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Author has written 4 stories for Halo, Tomb Raider, Star Wars, Mortal Kombat, and Mass Effect.


Hi, this is mcknight93, I will try to keep this profile updated monthly to let anyone interested in what I write aware of story progression and my own well being. I want to make it clear that none of my stories are abandoned. If by some chance I were to call it quits I would post on that particular story that its over and reasons why. I refuse to be a person that leaves without saying goodbye and keep others waiting on a update that will never happen. Just know that I am a slow writer with a very busy life, and life comes first. I consider writing a hobby, and I love getting my ideas out there through a keyboard for others to see, but there are personal things that come first. I am very paranoid about my own writing so I work pretty hard to make my stories the best quality I can actually make them, which is what takes up most of my time. But I am constantly working on them and I am always thinking about what I can write and how I can go further with a plot. I want to express my gratitude for stopping by and reading my profile, and I hope you enjoy what I write for fanfiction.

Below are a few things about me and a way to contact me outside of this site. I also wrote a summary of what stories I am currently working on and would like to write in the near future.

I'm a Xbox One guy. If you want to find me on Xbox Live to play a few games or just talk about stories, my gamertag is the same name on here, mcknight93. I am always interested in hearing from multiple people on what they think and what would they like to see. Nowadays I'm playing games like Halo 5: Guardians, Overwatch, Fallout 4, Halo Wars 2, Warframe and a few others.

I have a wide array of interest in many works of fiction. From television shows such as the everlasting The Simpsons and the amazing Dragonball series to video games such as Overwatch and Halo and many more. Most of my stories will be about the Halo series. It's a universe that can always capture my attention with interesting characters, a large lore and engaging stories. And of course there is my all time favorite character the Master Chief John-117. A super soldier who doesn't talk much, but lets his actions, his friends and the world speak for him.

Everything below at this point is information of stories that I am currently working on and stories I would like to writer later on. Things written in italics is the title of the story or a possible title. What is written in bold is the series or multiple series the story takes place in or is in some way involved.

Halo/Overwatch three-part short story and is a work in progress (Currently working on and nearly finished. Due to length the story will be separated into three chapters. As of now on the date of 5/5/2018 the first and second chapters are finished and ready to be posted. The final chapter is mostly finished, and the end of it is being conscripted. Possible title: Moving On, or One Day He will be Free, or His Decisions, or The World Could Always Use More Heroes)

A three-part short story that I really want to get out there to reflect on the Chief's character, his choices, and how he can grow as a person, and to also show that I am still writing. Takes place after Halo 5: Guardians and Overwatch's cinematic Recall. During an operation to take a Halo Installation from the Created, the Master Chief is thrown from his world by Cortana, only to land in a new reality that could use some more heroes. While trying discover where he is and how to get back, the Chief meets some interesting people along the way.

Halo/Mass Effect called From Hell To Hell (Undergoing a rewrite)

Takes place in the Mass Effect universe and follows early in Mass Effect 2. Adrift the Forward Unto Dawn, the Master Chief is found by the crew of the Normandy SR-2. Given the choice to join them and help stop the Collectors, Commander Shepard promises he will do what we can with the resources provided by Miranda Lawson and Cerberus to get the Spartan-II back. However the Chief must be careful when he has to keep Cortana a secret in a galaxy that outlaws A.I.

Halo/Star Wars (possible title The Universal War or Star Wars and Halo: The Coming of the Apocalypse or something less cheesy than the previous two)

In most of the Halo/Star Wars crossovers we see the UNSC team up with the Republic to fight the Confederacy and rarely the UNSC versus the Republic. However, we haven't really read it where its an all out war between the UNSC vs the Republic vs the Confederacy. In this story the UNSC finds a way in the Star Wars galaxy, and yes the Swords of Sanghelios will be involved. While all three factions may have humans on each side, its human nature to be strive to be the best, the dominant power. When there are three governments in one galaxy there are bound the be fights and arguments when they can't all agree. When one unified government tries to be the one in control.

Halo/Tomb Raider called Tomb Rider: The Lost Get Found (Currently working on with the next chapter which is partially written) (As of 4/4/2018 the story may be rewritten once the next chapter 'An Answer to a God's Prayer is posted. This is to improve the writing and the fixed point of view.)

I am the first one writing a crossover between Tomb Raider and Halo. While looking for the artifacts that took her mother away, Lara Croft stumbles upon the Forward Unto Dawn. Cortana is able to persuade the tomb raider to take the Master Chief with her, but they soon discover the same artifacts Lara is looking for, can take them home.

Halo/Resident Evil crossover (possible titles Extraneous Evil or The Defiant Few)

I am really debating on this idea and what should go on. Master Chief could land in the Resident Evil universe but at what time? Maybe the Raccoon incident? Resident Evil 5 and go to Resident Evil 6? Or Resident Evil 2? Or maybe do it with the movies where Alice is involved? Or mix the movies and games?

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim/Grimm Fairytales crossover: Skyrim: Fairytales

A series of oneshots following the Dragonborn as he encounters the fairytales, myths, and legends that we heard of. Examples being; The three little pigs, red riding hood, and so many more.

Halo/Justice League: Hunted for Morality

This won't be like the usual Halo/Justice League crossovers where Master Chief lands in the DC world, teams up with the League and stops an alien invasion. No this one will be much different, where the league is already formed but still somewhat new. Instead Chief lands in the DC world, kills a few villains and gets hunted by the Justice League for awhile. For how long, well I am not sure but the main idea is that it will be an original.

Halo/Fable Fable: The Arrival of Hal

Chief lands in Fable 2 and helps out a female Sparrow on killing Lucian. It will take place early in the game where Sparrow leaves the gyspy camp. The Master Chief will have his armor and some of his weapons and just start laying waste to some of the enemies in the Fable world. I am also thinking about a pairing in here and I bet it is pretty obvious between who. Chief lands in Bower Lake and Theresa notices him and goes to watch him since he is such an anomaly. I will reveal the rest in the story.

Star Wars The Clone Wars/Star Wars The Force Unleashed: Hope from the Future (Currently working on) (Once the next chapter to 'An Answer to a God's Prayer' is posted this story will be rewritten. The plot will be the same, but I will be going back to add more content such as a deeper focus on character, fixing grammar, and adding more detail. 4/4/2018)

This is based around at the of The Force Unleashed 1 Good Ending where instead of Galen Marek (Secret Apprentice Starkiller) dying he actually gets sent into the past of the Clone Wars with no memory of him fighting Kota through fighting the Emperor. He will wake up on a planet with no memory and he gets founded by the Jedi but will he join them or fight them? Watch as Galen fights in the past and slowly remembers his past to fights his master's past.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare/Left 4 Dead: War on the Dead

Instead of dying, Captain Price was able to save Soap and gets placed in the hospital. He stays in a coma for six months, and when he wakes up, something has changed. No one is around, no doctors, no nurses, no patients, there is nothing. Desperate for answers, Soap makes his way out of the hospital, unfortunately he will find what is looking for. The commando will soon learn that there are some things worse than war: the infected.

Watch as Soap survives the zombie apocalypse, and like every zombie epidemic, he won't fight it alone. Four very famliar survivors will be there with him, and maybe even some old allies.

Halo/Gears of War (possible titles Deny the Monsters, Silence the Cicada, or something)

Master Chief arrives in the Gears world where it is early after Emergence Day, during around Raam's Shadow. How could a Spartan II make a differance or maybe he could get some more help from his universe?

Spiderman/Avengers (Peter ParkerxCarol Danvers):

Takes place during the Superior Spiderman timeline. The Avengers have noticed that Spidey has not been like his usual self. What if one Avenger decides to act, and that one Avenger that has feelings for Peter Parker. Carol Danvers decides to investigate what happened to Spiderman and will do anything to bring him back to his old self.

Spiderman/Enchantress story (Peter ParkerxAmora) (possible titles: Punished For Her Sins or Imprisoned Within Thy Heart)

Dr Strange, Spiderman, and Thor had foiled a plot by Loki and Enchantress. The God of Mischief quickly escapes and abandons Amora to her fate. When our heroes take Enchantress to Asgard for her punishment by Odin, he commits her to death. Spiderman deems the penalty far too harsh and says that she doesn't deserve it. The God of Gods thinks otherwise but hears his pleas. So he decides to strip Amora of her powers and Peter Parker must watch over her for an entire year. How will Spidey cope when he has to babysit a powerless Enchantress?

Spiderman/DC crossover (Peter ParkerxZatanna Zatara) (possible title: Top Hats and Webs)

Possibly a series of one shots of Spiderman and Zatanna. Or could evolve into a full fledged story.

Halo/Mortal Kombat: An Answer to a God's Prayers (Currently working on and is next on the update list after the Halo/Overwatch crossover)

Raiden, eternal God of Thunder and protector of Earthrealm, knows that Shao Kahn and his army are coming to invade Earth. Using all of his power, he summons another being from a different universe that he does not even know. This newcomer is Master Chief John-117, and how will he change the outcome of Mortal Kombat or will he be another fatality? Takes place after Halo 4 and during Mortal Kombat 2011.

Halo/Danger Girl crossover

The Danger Girl team is a top secret covert combat force made up of three women. Each member is intelligent, possessing a wide array of talents and have a knack for adventure. Formed and funded by the former British spy Deuce, the group could handle just about anything the world could throw at them. But what if Deuce had another ace up his sleeve? What if he had another operative that was set aside from Danger Girl? A person used for other secretive missions and tasks too risky for the Danger Girls. Someone Deuce had employed and discovered that was from off-world. What if this operative was a Spartan-II?

Fallout oneshot (possible titles: The Lone Wanderer's Pride, The Lyon's Legacy, or A Fighter Until the End but a Family Forever)

In Fallout 4 we learn the fate of Sarah Lyons and what happens to majority of the Brotherhood of Steel in the Capital Wasteland. But what happened in those moments before she just met her demise? How does she affect those that are left behind? A short story that follows the perspective of the Lone Wanderer from Vault 101 and how he is affected.

Freedom Guard's Eulogy

It pains me to say this, but we have lost one of our own. Freedom Guard, whose full name is Salvador R. Balleza has passed away. On the 5th of August 2015 he had went through cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest is a sudden stop in blood circulation due to the failure of the heart to contract effectively or at all. When Freedom Guard went through it, they were unable to resuscitate him.

We have lost a great writer. Salvador had written forty-three stories, two concept ideas, and one story challenge. He had a vast knowledge of several categories, ranging from Halo, Mass Effect, Justice League, Marvel, G.I. Joe, Vandread, and so many more. With his vivid imagination he was able to expand on those categories' and write his own works of fiction. Sure his characters weren't always in character, and he had some run-on sentences, but damn it he had a natural talent of capturing someone's attention. Freedom Guard wrote in the third-person point of view in all of his stories. He did a wonderful job in writing characters' thoughts, opinions, and expressions in his story.

I was able to see how dedicated he was to writing and to others inspiring to write. When he posted a chapter, it had a numerous amount of pages worth of content, all up in a short amount of time, much quicker than I can ever hope to be.

Yes to some they will be losing a writer, but to me, and few others, we are losing a colleague and a dear friend. If you look up in the author's notes in most of my chapters, you will see Freedom Guard's name up there, and how I thank him for helping me. With almost every problem I ever had, whether writing related or even personal, I came to Freedom Guard and he was happy to lend a hand. He was there to offer advice when I needed it, and bounce ideas off when I felt creative. Every writer usually hits that old problem 'writer's block,' but when that happened to me, Freedom Guard would write out examples how an idea could happen, making writer's block all the more easier to breeze through. He was even able to look over my chapters before I posted them, whether he asked for them or I asked. He was practically my own Beta-Reader, and one of the best I ever had.

One of the things he taught was how to manage my stories. I, like many writers, have ideas just begging to be written down. Freedom Guard showed me that while it's good to have that light bulb flashing, you got to keep yourself in check and not overwork yourself. Looking at all of his stories, he told me how having so many made it extremely difficult to update them all and satisfy the readers. So now I write down any ideas on my profile page so I can eventually get back to them. And when I post a new story, I make sure it's entirely thought-out so I don't stop abruptly.

Without Freedom Guard, I bet I wouldn't even have half the amount of chapters posted now. And the ones that would be posted would lack some creativity. Did he make me the type of writer I am today? No, I can't give him all of that credit. But he was a part of the ones that did. I know for a fact he was also the one who inspired many more writers to be at the computer, and he was there to help the ones who asked. Sometimes he would actually seek out others that could use the help, which was how we met. He came to me when I was writing my Halo/Mass Effect crossover. I was brand new to fanfiction, and a terrible writer at the time. But he messaged me telling me I did a good job for a beginner, and have a lot of potential. He helped me reach some of that potential. And we have been friends ever since, for many years.

Freedom Guard, you may be gone, but you will not be forgotten, not by me at least. You may not be here anymore to give me advice, but I will always think 'what would Freedom Guard do?' With your stories out there, I hope others will take some inspiration from them. In this life and the next, you will always be my friend.

Rest in peace, Freedom Guard. With all of the work you did for fanfiction and others, you deserve that peace.

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