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Hello everybody. I just got into Digimon a little over a year and a half ago, when I got bored playing around with my computer. I vaguely remembered it from my childhood, and having nothing better to do, I sat down and watched Adventure. I was quickly hooked, and now consider myself a genuine fanatic. I later watched Adventure 02, Tamers, Frontier, and Data Squad. Although all have their strong points, Adventure reigns supreme.

I admire Digimon for its interesting characters and plot, and am trying to display these accurately in my stories. My favorite characters are TK, Kari and Izzy, for their quiet strength, perfect innocence and intelligence respectively. My favorite pairing is Takari, because of the (in my opinion) overwhelming evidence for it, as well as the two canon couples, and Rukato in Tamers. I still can't decide whether I like a Mimi-Izzy or a Mimi-Joe better.

10/10/11: Holy crap, I think that I've gone insane as I've begun watching Frontier. I may be the only person who seems to like a Tommy/Zoe relationship (later on, of course).

Besides Digimon, I also enjoy Star Wars, The Wheel of Time, The Legend of Drizzt, Dungeons & Dragons, Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings. My hobbies include reading, watching TV and movies and playing video games.

Inspiration from another author has made me decide to give a little update/ info section for my stories. First of all, here's what you can expect for the future: My current story in progress, Digimon Adventure 3, will finally wrap up the Adventure saga in a satisfactory way (at least for myself, although I hope that everyone else gets a similar degree of enjoyment out of it). I'm not certain whether novelizations are allowed here so I likely won't be posting my novelizations of seasons 1,2 and 3; however, I will be posting a Tamers 2 at some point, but probably not in the near future. My final entry into the set will be a merging of Tamers and Adventure, although I need to request permission from another author to borrow a concept before I post that. However, don't be expecting these others anytime soon, as I have my hands full working on Adventure 3 right now. Now, here's the breakdown on my first piece of the saga, Digimon Adventure 3.

Digimon Adventure 3: This is going to be the story that I can claim full credit for, as all plot points have been engineered solely from my imagination. It is currently a work in progress, but I am attempting to update it on a fairly regular basis.

Characters: All main characters from the first two seasons will appear in this story. I'm not going to announce spoilers, but do expect several international digidestined to appear at some point. I have struggled hard to portray everyone as they are, so feel free to PM me if you feel that a character has been treated unfairly.

Plot: Here, I really don't want to spoil anything, so I'll try to stay with what's already been published. The World of Darkness has been growing more powerful, and four beings have emerged to rule it. They are mockeries of the Sovereign, and as such have been given the monicker "Anti-Sovereign". They will be a significant part of the story, but will not be major players until at least Part 2. In the meantime, they have brought back an old foe for the digidestined to deal with. As a hint, one of his minions, SkullSatamon, has already started causing trouble...

Genre: Expect a little bit of everything in this story. Action, Romance, Horror, and maybe a little bit of humor and mystery thrown in as well.

Feedback: As I repeatedly ask on all of my stories, please give me your views and opinions. If you have a account, PLEASE submit a review. If you don't have an account, just email me at

Goals: I recently viewed the goals of another author, and was inspired to make my own. These are some of my goals for this site.

1. Write an effective, satisfying conclusion to the Adventure Saga. (In Progress)

2. Connect the Tamers and Adventure storylines while at the same time explaining the original Digidestined. (future story idea)

3. Get 100 total reviews to my stories. (currently at 67)

4. Get 100 reviews to a single story. (current highest is 56)

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