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Author has written 8 stories for Blue Drop, Candy Boy, Spice and Wolf, Rideback/ライドバック, and Sasamekikoto/ささめきこと.

I don't share the passion for writing that many of the authors here seem to have. Truth is nothing ever compelled me to write, that is to say I never had anything to write about, until I saw the horrible ending to the Blue Drop series. I just couldn't accept that ending and in a desperate search for closure googling Blue Drop I found which lead to my writing Seeds of Hope and it's sequel The Kaiho Krew.

I just recently came up with some more ideas so my Blue Drop series may just become a trilogy.

Some of my other favorite animes in no particular order:

Spice and Wolf

Burst Angel


Zegapain Mixed feelings about this one. Really good story ruined by cheesy technology but worth suffering through the cheesy mech battles for the great story behind them.

Girlfriends Okay that ones not an anime but a manga but it seems everyone who's read it unanimously agrees that it should be an anime. Absolute best yuri story ever in my opinion.

Queensblade purely for the ecchi of course. :)


The Sky Crawlers A 2 hour anime movie about genetically engineered teenage fighter pilots that can never grow up called Kildren that fight a fake war between corporations for the entertainment of the public so that the public has a frame of reference so they can appreciate the peace they enjoy.

Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne

Read or Die


Favorite Yuri animes

Tears to Tiara is one I've just found recently.

The yuri pairing in it is not the series' main focus and is mainly subtext but strongly hinted at subtext which make it the best subtext yuri pairing I've ever seen. I usually prefer a more canonical pairings. The scantily clad green haired archer girl named Morgan (introduced in the first episode and voiced by Tiffany Grant who coincidently also does the voice of Akane in Blue Drop) Meets a blond haired sword wielding warrior girl named Octavia (voiced by Monica Rial who also does the voice of Hagino in Blue Drop) in a coliseum fight in episode 7 and is quite taken with her right away and the two do not leave each other's side for the rest of the series. Sadly there are no fanfics about this pairing yet. Interesting side note: It seems pretty much the entire cast of the female characters in Tears to Tiara are voiced by the same people that did Blue Drop. It almost seems like it was a Blue Drop reunion project. ;-)

Sasameki Koto kind of a weak ending.

Kannazuki no Miko

Aoi Hana

Another favorite Yuri manga is "Tokimeki Mononoke Jogakkou" also known as "Mononoke Girl's Academy"

It's about a highschool girl named Arare who while on her way to school gets pulled through some kind of rift and winds up in a different world and finds herself at a girls school for supernatural beings called Youkai. There are all sorts of strange girls here. Cyclops girls, a girl with a turtle shell on herback, a girl with a huge mouth on the back of her head as well as the normal mouth in front and the cute cat-girl Kiri who unlike the other Youkai likes humans because she used to be a real cat and her owner was very good to her. Kiri befriends Arare and helps to keep her being a human secret so the other youkai won't try to eat her until she can find away back to her own world and that sets the stage for these to becoming closer over time.

It was a very interesting story that unfortunately ended too abruptly as if the author was told to kill the story or something. It would have been nice if it went on longer. It was a good concept. I've been looking for something similar for a while but haven't found anything. If anybody knows of another story like this either in manga or anime please pm me. I'd appreciate the heads-up.

I'll add more as I think of them but I guess that's enough for now.

Before I wrote my first fanfic I never had much of a desire to write anything. I was compelled to write the first one to fix an ending to an anime that was just so horrible I couldn't accept it. And now, a few fanfics later I'm finding myself wanting to write more. Looking at my previous fanfics it's clear the narrative is where I need the most improvement so any constructive criticism would be helpful. I'll also welcome ideas for pairings to write about.

I'm currently kicking around ideas foe an Octavia/Morgan fanfic for Tears to Tiara.

Feel free to pm me your thoughts.

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