Gen (Sasuke and Irie)

Age: 10

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual.

Crush Type: Fun, funny, loving, caring.

Appearance: He wears black baggy pants and a muscle tank top. He has dark brown shaggy hair and red-ish brown eyes. He's fairly tall. 5'7" and has little muscle mass but is skinny.

Personality: Class clown, funny, caring, loyal, determined.

Biography: After seeing death at a young age Gen refused to be a ninja much to his families dismay. He attends a civilian school but is still close to his family and some of their friends.

How They Act Section

Crush: Shy.

Friends: Fun, funny, caring, loyal, determined. Is very close to Kisho. And they often vent to each other since it's like they're in different worlds.

Rivals: He doesn't have any rivals.

Dislikes/Hates/Enemies: He just ignores them
Other: he has an extreme fear of blood and injury.

Owner: Sukaretto Miyuki

Name: Tetsu, Tamotsu (meaning protector) (Kenji and Kimori)

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight but open minded.

Crush Type: Someone who is strong, loyal and trustworthy.

Appearance: Dark shaggy auburn hair, piercing blue eyes. Wears a replica of his father's outfit with the exception that he wears a tight fitting great t-shirt. His forehead protector is ingrated with sand on his upper arm.

Personality: Strong minded yet open. Loud but not arrogant or cocky though he is confident. He protects his friends and makes it his first priority to be there for them and his family. He's kind though he isn't very good at showing mushy emotions. He respects boundaries and isn't afraid of taking a hit. After hearing his mother crying when he was six he took of the father role in the family and did everything he could to help out around the house. He looked after Kisho and made sure she was safe and not bullied, going as far as tucking her in at night. He won't take shit for being affectionate to her in public, though she is the only one who recieves that affection besides his mother, but he knows it's the only family-male affection she has and he is trying to fill the void.

Biography: Lived with his mother until he was 9. Then moved in with the Uchiha family. Has a strong respect for Sasuke because of how he is there for his family.

Battle Strengths: He also took dance so he's fairly good at taijutsu. He uses sand like his father and often pops or locks his body sending sand bullets from the originated place of the pop where his sand armor cracks.

Battle Weaknesses: He has no knowledge of genjutsu outside of the academy basics and he struggled achieving that much. He also has no jutsu with out his sand (which he draws out of the ground) so if he was ever in a rocky or wet area he'd have to use his armor until it ran out.

Known Jutsus: Sand Coffin/funeral (though it can only be used on small parts of the body, no bigger than a hand), Sand Clone, Odori suna no - Dan no jutsu*

Odori suna no - Dan no jutsu literally means Sand dance - art of the bullet and this is what he got from his sisters Sand Dance - art of the whip because he didn't specialize in graceful dance like she did but hard hitting dances.

Jutsus they are working on: Sand coffin, sand funeral, Sand avalanche, Odori suna no - Dan no jutsu.

Tools: Sand armor. kunai.

How They Act Section

Crush: protective and caring. Slightly competitive and isn't afraid to joke around. (Yuko Yagani)

Friends: Jokes, confident, charismatic, EXTREMELY LOYAL. (friends with Arashi Aburame-Inuzuka through his sister and Chouyuki Akimichi. Also friends with Ranmaru Hyuuga though the age gap makes it hard to spend time together sometimes) Often goes to Koichi Yamanaka for advice and a friendly chat since he finds it easy to get along with him. He's friends with Hayate despite the fact that he's a womanizer.

Rivals: Keichi Miyamato. He is normally friendly with rivals but had learned an extreme distaste for Keichi and his attitude.

Dislikes/Hates/Enemies: Keichi Miyamato. He also tends to dislike anyone who is homophobic, closed-minded, or doesn't see someone as a person but merely a status.

Other: He also has a seal but it's a pair of wings on his back between his shoulder blades that form a sheild and watch his back because he is too busy watching everyone else's.

Owner: Sukaretto Miyuki

Name: Tetsu, Kisho (meaning open minded) (Kenji and Kimori)

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: pansexual (Open to any and all sexualities. She believes that it's a person's personality and spirit you fall in love with over their gender. She leans towards males though.)

Crush Type: Someone who is kind hearted, yet fun loving. Someone who could be classified as a bad boy and who can give her a chance to take risks and break rules yet is still kind to her and cares for her. Any relationship for her would take a long time to develope and would probably look like best friends even through most of her teenage years. She could be talked into pushing past her personal limits because she tries her best not to disappoint people in fear of losing them like she did her father.

Appearance: Vibrant red hair pulled into a pony tail, bangs curling slightly to her cheek bones. Has her father's eyes. (I don't know what that is exactly but I don't have access to that :/ lol) When she was younger she has an inferiority complex and tried to be like her father in many ways. Akira could never get her to wear a shirt because of this and she now wears a sports bra (blood red) and a pair of baggy black gym shorts. Despite this she's very shy about her body and sexual related stuff. Suna styled black ninja shoes. (KONOHA NINJA THOUGH!) *wears her forehead protector diagonally over her chest so that the metal part covers her heart and seal* Eventually Irie talked her into wearing her old clothing (a dark blood red tank top that has a bare back and hood attached The only part on the back that is attached is at the waist and neck.) because she was getting looks from the civilian guys who were around.

Personality: She is quiet and introverted around people she doesn't know. She gets nervous and over-talks or acts weird/ hyper when someone talks to her to hide this even though she isn't a weird or hyper person). She always carries a notebook with her which she writes anything from stories to lyrics in. She sketches too. Around people she knows well she acts confident, loud-mouthed and can come up with rather witty comebacks (thanks to Sasuke and Irie). Though she won't stand up for herself at all she would stand up for a friend or family member if her life depended on it. Same goes for random outcasts. She is overly trusting and forgives way too easily. She is a very emotional person but never lets anyone else see her cry or get upset (sad). Though she is confident about her fighting abilities and looks she wavers often and doubts herself often.

Biography: Daughter of Akira and Kenji. She tries her best to be in-dependant since her father left. She is close to her mother though they don't see each other often. After she and her brother grew to be six they started staying with Irie and Sasuke while Akira went to find Kenji. Her brother fills in for the father figure and protects her. Like her mother she took dance because her mother wasn't planning on forcing her into being a ninja. She is constantly flanked by a large wolf which is bigger than she is. She drew him when she was little and her seal had gone haywire, causing sand to re-create the substance on the paper in life form. The wolf protects her, comforts her, and never leaves her side. His name is Zander.

Battle Strengths: Taijutsu is her strong point as she took dance and is flexible and agile as she moves. She, like her mother, is graced with birth marks on both wrists which she will later learn to use for powerful dark release. By graduation at the academy she can create attacks roughly the size of ping-pong balls. She has a seal burned into her chest over her heart which, based off of Gaara's own personal defence, guards against weapons or attacks which she is unable to see (It's quick but extremely draining so it only protects her from things like kunai or smaller attacks that she absolutely can't dodge. If it's used for a large attack she will most likely pass out in her younger years. It won't stop anything she can see unless it is impossible to dodge. She keeps the iron sand in two small bags connected by their draw straps which she uses to tie her hair up. She, like her brother, has an armor of sand coating her skin.

Battle Weaknesses: She focus's on protecting teammates and friends more than herself and while her father's seal protects her it can only do so much and it drains her immensley. She is horrible with genjutsu and has very little ninjutsu besides her dark release until she is much older.

Known Jutsus: Dark Release and Medium healing jutsu. Odori suna no - muchi no geijutsu*

Odori suna no - muchi no geijutsu literally means "Sand Dance - Art of the lash/whip." When using this Kisho simply dances gracefully slowly making her movements harsher yet keeping the gracefullness, it tends to confuse enemies at first but after roughly 20 seconds of dancing she generates her chakra to send lashes or whips of sand at her enemy from her limbs with every movement.

Jutsus they are working on: Dark Release, Sand Coffin, Sand funeral, Healing Style: Rays of Healing Jutsu, mystical palm technique. water clone, Sand clone, Sand avalanche, Odori suna no - muchi no geijutsu. Suna no ken no muchi no jutsu

Suna no ken no muchi no jutsu is based off of her Odori suna no - muchi no geijutsu. Where sand travels up her katana and lashes out, either turning the sword into a sand whip or seperating sending lashes of sharp sand out like bullets. It takes her a while to learn how to aim this.

The user uses his/her light element prowess to absorb the sunlight on him/her. The sunlight acts as chakra to power the jutsu. The user then heals the recipient or wounded with great power. The jutsu does not require chakra, but can only be used by a light element ninja.

Tools: Kunai, senbon and a katana (She learns to weild her sword a little bit with wrapping paper rolls against Sasuke when she stays there. She later learns more about it (age: 12) in preparation for the chunin exams. and sand armor.

Element: Light and Dark. (loool at the irony.) and water. (one of the few to hold three elements but unfortunately she can only use dark with her dark release and light with healing style: rays of healing jutsu.)

How They Act Section

Crush: shy, smiley, has issues shutting up. Will do almost anything the person wants. (CONSTANTLY BLUSHING) *Hayate Maruyama-Uchiha*

Friends: Smiling, confident, witty, jokes. (Is good friends with Arashi Aburame-Inuzuka due to his issues of sexuality. She is openly pansexual and open-minded so people tend to trust her with problems. He is the only one she has told about her father and her true emotional pain.)

Rivals: Ignorance. She doesn't waste her time unless they are screwing up her life. She learned this from Sasuke. She also learned from her mother to simply say thank you to any insults. It confuses the insulter and they normally shut up.

Dislikes/Hates/Enemies: No emotion unless they are attacking a friend, family member or person they have a personal connection to. Will defend someone she dislikes if attacked by an enemy. Glares or anger depending on situation. She often gets attacked by villagers or sometimes other academy students for her sexually but she never retaliates.

Other: Hur hur HURRRRRR :D ya.. I got nothin' :P

Owner: Sukaretto Miyuki

Name: Inoko Takeshi-Yamanaka (Kai and Tenten)

Age: 12

Gender: female

Sexual Orientation: straight

Crush Type: Inoko likes the kind of guy who will pay real attention to her. She is used to hiding tidbits about herself, and when someone notices something special about her, even something as silly as he r favorite food, it sparks her interest. She loves boys who want to make her smile and who will love unconditionally.

Appearance: hair: Inoko's hair is a light brown and she has gentle waves that fall to her waist. She always wears it up, and catching her with it down is rare. Eyes: her eyes are the same beautiful blue as her father's, with very long lashes, and very big. They make her look innocent unless she narrows them with one of her 'wicked' grins. Height: she is the shortest nin in her village for now. When grown she will be 6 ft tall, taking on her dad's height. Figure: right now she is slight and tiny, she will be in the future very curvy like Tenten… thanks for the boobs mom :p clothing: She wears black cargo capris and a yellow and blue top. The top is a tank that cuts down far in the back and has a cute bow at the waist. She wear mesh under it.

Personality: Inoko always wants to have fun. She's very into pushing people to do their best at everything, and pushing herself even harder. She is a bit girly, loving to dress up and already being very interested in boys (but will back down in a heartbeat if someone else really likes them… won't fight like her aunt ino) She is very competitive and likes to make a game out of almost everything. She is very eager to help and was taught by her mother and father to pay attention and respect to everyone, to take a stand against something she thinks is not right, and to kick some ass if someone does something to her or a friend that she doesn't like. She's more outgoing like her dad is, but has more of her mother's down-to-earth view of the world. She loves her friends and family and village with all her heart, because half-assing it would be an insult to the people she cares about.

Biography: When her aunt ino, her father's cousin, had her child things went weird in the family. The result was Kai, though his mother was of the Yamanaka name and his father of Takeshi, taking on the clan title. His uncle Inoichi had no sons, so Kai will become head of the clan. This is why Inoko is to be part of the InoShikaCho trio: Ino allowed Kai to lead the Yamanaka clan so she may focus on her family. Her mother Tenten now is a Yamanaka by marriage. She has taught Inoko how to forge weapons just as her ancestors did.

Battle Strengths: she is a weapons specialist, but thanks to her quirky personality she uses some very off the wall things. She's get a lot of acrobatic skills and she uses them.

Battle Weaknesses: She is tiny, and not yet grown into anything. She also has no knack for breaking out of things yet, but it working on it.
Known Jutsus: The pig jutsu her father taught her. She also is working on the InoShikaCho/ the mind transfer jutsu.

Tools: Anything and everything. At the moment she carries around two battle fans that are very very very heavy and hurt to be hit with. She will use anything from a frying pan to a pack of marbles to a clothes wire. She is learning how to fight with a ribbon so she can pull hers out of her hair.

How They Act Section

Crush: She gets an adorable blush on her face when her crush says something nice to her. When she is older she will be an extreme flirt, much worse than even her father, but her flirting with the guy she actually likes will be a bit more understated. She will throw her feelings out there and let the man decide.

Friends: She likes everyone, and particularly gets along with her team and her cousins. As an only child she depends on friends to keep her company.

Rivals: whoever

Dislikes/Hates/Enemies: despises bullies, hates the color purple (much to her aunt's dismay) and hates people who would harm the things she cares about.

Owner: Crazycreator33

Name: Raiden (Civilian parents)

Age: 11

Gender: male

Sexual Orientation: bi

Crush Type: Someone who is fun and who will protect what matters to them, He wants to see someone's fire within, maybe not loud, but obviously passionate about something. He has a thing for read heads and blue eyed people.

Appearance: hair: Raiden's hair is silver, thus his family named him after the God of lightning. It is fairly short, but his bangs do a sweep over one eye. Eyes: His eyes are a beautiful shade of green, very iridescent, almost glow in the dark. Skin: he has pale skin. Height: will stand at 5'10" by the time he is 16.

Personality: Raiden is a pistol :p He is very quick to come up with witty remarks and is very open about his opinions. He is very aware that he has some short comings compared to the others because he is a civilian child, and works harder than most because of it. Raiden is a quiet kid who loves to watch storms. If it's storming in any way you'll probably see him outside in it. He doesn't let on that he's going through problems, and is a very strong person mentally. He easily gives people trust, but once it is lost it is very hard to get it back. He wants to be accepted and will in turn accept anyone who will do this for him. Has a very short fuse.

Biography: He's the child of civilian parents. They first believed him to be a blessing, but as he grew older and started asserting chakra abilities things took a turn for the worse. The parents were already slightly abusive to him and his 5 brother and 3 sisters. He comes from a large family obviously. After he started showing signs of being a ninja his parents started trying to beat it out of both him and his siblings. At age 11 his parents will pick up the family and abandon him.

Battle Strengths: Has a very large amount of chakra, immensely so. He is more focused because being a nin is something he has chosen and he feels he must prove himself to earn a shinobi name.

Battle Weaknesses: Doesn't have the background others do. He was not raised in a ninja family. He isn't as biologically fit at they are, but he works to be.
Known Jutsus: Come up with some awesome ones :D
Tools: He is more into using his bare hands/brass knuckle type of weapons, but he hasn't been trained in others yet.

How They Act Section

Crush: Very protective over them (not to be confused with possessive). Likes to watch them be them, likes to spend as much time with them as possible. If the topic of them liking someone comes up he looks pained, but encourages them to find someone they love. If the topic of him liking them comes up he evades the question

Friends: His best friends could be both the Tetsu's. (they are also both his crushes. :p) He would get along with mostly everyone, but be closest with the ones who are more outgoing. He is very open with his friends, will give his gentle smiles and will laugh openly

Rivals: whoever , he is very competitive with his rivals

Dislikes/Hates/Enemies: Child beaters, people who put him down, and his parents.

Owner: Crazycreator33

Name: Kaori Tsukamoto (Aoi(Deceased) and unknown father)
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Crush Type: Someone that just clicks.
Appearance: Bright pink hair that is always styled in some different fashion. When it’s down and straight, like it naturally is, it falls just past the back of her shoulders. Her eyes are round with long lashes. They are pale green and innocent, much like her mom’s. Her skin is a coffee color. She’s average height for her age and will always remain average height. She hasn’t developed curves yet, but she will start. She has a bright smile and a round nose. She has high cheekbones and is definitely growing into a pretty young lady. She doesn’t really have a defined style of dress, as she’s often changing, but her clothes are usually tight fitting. When she gets her forehead protector, it will be gray in color and wrapped around her neck. She keeps her right ankle wrapped, but that’s all. Likes headgear, like goggles, beanies and hairclips
Personality: She is outgoing and will speak her mind. She has the ability to be friends with anyone who is open minded. She can’t stand when someone looks down on someone else. She likes to believe that everyone is equal. She is a loyal friend, the kind that anyone could trust. She speaks out for what’s right, but she doesn’t know when to bite her tongue. She is selfless to the point of being considered reckless. She is emotionally sensitive on subjects like parents and love, and will often start believing that no one loves her. She tries to hide these traits though.
Biography: Daughter to Aoi Tsukamoto, the young girl that was rescued by Team Kaeda in one of the first encounters with Isan. Kaori was the result of a love gone wrong, as Aoi fell in love and ended up pregnant and left alone. When Kaori was was only five, Aoi felt herself falling ill and in a haste, she spent her last weeks of life traveling to Konoha in search of the team that had saved her many years ago. She reached Konoha and pleaded with Kaeda to take Kaori, as she knew she wouldn’t be around to raise her child. Kaeda accepted without hesitation and Aoi was able to give in to her illness and die with a smile on her face three days later.
Kaori was raised in the Akimichi house, coming to see Chouyuki as a big brother. Even though her mother’s death hurt her, she knew, even as a child, that it was for the best, as the disease that her mom had was eating her from the inside out. She opened up to the village, even though most people questioned if she could be trusted, since she was from to the Village Hidden In the Rain. She started training under Kaeda, as well as Akira Kurotani and Izumi Takumi, since her chakra nature was water, much like the two older shinobi. She could relate to Izumi, since they were both born in the Land of Rain. She also became attached to Rika Miyamato, since she often stayed with them.
Battle Strengths:
Quick Movement
Understanding of Poisons
Great with throwing kicks.
Chakra Concentration
Battle Weaknesses
Not the best against genjutsu
Hasn’t got the hang of weaving hand seals
Selfless, which can be a burden on the team
Not good at blocking in any form
Knowlege of poisons
Medical ninjutsu
Basic water techniques
Working On:
More water techniques
Summoning armadillos
Spirit Body (Can make herself tangible for a very, very short amount of time
Medical supplies (Herbs, antidotes, ointments)
Three kunai
Gaiters for ankles
How They Act
Crush: She would tell him or her. Caring. Try all she could to talk to them.
Friends: Loyal. Trusting. Protective
Rivals: Competitive, terrible tease
Enemies: Forces herself to treat them the same.

Name: Tatsuo Minami (As I said these boys are born the same month and date down to the second, but one year apart. They look exactly alike except everything is mirrored) (Deceased Father, Civilian Mother)
Age: 12
Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Crush Type: whoever you need
Appearance: hair: His hair is shorter, maybe an inch long and sexy-dishevled. His hair is black with blue streaks (kind of electric blue, natural) running through. Eyes: He has dichromadia. His Left eye is a vibrant green color, like an apple jolly rancher and his right eye is a dark blue color like a summer night sky. His skin is tan, about the shade of caramel. He and his brother are both lithe, they are the kind of muscular skinny you find in soccer players. Not really much fat on them at all, very cut. Their features are on the "bad-ass" side, always having a glint in their eye like they're planning something so their eyes seem to shine. Fully grown they will stand at only about 5'6". He has the birthmark in the shape of a dragon on his right arm, it winds up to go over his shoulder and partly on his back. It glows brightly when he is angry.
Their eyes can see the life of someone: the green eye and how the person can most easily be killed: the blue eye. Tatsuo and Ryu live with this daily, it is slightly scaring THE BOYS ARE BOTH COLOR BLIND, seeing auras as the only colors they know.
Personality: Protective, loving, and surprisingly gentle with females. He is a prankster, he and his brother always like to keep people on their toes (often with nice surprises instead of real pranks). He is not very studious, preferring to be active. He pays attention to minute details that others miss, simply because he finds things people don't notice to be interesting. He is not a loud person, but seems to enjoy causing the occasional explosion. He is very witty and sarcastic, but has a pretty short fuse. He holds grudges. Outgoing, flirt.
Biography: Born in Suna, these boys came here with their civilian mother who was fleeing their father's family who was trying to take them and force them to be ninja, Tatsuo came to Konoha with his mother and infant brother. He decided to become a nin because a. he likes the idea of fighting b. he wants to protect his mother and brother and c. he likes all the pretty girls. His brother was born exactly a year after him, and they are considered separated mirror twins. The reason for this is that the dragon their father can summon blessed their mother with a second strong son (Ryu) when he was still in the womb because his father died protecting the dragon's hatchlings. If the dragon hadn't intervened the family would've lost both the father and Ryu, because the baby was weak. The dragon took part of Tatsuo's spirit and gave it to the still baby in his mother's womb, and thus Tatsuo feels a very strong connection and responsibility for his little brother. He and his brother are now both dragon touched, making them very strong but they can sometimes turn "inhuman" if they forget themselves in too much anger. They must be talked down by someone they love (holy tantrums for their poor mother .) Their appearance is due to the Dragon's touch. They are fire, light and darkness immune. They can't take water styles.
Battle Strengths: Focuses on the battle completely and his concentration is hard to break, very fast, strong despite appearing slightly small, can seemingly communicate without words
Battle Weaknesses: Doesn't like using weapons, he becomes frustrated when learning and walks away. Can become reckless when angered, also doesn't know his own limits.
Known Jutsus: Basic jutsus with Ryuu like a double dragon fist technique, darkness style jutsu that causes an increase in his chakra
Jutsus they are working on/future jutsu's: Dragon summon, mind meld with Ryuu, Shape shifting into a dragon. Dragon blast out of his birthmark, melding physically with Ryu to form a dragon, coating himself with scales. Darkness blast technique, and a Casing of Darkness that will submerge the field of battle into complete darkness and plague the person with dark thoughts and memories.
Tools: he hates them
Other: hates: people bothering him when he's trying to focus, people who compromise his vaules by threatening those he cares about, being expected to do paper work, sitting still so he always bounces his leg. Acts toward crush: very straight forward about it. He will even go as far as telling the person that he/she is his (with a cute smile) and that he will protect them. Will care for the person and take care of them until they ask him to stop, even if they don't return his affections.

Name:Ryuu Minami (Same as Tatsuo)

Age: 11
Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: bi
Crush Type: anyone you think you need
Appearance: see Above except: his dragon birthmark is on his left arm. His right eye is the dark blue and his left eye is the bright green. Color blind like his brother, only auras appear in color.
Personality: The louder of the brothers Ryu is also the one who likes to study and read. He loves to be outside with his brother learning and fighting though. He is shyer when it comes to girls and more likely to protect someone w/o them realizing it, where Tatsuo is much more obvious (he will walk a bit behind the person where as tatsuo points out he will protect them and walks beside) He is loving and protective, and his temper is actually quieter, manifesting in a jump in aura and a menacing stare. Otherwise he is quick to laugh and talks quite a bit, though not to Naruto type of scale. He is generally smiling, but has the same wickedly gleam in his eye as his brother for good reason. He LOVES to make girls blush, and will work with his brother to do so.
Biography: see Tatsuo. He feels an extreme connection and gratitude toward his brother. Neither would hesitate to give their life for each other or for their mother or their friends. He became a ninja because he, like his brother, felt the pull of fighting.
Battle Strengths: Can seemingly see everything at once. He pays attention to even more minute details than his brother, noticing even how often the enemy breathes or how they walk. He can seem to sense things that are soon to happen. He is fast and stronger than he looks
Battle Weaknesses: He is easily weakened by water based attacks. He is more concerned about others than himself. Loses control of himself when he is angry
Known Jutsus: see Tatsuo
Jutsus they are working on:See tatsuo. All of Ryu's jutsus are light based where Tatsuo's are dark. They are one another's balance. His Light Casing causes the entire area o be so flooded with light that people are blind. They see everything they dream of, and die happy.
Tools: Uses his fists, but can use a sword and throwing stars.
Other: hates: ice, snow, people who won't join into things because they doubt themselves, being put down because of his height. Acts toward crush: He's the cute kid who will bring the girl flowers and who will write her poetry and songs or who will be right there for whatever happens. He honestly thinks about the girl/boy allll the time, and has no problem being just a friend as long as there's no one else. However, he can be possessive if someone touches the person he likes. He is the kind of guy you need to look out for once he's angry enough to hit.

Ichiro Kiyoshi (Civilian Parents)

age: 12

appearnace: shoulder lenght blonde hair cipped back with a bin, bluish-green eyes, and tanned skin. he is slightly tall for his age and is of average wieght, he doesn't look like a girl even with his long hair.

attitude: he is usually quite but he is polite, if not slightly formal.he usually gets along with everyone to an extent, but if they anger him he will lash out( doesn't mind if people tease him for his hair). he is the only child of a civilian couple, when he started showing interesr in ninjutsu his parents took him to the acadamy in Suna.he is the type of person who sees past a person's reputation and gets to know them before judging. he is very good at ninjutsu, genjutsu and is alright in taijutsu; he is a midrange, and is good at sword fighting.he is usually calm and notices things others miss; he is a capable leader but lets others lead because he doesn't feel like he is responsible enough to order others around.

he is lightening natured, and has some earth jutsu's as well. he usually trains alone with the aid of scrolls since most of the ninjas in Suna aren't lightening natured.

minor lightening styles, some some C and D ranked earth jutsus. he is very good and fightening with swords but would rather bombard the opponent with long range weapons since he is awsome at them.

Friends: his teammates, and you choose the others.

Rivals: you can choose.

Enemy: he hates chuavanists; because he believes that women are just as strong as me due to his mother. he also hates quitters and people compare him to others.

Crush; you can choose. he is slightly nervous but tries to treat them the same way as the other people.

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Naruto: Life of a Shy Jinchuuriki Original by Uzumaki Ricky reviews
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