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Hello Everyone!!!

I FINALLY got a fanfiction account and I'm totally pscyhed about joining in on the community!!!
Feel free to send a hello message if you want... Don't worry, I don't bite! In fact, I'm probably the nicest person on the face of this Earth!
("It was only once when I was 7, I didn't know what I was DOING!!!" -Logan:P )
Hahaha, as you can probably already tell, yes, I am a Big Time Rush fan. :)

Wanna know more about me??? Well, I sure hope you do, cause... you're gonna read it anyways!!! ( I hope! )

first things first, my profile pic is my pet bunny, Sugar, I wrote "Moustache" on the pic, but it cut off the 'E' LOLOLOL


-I'm a freshmen in High School
-I'm a Californian Native ;)
-I come from a Hispanic backround (I'm a MexiCAN!)
-Short for my age (NOT a midget!!!)
-As strange as it is, 13 is my favorite and lucky number. (Hence I was born on Nov 13)
-I invented the word 'awesomesauce' in the fifth grade, but nobody gives me credit! :(
-I love reading, writing, and REVIEWING!!!:D

Will add more, just can't think of anything at the moment... :\

My Favorites!!!

Color: PURPLE!!! (DUH! Look at my Pen Name!!!)
Solo Singer: Katy Perry
Group/Band: Big Time Rush
Type of Music: Pop, Country, R&B
Animal: Bunnies (I have a lop-eared one!!) and PANDAS!!! XD
Genre of Stories: Mystery, Drama, Romance, Friendship

Will add more, just can't think of anything else... LOL

All these strange realizations have been happening lately and thorughout my life, and I want YOUR opinion on what they are!
*They are all related to Big Time Rush, Both the show, and them as people*

1. I have a best friend named Katie.
2. I have a friend whose name is exactly Carlos Pena, and I knew him before Big Time Rush.
3. My middle name is Siera, but it's not spelled the same as Ciara Bravo's.
4. My little brother's birthday is on September 14, same as Logan's.
5. My old dog, Buddy. Had the EXACT same birthday as Kendall.
6. My other friend, has a little brother named Logan, who LOVES hockey.
7. I knew a guy named James, and he was considered the 'Pretty Boy' at my old school. (he doesn't stand a CHANCE next to James Maslow though!)
8. I had a friend named Kendall, but she was a girl.
9. One day, Kendall invited me and our friend Katie over, and we ended up playing street hockey with James, Carlos and their neighbor, Logan (different person) who didn't go to our school.
10. Of all the other places BTR could've done a stop for their 'Better With You' tour, they picked my CITY! :D
CREEPY, RIGHT??? All of this was before BTR was a twinkle in my eye, but its sooooo creepy now that I think of it!!! WHAT DOES IT MEAN??? Am I destined to meet them one day??? MAYBE!!! :D

*Except the ones I indicate*

Note: I plan out my writing, which is why it will probably take me a looooong time for one update!

-Will do my absolute best to update stories ASAP
-I will NOT write SLASH (It kinda changes the way I look at characters)
-All my stories will be rated T*
-Will keep inappropriate language at a minimum (Unless ABSOLUTELY neccessary)*
-Will keep all disclaimed characters in character (NO OOC)
-All original characters (OC's) are made up by me*
-I will notify if there will be a long wait for an update
-I don't do short chapters, as you may have noticed, I pay CLOSE attention to ALL detail!!!

I think that's it.. (Will add more as I go along!)

I, hereby promise I will do my absolute best to obey these rules I set for myself.
~PurpleRocks13 ;)

Questions? Comments? Please message me if you must!!! :) I LOVE hearing from anybody to everybody!

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