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Name: Kawaii Koneko-hime aka Koneko

Age: 19

Favorite anime/ manga: Sailor Moon! Now and forever! - Tokyo Mew Mew, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, Wedding Peach. So pretty much magical girls shoujo stuff. Also, Inuyasha and Detective Conan!

I like to: play video games (although not as much as my brother), draw, and write stories (originals as well as fanfics), watch movies

My catchphrase as of now: You can hug your mom, you can ride a bike, but you cannot teach a chicken pot pie to speak spanish!

I'm a sarcastic, spoiled-rotton, fun-loving military brat with a love for writing and drawing. - I have three sisters and one brother that like to hog computers but I'll update as soon as I possibly can (reviews can help *hint hint*)

I have a website dedicated to my fanfiction! Check it out: !! That's right! The site has moved! I think you'll like this site better!

Important Announcement* My story, Fade Away, is to undergo some major revision! Look forward to the revised version! FADE AWAY IS NOW PART OF A TRILOGY! The prequel is now available. Read more about the Shadow Grail trilogy on my website!*

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