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Author has written 4 stories for Harry Potter.

I am happy to say that I am back writing and have all of the first two Aftermath Sagas finished... :) I know it has been a long time since I last posted a Aftermath story, but that is mainly due to me starting a new wonderful job, and having expansions to my family (I'm now an aunt)... But during the past year, I have continued to write... And now I am going to be posting them here! I hope you all enjoy the continuing adventures of my lovely FanFiction universe! XD

I've also created 3 new stories which will be posted soon:

1) A Love Triangle between Sirius and Severus and Hermione. Which centers around Hermione who is Madly in Love with Sirius Black, but he doesn't want her, so she moves in with Severus Snape and they develop a multilayer relationship that changes when Sirius Black comes back into the picture.
2) A story that puts both Sirius and Severus in the USA, after both of them were saved from death. They lead double lives with only a few people knowing they still exist. That is until Hermione Granger pays them both a visit asking them for help to save the life of someone she loves.
3) A story that centers around Hermione and her time turner trying to go back in time and save Severus from his horrible fate, with hopes of saving those that were lost, and preventing the terror or the Dark Lord.

All three of these have a couple chapters each.

Hello everyone, I am SugarBug17, but you can just call me Sugar. I tend to write a lot during the summer when I was not busy with school, now that I have an awesome job, I write during down time at work and when I have days off.

More about me, I love the color green, and I love nature. I am beginning to practice the art of Wicca. I live at home with my mother, father, sister, my sister's boyfriend, and their daughter. I am in the process of looking for my own apartment. I work at an assisted living home, taking care of some wonderfully amazing people who I love dearly. I love reading, and now that I have a job, I've been buying tons of book series.

I love writing all kinds of stories, fan fictions included. After being encouraged by a friend that has a profile on here, I decided to take the time and create and account and post some of my stories. Most of the time I write the old fashioned way with pencil and paper, so I am working on transferring my written words over to a computer. I write a variety of fics from different genres below I've will list some of my favorites to write for and my favorite couples.

I mostly write Mature Romance stories, just because I think they are the most fun. But don't expect me to jump right in and have my characters get busy. I like a storyline and I tend to write many chapters. :) I don't mind writing slash fics if the story is not too cheesy, corny, or done a thousand times.


Harry Potter

Hermione/Sirius - My favorite couple ever. I write mostly with Hermione and Sirius.

Most of the time when I write HP I write AU because I like using the characters and making my own stories about them.



I am sure that you can tell that I love Alice... Her and Hermione are probably my most favorite characters to write with. I am actually working on a crossover with the two of them.It is actually quite interesting.


Pokemon - Brock and Dawn, Drew and May, Ash and Misty.
Dragon Ball - Goku and Bulma, Vegeta and Bulma
Avatar The Last Airbender - Aang and Katara, Sokka and Suki, Toph and Sokka, Katara and Zuko, Zuko and Mia, Sokka and Ty Lee... I guess pretty much any couple possible. I also write a lot of stories for them that are cannon that just show adventures they have...
Hey Arnold
As Told By Ginger
Other 90s NickToons shows.

The L Word - Shane with Anyone, Bette and Tina, Bette and Helena, Tina and Helena, Alice and Dana, Jenny and Marina...

Some others that I write for are: 7th Heaven, Pretty Little Liars, Secret Life of the American Teen

A Sneak Peek - Aftermath: Secrets

Taking place in the year 2015, Hermione Black is ready to send her children off to another year at Hogwarts... But little does she, or anyone else know - there is a new evil lurking in the shadows waiting to reawaken an old grudge that has long been dormant...

“Mummmm…” He said, but she turned and walked out of the room. Before she got halfway down the stairs he was right there with her. They walked into the kitchen, sat and had breakfast. Hermione sighed. This was one of the last times her family was going to be at this table together, enjoying breakfast, for a long time. She loved her children and wanted the best education for them, but she missed them like hell when they were gone. Lucky for them they didn’t have the threat of a dark wizard hanging over their heads like she did every year she went back to school.

Secrets is the first story of five that will explore the lives of Hermione and Sirius' children at Hogwarts... But everything is not as it seems. Hermione and Sirius, as well as many others have secrets of their own that are boiling under the surface waiting to erupt... By the end of the story, many lives will never be the same.

(This list will be updated often, so be sure to check it out frequently.)

Characters and their Children:(when there is a # and then yr, it explains what year they are in at Hogwarts, if a name of a person is underlined, that person is pregnant)
Hermione & Sirius (Black) – Cordelia (3 yr.), Orion (1 yr.), Granger, and Aurora
Mindy & Joe – Haley (3 yr.)
Charlie & Xavier (Celosia-Weasley) – Charles-Xavier (1. yr.), Kenzie, and Rosebud
Remus & Tonks (Lupin) – Teddy (6 yr.), Andie (2 yr.), R.J. and Dora
Harry & Ginny (Potter) – James and Jean, Albus and Lilly (1 yr.), Harry Jr. and Ashton
Bill & Fleur (Weasley) – Victorie (5 yr.), Domie (2 yr.), Louis

Hey everyone... I'm in the process of creating a forum here, for the Aftermath Saga (Yup, I just named it that). It will allow you readers to have a fun place to go and discuss my stories and your thoughts on them. You can even share ideas that you think might create a cleaver twist for the stories or just add in something something.

I am also going to create a Role Play area where you all can Role Play as one of the characters in the stories or create your own to original character to Role Play at Hogwarts during Cordelia Black's time there. Who knows maybe your character might get as chance to have a cameo in one of the future stories. So if you are interested check it out at the link below.

There will also be more sneak peeks to Aftermath: Secrets as well as the other four stories posted there.

Please remember it is a work in progress... But it should be pretty awesome within the next few days!*

Aftermath: The Forum

Some Questions w/answers Asked by Readers...
There are some people out there that are curious about some of the characters I write...
Here are the answers as to the why. And if you have a questions please ask it,
I am more than willing to answer them...

1) You always seem to make Harry Potter into some sort of bad guy (he keeps secrets from his best friend, Hermione, in Aftermath, and in Underneath he tries to keep her away from the guy that makes her happy), do you hate him?
No, I do not hate Harry Potter, he is actually in my top ten favorite characters, right around like number seven. I feel that he is blinded by his love for Hermione and her happiness with Ron that he doesn't see her with anyone but Ron. For the longest time Ron and Hermione were Harry's only real family, and he loves seeing them happy together, and because of that he will do whatever he can to keep them together, and keep his best friends. He loves Ginny and only want the same for Hermione and Ron, and let them all be one big happy family.

2) Have you always thought Charlie Weasley was gay?
Yes, I always have. There is what 6 Weasley boys, (Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George and Ron), it would be completely insane to think that at least one of them is not gay. Bill is quite happy with Fleur, and Percy was always the follow the rules type. Ron and George pretty much get married and have children with women, in cannon, so that leaves Fred who dies and Charlie. I actually think that it would also make sense that Fred too might be gay, but since he died, it could never be explored in the movies, (anyone else think Fred and Lee Jordan would've made a great couple?). In the books, Charlie is more of a free spirit, out there chasing dragons and exploring the world. I think that out of all the boys, he is most likely gay. And that is one reason I've always loved him.

3) Petunia always hated magic, why is it you write her in your stories where she accepts it and loves her nephew?
Petunia always didn't hate magic, she once wanted to be accepted like her sister into Hogwarts, whom at one time she loved dearly. She accepted Harry and brought him into her family to continue the protection charm that Harry had. And yes, she didn't treat him kindly at all, but I feel that somewhere deep down inside of her, she actually began to love and care for Harry. Yes, she found magic to be freakish, but he was the only child of her sister. I think for her it was more of a fear of magic, and the resentment that she herself was not magical and felt over shadowed by her sister, and wanted to take out her anger. I also think that Vernon had a lot to do with her feelings of ill towards Harry. What it boils down to is Petunia as a child was rejected by someone and pushed aside and fell into her sister's shadow. She was scared, frightened and hurt. I am sure that once the war was over, Harry probably tried to contact his aunt, and his cousin Dudley (Dudley did try to reconcile with Harry in Book #7, and it was said that he later in life remained on Christmas Card Terms with his cousin) to form some sort of relationship. Petunia and Dudley's changed ways in my head was always going to happen. After all, that is the only blood relationship he has with his mother and her family. I am sure that Petunia harbors regret and remorse for her ill ways towards her sister after she discovered her magical abilities, she did, and always will have love for her sister. If she didn't she never would've taken Harry in, in the first place.

4) Why don't you write Ron/Hermione, Fan Fics? Don't you like the two of them together?

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