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Like Earth in Mass Effect 3, I am taking this account back.

Due to harrassment, including death threats and rape threats, I took this account down. The troll took the opportunity to steal my name, steal my story (Gods & Monsters) and post it under other names and other accounts, as well as steal Allusive Man's stories and do the same. I'm taking my name and account back.

Guest reviews that are harrassing/ threatening/ fucking insane, will be screen capped, reported and deleted.

PMs have been reopened, though the known troll accounts have been blocked.

UPDATES (in reverse chronological order)

02 Oct 2016: Oh, look, the troll has created a brand new sock puppet account and flooded us with review spam. Whenever you see these nonsense reviews, please go to their account and see how long it has been in existence. Spoiler alert: It's usually no longer than the troll has existed. From this point forward please anticipate for this nonsense to keep happening as this idiot clearly has no life. I've already screencapped my outbox and sent it to We will continue to screencap everything and forward it to the admin. As always, feel free to PM us if you have any doubt, as we have ample proof. For now, we're done responding and reacting to them and any of their puppet accounts. We suggest you all take the same approach. Congratulations, troll, you've only strengthened our resolve and emboldened us to not give in to your bullshit threats and harassment. In fact, thanks for helping to build our review counts back up. Cheers.

01 Oct 2016: Troll has once again changed his profile. As of this moment, it shows a poem known as Catullus 5, in latin. Whatever. I've given the troll too much attention already, so this is it for the troll-watching. However, I do want any Admin who are visiting my profile to know WE HAVE SCREEN CAPTURES OF WHEN THIS GUY ADMITTED HE WAS A FRAUD AND A THIEF. IF YOU WANT TO SEE THEM, HERE THEY ARE:

http png

http png

Also, we now have many readers, some of whom are longtime members of this site, and/or writers with many published stories of their own, who have been paying attention to this saga and can attest to what has been going on. We doubt this idiot has anything but sock puppets and imaginary friends on his side.

01 Oct 2016: The Subverter wants it known that she has an account on Archive of Our Own, under the author name of Sabotage. It is the original home of Tu-Fira, which has been posted there since Jan 2014 and has never been taken down. The Subverter will be updating that account with most or all of her other Mass Effect stories over the weekend. It will be sort of a mirror or backup to this account, or vice versa. For the record, The Allusive Man doesn't have access to it, if anybody cares to know that. You'll be forgiven for thinking maybe we were joined at the hip, but this is the only account we share.

01 Oct 2016: Apologies for the duplicated chapter in The Quarian, and thank you to the person who pointed it out to me! It has been corrected.

01 Oct 2016: The copycat account (ID 8301725) is still there, but the troll has changed his profile and is now telling a different story. He now claims he was conducting a social experiment for a paper he was writing. You can go look at his profile yourself and decide if you believe it. Assuming it's still there, and he hasn't changed his story again in the meantime, of course. There's a lot that we could say about that explanation, but whatever.

Of more concern to us is the fact that his bogus copy of Gods & Monsters is still there. For a short time last night, it appeared to be gone, but apparently that was just the site having some sort of hiccup. It's still there as of this morning. In any case, the troll has admitted his guilt in his profile, which you can bet we screen-capped. Hopefully, Admin will wake up to this matter very soon and delete the whole account. By the way, we are aware that the troll has also posted something called "Tu-Fira" once again. The title is ripped off, but the actual content of the story was not directly lifted from either of us. We will be reposting the real Tu-Fira here soon.

For all those who have gone to bat for us, reporting the stolen story, leaving scolding reviews for the troll, and sending us messages of moral support: THANK YOU. We appreciate it all so much. You folks are heroes to us. Truly, we mean that. This may have seemed like a silly matter to some, fussing over ownership of a piece of fanfiction, but this was hugely important to us. This story is our baby, even if it's an ugly baby.

As you can see below, Gods & Monsters is back up, here where it belongs. We will never take it down again, at least not of our own volition. Also, The Subverter will continue reposting all of her other stories over the next day or so, with assistance from The Allusive Man. Yes, we're still besties, and yes, we're still sharing this account for the purpose of accessing Gods & Monsters as needed.

Onward and upward! Here's hoping Andromeda is as amazing as the Shepard trilogy was. Feel free to drop us a line at any time, as long as you aren't a troll. PMs have been reopened, for anybody who may have missed it. We will be moderating guest reviews from now on, but those are generally welcome as well.

Until we can definitively determine that the bogus copy of Gods & Monsters has been removed from the troll's account, we're throwing this wall of text back up:

28 Sep 2016: This is a joint appeal from The Subverter and The Allusive Man. We need all of you to come to our assistance now.

By now, all readers of Gods & Monsters should be well aware that we have been dealing with a pernicious troll. This troll has issued numerous death and rape threats via anonymous reviews to both of us. Disgusted with the site's lack of ability to handle this kind of harassment, I took down all of my stories and left the site. As some of you may also know, The Allusive Man then started re-posting Gods and Monsters under his own account, with my permission. The troll then started harassing him directly, sending more threatening anonymous reviews, and then escalating to creating a copycat account named "The New Allusive Man," and stealing a variety of our stories and posting them there. We immediately started reporting the bogus account and stolen stories, but for weeks the site's administration did nothing. In the meantime, we decided to once again take down Gods & Monsters and wash our hands of this nonsense forever. Finally, some time after that, the site's administration apparently got around to reviewing our complaints, and deleted the copycat account and stolen stories. Somewhat elated that something had finally gone our way, and with newfound enthusiasm, we decided to revive this account (which I've had since 2011) and repost Gods and Monsters. Hallelujah!

Unfortunately, the very next day, we discovered that the troll had created another copycat account (Name: Subverter. ID: 8301725) under which he had also reposted Gods and Monsters. This shouldn't be a surprise. After all, it only takes a new email account and a coward's determination to perpetuate this facade. Since then, the troll has been very busily trying to convince everyone, including the site's administration, that he is the "real" Subverter, and therefore the "real" author of Gods and Monsters. He concocted a ridiculous and untrue story about a falling out between The Allusive Man and me. Unfortunately, it appears his tactics have succeeded. Admin fell for it. Our story was just deleted from my account today, and we received a notification from admin explaining that we had violated site rules by uploading stolen content. Needless to say, this is quite galling to both of us. We are just sick about this. The troll must be having quite a good time right now, knowing he pulled this off. First he chased us off the site, then he stole our story and my identity. To top it all off, my account has been temporarily locked due to the 'infraction,' so I am unable to post any stories or updates for the next few days.

This travesty cannot stand.

This is where you, our loyal readers who have been following us for months or years, come in. We're not trying to recruit an army to go "attack" the troll. We're simply asking that those of you who are familiar with me, The Allusive Man, and our history on this board to please go to the copycat's account and use the Report Abuse option (open the story, and click on the Action button at the bottom of the page) to report his copy of Gods and Monsters as stolen. For our part, we have sent an email to the site administration, and we have all kinds of evidence (i.e. screen captures, work product, email exchanges going back for years, and other things the troll hasn't found yet for all his scrounging) to back us up. Still, your assistance will be invaluable. If any of you have doubt about what you're being told right now, I ask you to read his profile page and ask yourself if it really sounds like me. Also, I know at least a few of you made personal connections with The Allusive Man and me, and have our private email addresses. If you are one of those people, feel free to email us privately to confirm.

Thank you for reading, and for taking the time to come to our aid.

Update: We wanted to post the above message a few days ago but couldn't due to my account being temporarily locked. I want to add that the troll had also stolen and posted my Tu-Fira story, but I was able to prove ownership of that one and get it taken down. Weird that the site would believe me about that one, and him about Gods & Monsters, but here we are. Because he got nailed on Tu-Fira, the troll was probably under the same temporary ban that I was. Now that we are both out, we can expect him to start posting more stuff, quite possibly including more of my stolen stories. In fact, as of this morning, he has posted a new 663-word story called 'Obscure in Shadows.' To be clear, that story is neither mine nor The Allusive Man's. As far as we know, it's the troll's own writing, though we can't swear to it. If it is his own writing, then congrats to the troll for being able to produce an original 663 words. I'll admit it isn't half bad, either. Keep applying your energies in that direction, troll, and quit stealing other people's stuff.

I intend to fully reclaim this account by reposting *ALL* of the stories that were previously posted here. Unfortunately, I do have to work for a living, so I can't do it right this moment. It will happen in the next day or so. I should probably expect the troll (who is certainly going to be among the first people to read this post) to jump the gun and post whatever he managed to copy before I took all the stories down. Hopefully, he doesn't have all of them. But even if he does, I *know* he doesn't have the several additional chapters of Tu-Fira that I never got around to posting.

As a final aside, I should say that even though we've been generally referring to the troll in the masculine, it's quite possible 'he' is actually a she. We have our suspicions, which we won't share at this time. In any case, that's just idle speculation, and it isn't terribly relevant. We don't care who he or she is. We just want him or her to stop fucking with us.

Update 2: Here's something else that may help convince anybody who's on the fence. Go to The Allusive Man's account (ID 2329073) and check out the review he received for his story, Hollow, from the troll's account on Sep 25, the very day the troll created that account, and one day after we had succeeded in getting his previous copycat account taken down. It should be clear that the review was a taunt delivered from a troll.

Also, we will be posting new, never-before-posted content in the near future, once the stories are back up. You can judge for yourself whether it's consistent with what we've written before. While the troll has demonstrated the ability to write a few hundred words in the present tense, he isn't us.

Finally, we have a request for all longtime readers of of Gods & Monsters, if we can beg your indulgence a bit further:

Please log in and leave a review to A Call to Arms, testifying to the fact that we (The Subverter, ID 3024585, and the Allusive Man, ID 2329073) are the original, authentic authors and owners of Gods & Monsters (story ID 12165519) currently posted under a copycat's account (name: Subverter, ID 8301725).

We would like to be able to point Admin to your reviews as reliable testimony to help resolve this dispute in our favor. We are asking only for users with accounts seasoned for 2 years or more, which will (hopefully) eliminate or greatly reduce the possibility of the troll polluting the testimony through the use of sock puppet accounts.

Thank you again.

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