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Hello!!!! Thanks for checking out my page. I won't say that I'll ONLY write anime fanfics, but most of my fanfics will be from anime. One thing you can probably count on in my fanfics though is OCs. I have way too much fun coming up with new characters to put into stories! Also I should note that I have a job and attend college so I might not post stories very quickly, but I will try to finish all the stories I start, and if I'm not going to finish one, then I'll let everyone know as soon as I decide so you won't wait forever for something that's not coming.

Here are the OCs I have so far:

Moe Honda- Angel Beats!- Moe is a girl who feels useless but wants to change that. She isn't very sociable, but she is kind.- Physical Appearance: Short, Short straight gold hair, Bright green eyes.

Crystal Cali- Yu-Gi-Oh- Crystal is very protective of those she loves, but she does not show her affection in a way you would think. She's not very open to new people and comes off as cold-hearted to most who meet her. Age:19- Physical Appearance: Tall, Long red curly hair (sometimes worn in a ponytail and sometimes in a braid), Grey eyes.

Kylie Cali- Yu-Gi-Oh- Crystal's little sister. Kylie has been blind since the time she was born, but she never feels sorry for herself. She is very friendly, but also very perceptive. She can usually tell when people are trying to deceive her. Age 10- Physical Appearance: Short, Thin, Short brown curly hair, Solid grey eyes.

Michiko Kouda- Yu-Gi-Oh- A smart young inventor who works for KC developing new forms of virtual simulation. She is energetic, attentive, and dedicated. Willing to stay up for days on end in order to accomplish a goal. - Physical Appearance: Tall, Strong, Long straight baby-blue hair (Worn in low ponytail when she's working), Blue eyes.

Elaine- Ashita no Nadja- Elaine is a traveling performer who behaves like an aristocrat. She is very friendly and caring and although she longs for a noble's life, she will never complain. Age:16- Physical Appearance: Average height, Long straight brown hair (worn down), Blue eyes.

Sarah/Sora- Hell Girl- Sarah is a rapidly reincarnating spirit. Her body can die, but she will reincarnate and regain the memories of her past lives. In Sarah's first life, she makes a tragic mistake that she is doomed to repeat in all of her following lives. She becomes obsessed with killing herself. Sarah's last life is sent to Hell by Ai, and as all of the forms her spirit has taken sit in the boat, the spider offers her a deal: Avoid the unbearable torment of Hell to work for him. In order to contain all the lives into one being, the spider uses a blind girl names Sora to be the shell. Appearance: Sarah: Tall, Thin, Long curly blonde hair, green eyes. Sora: Tall, Fit, Short messy red hair, changing eye color.

Kenshin- Hell Girl- Kenshin is Sora's assistant. Kenshin was sent to hell by Ai because of someone else's jealousy, but soon after escaped by walking through the fire. As he was escaping, he met Sora while she was working. Sora promised Kenshin he would not have to be drug back to hell as long as he helped her. Physical Appearance: Tall, Short wavy blonde hair, Blue eyes while alive, Red eyes after escaping.

Emi- S.A- Emi is ranked number ten at Hankaku. She loves animals and art. When her father, who was a famous Manga artist, lost his job, Emi became a target for rumors and teasing at the school. She works out a deal with the teachers to let her only attend class when there is a test, and she studies with the SA students. Physical Appearance: Shorter than all the other students, Thin, Long curly purple hair, Darker purple eyes (wears oval-framed glasses).

Kunani- Nabari No O- Kunani's name means beautiful (Hawaiian). Kunani is what Fuuma calls "the natural enemy of Nabari". She is a spirit seer, meaning she uses a potion that allows her to see earthbound spirits. The potion makes any girl who uses it very weak (only girls ever use the potion). She has to rely on her friends (living and dead) to protect her. Appearance: Small, Pale, Long wavy black hair, blue eyes.

Kit Hartnet -Black Cat- Kit is Train's older sister, whom he meets up with by chance while traveling alone. Kit and Train begin working as a sweeper team.- Physical Appearance: Tall, Strong, Long wavy brown hair (worn in pony tail), Gold eyes.

Saya- Clamp School Detectives- Saya is a mysterious transfer student to CLAMP High School. She says nothing about her past life, and seems to be afraid of any man who approaches her, including the gentle and popular student council president. Her extreme shyness in addition to her apparent physical handicap (she uses a cane to walk), captivates Nokoru and gives him a desire to know more about her.- Physical Appearance: Short, Thin, Long straight black hair, green eyes.

Miki- Clamp School Detectives- Miki lives on campus with Saya, and is believed to be her older sister. Miki is a university student.- Physical Appearance: Tall, Fit, Long straight black hair, green eyes.

Jun- Puella Magi Madoka Magica- After the loss of her sister at the hands of the invaders the Mahou Shoujo's fight, all Jun wants is to become one of them in order to fight, but there is a deeper wish within her heart that she does not realize.- Physical Appearance: Tall, Fit, Long straight white hair, Cream-colored eyes.

Eliza (Teddy)- Death Note- Teddy is L's childhood friend who joins the investigation when she fears that L might not be able to make the connection between Kira and Shinigami in time to save his own life.- Physical Appearance: Tall, Thin, Long curly red hair, Brown eyes.

(Just because I have an OC posted for a specific anime, doesn't mean I'll have a story written for them anytime soon, most likely because I don't have much of a plot to the story I have them in. :D Sorry.)

Most of my Yu-Gi-Oh stories are connected to each other and will have to be read in this order to make any sense:

Tragic Duel
Duel with the CEO (Kaiba vs. OC one-shot)
Bond of Friendship
A Day in the Sun (Bakura x OC one-shot)

They will be written and released in this order, and the events all relate to each other, so I recommend reading them in this order if you see that I already have multiple Yu-Gi-Oh stories posted, though since my Yu-Gi-Oh stories take so much more work to write they will be released very slowly.

MOST of my Fanfics will be from anime. I can't say all of them, but that is highly likely. Anyways here is a list of some of my favorite anime that I MAY be writing stories for. (These are the names they are listed as on this site; although I may sometimes refer to them as something different):

Ghost Hunt
Ashita no Nadja
Maid Sama!
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Angel Beats!
Clamp School Detectives
Hell Girl
Nabari no O
Rozen Maiden
Black Cat

Some of these I already have stories for, some of them I have stories planned, and some of them I likely have no ideas for a fanfic based on the show, but I they are my favorites. I'll welcome suggestions, but I will only use the ones I REALLY like.

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