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Sex: Male

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Born in: Shanghai, China

Nationality: Chinese American

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Favorite Food: I like anything, even the most exotic of all foods.

Weight: Come on, how much do you actually want to know about me?!

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Rurouni Kenshin
Card Captor Sakura
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Any Zelda Game
Chrono Cross
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Soul Calibur
Fire Emblem


New Story! Trials of a Teenage Tactician: Minds of Legend is now up on! Those of you who enjoyed the previous story should check it out!

OC Bios:

Name: Sean Masters
Age: 18
Class: Tactician
Weapon: None
A modern day teenager who is transported to Elibe by Professor Dumas to serve as the tactician for the army of Eliwood, Lyn, and Hector. He is incredibly smart, with a strong sense of math and logic, and is an excellent chess player. He considers himself a "nerd". He believes that he doesn't possess very good social skills, but in reality is a friendly person who gets along with the other members of the army very well. Sean's athletic ability is underwhelming, contrasting the fact that he leads a large group of battle-ready mercenaries. He cannot fight, and therefore when placed in danger, must either figure his own way out or count on his friends to save him.

He has a crush on Lyn, and usually finds himself placed in awkward situations when she is around and finds it difficult to talk to her.

Name: Professor Edmond Dumas
Age: 70
Class: Professor
The old professor who had recently moved into Sean's neighborhood. After being beaten in chess by Sean in the first chapter, he deems him worthy to be the tactician whose destiny is to save Elibe, and transports him there. His connection to the alternate world is currently unknown.

Name: Lord Darius of Bern
Alias: Darius the Black Shadow
Age: 25
Class: Tactician/Lord
Weapon: Rapier
The most renowned tactician of Bern and the Black Fang. His intellect surpasses most everyone's in the story, including Sean's. He enters the story when Sean gets lost and plays a chess game with him, which ends in a draw. In reality, he had been watching Sean since Chapter 4: In Occupation's Shadow, and could see that Sean had latent tactical ability as well, and wished to train him as an apprentice. He is also the reason that Lyndis's Legions did not face any Taliver bandits throughout their entire time in their mountain territory, having taken care of them all beforehand.

He is the lover of Ursula the Blue Crow, and travels with her for most of their missions.

Name: Kal of the Lorca
Age: 19 (deceased)
Class: Swordmaster
Weapon: Wo Dao
Lyn's fiance, who died prior to the beginning of the story. He was Lyn's childhood friend and a master of Sacaen swordsmanship and archery, though he normally used his sword. He was a kindhearted young man who cared deeply for Lyn, and gave her a locket that he worked several months in Bulgar to buy for her. Lyn was deeply in love with him as well, and her father announced that they would be married on her eighteenth birthday. However, the night of the Taliver raid came just a few days before, and Kal died protecting Lyn's family. Heartbroken, Lyn still keeps his locket with her, and vows never to love another man as she loved him.

However, Lyn begins to fall in love with Sean a few months later, and feels incredibly guilty about her developing feelings for the young tactician so soon after the death of her previous love. When Sean leaves, she gives him the locket, finally admitting that she has feelings for him.

Name: Chloe Eagler
Age: 17
Class: Tactician/Cleric
Weapon: Staff
Daughter of General Eagler, and was the reason that the respected Caelin knight battled Lyndis's Legions. She was kidnapped by Lundgren and used as a hostage to get her father to fight for him. After Sean is captured, he is put into the same cell as her, and they became friends. She is a student of the Royal Academy of Pherae, and so she knows quite a bit about military tactics. Chloe also knows how to use a heal staff, and was able to aid Serra in healing Sean after he was badly injured.

Name: Balin
Age: 21
Class: Cavalier
Weapon: Lance, Sword
One of the knights of Caelin, and Kent and Sain's senior.

Name: Balan
Age: 20
Class: Cavalier
Weapon: Lance, Sword
Another knight of Caelin. He is the younger brother of Balin.

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