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Author has written 24 stories for Legacy of Kain, Silent Hill, Grand Theft Auto, Code Lyoko, Shadow of the Colossus, One Piece, Folklore, Steambot Chronicles/Bumpy Trot, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

UPDATE 04/23/12: Apologize for the long absense, should have a few chapters of the Steambot Chronicles out soon.

~Real name: Samuel M. Missimer


~Age: 25

~About me: I'm a pretty normal guy, well as "normal" as someone who played a deranged madman with a nerf football on his foot in a short-play me and my friend wrote can be. XP

Anyway, I'm actually quite smart, not a genius, but far more perceptive than most people my age and even when I was young I had a deeper look on things than others. Simply put, I'm crazy, in my own way :P.

~Hobbies: Reading, playing video games, watching movies and tv and writing a novel.

~Things I Hate: Stupid, sneery kids who think they can push others around. Certain religions that try to control every aspect of your life, also know, I'm not religious at all. Plus the idiot mods on sites like Danbooru and 4chan who think they know how to run things.

Alias: Orpheum (Mostly online), Dr. Missletoe (from the short-play I worked on), Nature Boy (don't ask).

~Favorites games:

inFAMOUS & 2

Uncharted series

Professor Layton series

Ratchet & Clank Series

Jak & Daxter trilogy


Legacy of Kain


Shadow of the Colossus

Devil May Cry (All except 2, that one sucks, though not as much as that upcoming DmC)

Grand Theft Auto series

Shadow of Destiny

Hotel Dusk: Room 215

The Legend of Zelda series (Finally played Skyward Sword, loved it)

Metal Gear Solid series


Red Dead Redemption

Heavy Rain

~Favorite Tv Shows and Movies:

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Had one of the best endings I've seen in an anime in years)

One Piece

Case Closed

Devil May Cry: The Animated Series

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Red Dwarf

Monty Python (Who doesn't? ;P)

Family Guy

Hellsing Ultimate

Transformers: The Movie

Transformers (2007)

Ben 10 (the original series, Alien Force and Ulimate Alien can go suck eggs)

Generator Rex

Arrested Development



And lots and lots of others XP

~Favorite book and manga series:

Case Closed

Fullmetal Alchemist

Hellsing (Completed collection)

Rorouni Kenshin (Completed collection)

Harry Potter (Completed series)

Dragonlance (The first three trilogies, Chronicles, Legends, War of Souls)

Vampire Hunter D (both the novels and manga)

~I'm planning on writing novels myself, I even have a banner name (or whatever you call it); Legends of the Universes.

Books I'm writing and hope to have published:

1st-Legend of the 13 keys: This has been through a development hell of sorts. I actually finished the rough draft a while back in 2008, but found that it was dreadfully lacking after my late mother read over a few pages. Here's some hint of where it's at now:

Story has been given a steampunk-esqe angle, and the magic has been downplayed, moving away from traditional fantasy to give it a more softcore Sci-Fi feel. Other changes include making the main character more like an actual teenager and less of a typical hero.

Current progress: Finished the story. Now beginning to gather feedback from close friends/family and polishing the final draft. Artwork of the book will be made soon as well.

2nd-Embracing the Dark: A dark angsty story about a boy whose life has been a living since he was a kid. Losing both of his parents in a terrible crash, and finding out he may not get to keep his inheiritence. With only a few friends, and constant bullying; the boy is pushed to the limits of tolerence. When the girl he loves rejects him, he's left with a desire to disappear. But when a strange shadow creature tells him of a world where his wish can come true, what will come of his decision?

Current progress: Just started writting, having some difficulties in nailing the teenage angst angle without being too melodramatic/fakey.

~Other ideas. NOTE- Some have actually been changed to comic books because of their more action heavy elements:

The Black Soul: Originally a story about a boy who learns he has the soul of a dark warlord residing within him, sealed within his bloodline a long time ago and must now find a way to undo this binding before he's overwhelmed.

Current progress: Still brainstorming the story. Presently I've decided I might go with a more lighthearted story about the spirit learning humility during the centuries of binding and now seeking absolution.

Dragumen Saga: A series in which Dragons rule over humans with their power to become a human/dragon hyrid. Nine slaves must uncover lost artifacts left behind by an extinct third race and bring help restore humanity to war where the remaining two races despise one another.

Current progress: Haven't really started yet. Have some characters named and figured out, but still have to work on the outline of the overall plot.

Rainwalker: A comic in which the world is plunged into chaos as an eternal rainstorm slowly drowns the planet. A mysterious man who seemingly can move as one with the perpetual rain takes on a Corporation that may be withholding the key to restoring the world.

Current progress: Nothing yet. Still trying to work on the concept of a world where it either rains forever or just very often. Not to mention how the hero's powers would work.

Pyschic comic (Still working on names; either "Pyschoes" or "Masterminds"): A series about a near dystopic future where the human mind has advanced to the point of emerging pyschic powers. Similiar to Heroes, the story follows various characters as they make their way throughout the world.

Current progress: Working out the mechanics of how the powers will work and so on. Think something along the lines of Heroes, only in the future and focused on pyschic powers.

~Favorite anime/manga pairings:

One Piece ~ Luffy and Nami; Usopp and Kaya (that's a no brainer)

Fullmetal Alchemist ~ Ed and Winry; Roy and Riza; Ling Yao and Ran; Alphonse and May Chang

Case Closed ~ Jimmy and Rachel

~Current works:

Steambot Chronicles: A novelization of the cult classic 'non-linear, action-adventure!'

With my own creative twist, I've embarked on a unique take on the tale of an amnesiac named Vanilla, and his strange journey of discovering who he is with a girl named Connie, and her friends, the Garland Globetrotters.

Current progress: Chapter 14 is up, starting on chapter 15.

NOTICE: To anyone reading, I am always looking for song/album titles to use as chapter names. They don't have to necessarily fit within the plot, but I found it to be a fun way naming every new entry. So any Songs you can think of (maybe with some possible relevence to plot) will be appreciated. I find it fun to hear what songs/bands people like. :D

Silent Hill 2: Restless Parody:

Deranged mockery of the popular game. Watch as James, now a pothead, stumbles aimlessly through the town to find the wife who he kil- er I mean died from complications.

Current progress: On indefinite hiatus, chapter 4 will come at some point.

Shadow of the Colossus:

Novelization of the wonderful title.

Current Progress: On indefinite hiatus, will work on chapter 5 at some point. May also restart to correct mistakes and fine-tune the story better.

Finished Works:

Monster Mash: A One Piece Halloween themed epic.

When Luffy and the crew attend a costume ball, they expect a night of candy, costumes, and money. But when all but Brook are turned into the real monsters, it soon turns out they may have stumbled into something far larger...

From the Stars: A One Piece story with an out of this world twist!

Luffy and the others meet an alien named Orpheum, a mysterious visitor who crashes on the Grand Line. Who is he? And why did he crash? And what does a cruel Marine Officer want with the strange man from space? Come aboard and find out! [Trust me, it's not all that Gary Stu as it might sound. :P]

Soul Reaver: Enter the Block Puzzles: My first fan-fiction, a twisted parody of the gothic adventure title.

For those of new here, this was how we old dogs used to parody our games, with complete insanity and disregard for proper formating! (Script Format for the win!) XP

Other projects; including:

A romance one-shot with Nami and Luffy.

A One Piece story featuring the Straw Hats pulled into a musical (it'd actually be a sort of musical story, not a song fic. See my forum page for details.)

Possible rewrites/revisions of my older stories.

Reviving my "Vice Life" Grand Theft Auto series. [If someone is interested in working with me on the series, then I might be more inclined try reviving it.]

A novelization of the Playstation 3 game Folklore.

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile. :D

Hope you also take the time to read my stories. I always love a review, however brief. Just as long as I know that someone has read it and liked it/didn't quite like it, whatever.

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Steambot Chronicles reviews
A novelization of the game. Enjoy a unique take on the story that combines many elements into a more coherant and epic tale of a boy who washes ashore without memory, and into the life of a songtress whose happy face belies a terrible, tragic past. After 10,000 years, it's finally here; Chapter 20!
Steambot Chronicles/Bumpy Trot - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 20 - Words: 122,987 - Reviews: 85 - Favs: 29 - Follows: 31 - Updated: 6/14 - Published: 12/5/2009 - Vanilla
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