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Name: ReinaBlaka

Age: censored

Gender: female

Location: Earth, duh

Date of Birth: March 4th

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Hi guys! I'm ReinaBlaka, nice to meet you all!! *bows respectfully*

I've started my crossover fic with Teddypro's Warriors Orochi: Dragon of Judgment. Due to school and many other recent things in my life, however, I haven't been able to work on any fanfics, but I am currently also developing story new ideas. Don't worry, I'll be coming back sooner or later!

Link to my deviantArt: http:///

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Da Li (妲丽)

Gender: Female

Age: 500 (appears to be 18)

Race: Huli Jing (Chinese fox demon)

Weapon: Teardrop Chakrams

Allegiance: Shu

Class: Elite Warrior

Abilities: Enhanced senses, reflexes, stealth and night vision, but apart from that nothing magical

Bio: A cheerful, perky individual, Da Li has a dark secret: she is the younger sister of Da Ji, a far more powerful and sinister fox demon who has caused much suffering among humans. In spite of this infamous family background, she is an innocent soul with no true will to harm anyone unless they threaten the saftey of her friends. Centuries of living in the wild have shaped her carefree personality and her belief that life never knows limits. People can trust her with their friendship, support and comfort, but maybe not their food...

Tamamo-no-Mae (玉藻前)

Gender: Female

Age: 1000 (appears to be 27)

Race: Kitsune

Weapon: Bladed Fan

Allegiance: The Mystics, but mostly herself

Class: Enchantress

Abilities: All kinds of magic--Elemental, Healing, Shape-shifting, Summoning, and Exorcism. Is also capable of appearing in dreams and using her Kitsune-bi (fox fire)

Bio: Everybody respects Tamamo, a nine-tailed vixen who is one of the most powerful enchantresses of her day. Not only is she beautiful, but her kindness and great knowledge are a source of solace for any person seeking help. She has been through much in her life, and hides much sorrow in her past; but she is a strong-willed woman determined to use her magic for good causes. She is motherly not only to her own children, but also to the various humans and demons struggling in just endeavors.

Youjahime (妖蛇姬)

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown, but likely ancient

Race: Technically a Mystic

Weapon(s): Magical spears and chains (prefers to go without any arms, though)

Allegiance: Herself (may align with any force out of favor or personal needs)

Class: Netherworld Entity

Abilities: Control of Netherworldly or arcane energies, Shapeshifting, speed, and flight; is also capable of appearing in dreams, realm crossing, realm weaving and memory-reading.

Bio: Mysterious, shadowy and unpredictable, Youjahime is a being to be feared. No-one knows of her true origin, but she is undoubtedly the ancestress to a large body of demons which include the Serpent King Orochi. Even Mystics are wary of her desires. Her kindness to humans is scarce, but if one can convince her she can prove to be the most valuable ally...

Future Short Stories:

The Lord of Meanies

Liu Bei finds himself inside a garrison where he meets a little girl named Himiko. He becomes absolutely flustered when she promptly calls him a "meanie". Can he ever speak the reason into her?

A Lord for Breakfast

Cao Cao is suddenly abducted by a Gyuki named Morion, and he intends to eat him for breakfast! Can the Hero of Chaos use his cunning to distract the demonic boar long enough for his subordinates to come and save him?

When a River Demoness Attacks

The warriors of Wu have always been great what will happen when they encounter a very hot river demoness who's supposed to be Orochi's niece? A hilarious oneshot in parody of the typical sea-serpent battles and mermaid stories found in folklore...set in the Orochiverse!

Major Future Stories:

Warriors Orochi: Strikeforce

Mugen the Oni is a wanderer, part-time monster hunter and street guy. Tenchu the Jorogumo is a professional entertainer, musician and weaver. One might think that they would never get along; but in a world full of human warriors, vicious werewolves and an organization of sorcerers hellbent on reviving a great evil to avenge the death of the Serpent King Orochi, they must rely on their friendship and the help of unexpected allies to survive...and save innocent lives before it is too late.

Nyan Orochi: Battle for the Universe

For centuries, two powerful cosmic entities--Nyan Cat and Tac Nayn--have battled across the Universe. By some chance they land in Orochi's twisted realm and lose most of their cosmic energy. Now trapped in their annoyingly cute diminished forms, can they regain their god-hood and finish the battle once and for all? Can Nyan Cat defeat the evil Tac Nayn with the help of the Humans?

Archived Ideas:

Much Ado about a Monkey

Ever since he created a HUGE ruckus in the Mystic Realm a thousand years ago, Sun Wukong has always been on the Mystics' Top 10 Most Wanted list. Now that he's earned a reputation as a servant of Kiyomori, he's in even BIGGER trouble--EVERY MAJOR MYSTIC is pissed off at him, and can't wait to get their revenge! Can he avoid their wrath and find a way to redeem himself?

Fox Fire Section


Fox Fire (妖狐之火)

Chapters: 3 (4 if you count the intro)

Words: 9,057

Published: 6-30-11

Updated: 7-21-11

Warriors Orochi: Judgement of Heaven (Crossover with Teddypro's WO: DoJ) (无双大蛇:天之判决)

Chapters: 5

Words: 26,516

Published: 12-22-11

Updated: 1-2-12

Main Characters:

Da Li (妲丽) -- The obscure younger sister of the fox demon Da Ji. She has been hiding and running from humans for pretty much her entire life, and knows almost nothing about their world. So she is totally unprepared when Liu Bei, the lord of the Shu kingdom, finds her in Koshi Castle and takes her back to Cheng Du. However, she knows that she has finally found a chance to rebuild her life and be a happy person, no matter how many challenges she will face. The whole story is narrated in her point of view, but she does not narrate the crossover. In the crossover she is a fully-fledged warrior who becomes one of Himiko's best friends. (First Appearance: Introduction, FF)

Liu Bei (刘备) -- The young lord of the Shu kingdom, brother to Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, and husband to Sun Shang Xiang. Having led his followers to victory against the Serpent King Orochi, he rides with them in Koshi Castle's ruins and unexpectedly discovers Da Li there. Taking pity on her, he makes the ultimate decision to adopt her and takes her back to Cheng Du with him. Da Li regards him as her hero, knowing that his presence will protect her. He appears in the upcoming crossover as a main friend and ally of Master Pànduàn (Teddypro's OC). (First Appearance: Out of the Dark, FF)

Zhao Yun (赵云) -- A young, valiant warrior serving as Liu Bei's right-hand man. When his lord discovers and adopts Da Li at Koshi Castle, he is given the task to take care of her for the time being. Quickly becoming very fond of her, he regards her as "cute" and enjoys his caretaking job. He is tied in a close relationship with Liu Bei, having saved his only son at the Battle of Chang Ban, but he doesn't seem to enjoy his lord's "bad jokes". He appears in the crossover as Da Li's warrior companion who invites Master Pànduàn (Teddypro's OC) with him to Shu. (First Appearance: Out of the Dark, FF)

Zhuge Liang (诸葛亮) -- A most renouned strategist serving under Liu Bei, often known as the "divinely inspired strategist" and "Sleeping Dragon". Calm and calculating, he is an intelligent man who can predict events in amazing accuracy and prepare in advance. As such, he is frequently described as a Mystic, and has earned the respect of many other strategists in the land. He shares a close relationship with his lord and is, like Zhao Yun, very loyal to him. He is the husband of Yue Ying and appears in the crossover. (First Appearance: WO: JoH, A Hero's Welcome)

Yue Ying (月英) -- The wife of the strategist, Zhuge Liang. Always calm and collected, she is an expert in mechanics and has invented the Juggernaut and other mechanical weapons. Zhuge Liang married her not for her beauty, but for her intellect and true skill. She constantly engages in friendly competition with her husband as they race to improve their inventions. She is also seen to be a friend of Xing Cai and often works with her. She appears in the crossover. (First Appearance: WO: JoH, A Hero's Welcome)

Zhang Fei(张飞) -- One of the two sworn brothers of Liu Bei and a fearsome general in the Shu army. Brave but brash, he is the first to hear--and locate--Da Li in Koshi Castle. Despite that, he does not take a liking to her, since he still bears a deep grudge towards her sister Da Ji for incarcerating his brother. However, once Liu Bei orders him to do--or not to do--something, he can do nothing to object. He is also the worrywart father of Xing Cai. He appears in the crossover. (First Appearance: Out of the Dark, FF)

Guan Yu (关羽) -- The second of the two sworn brothers of Liu Bei and a legend on the battlefield. He is the leader of Shu's famous Five Tiger Generals--of which Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun and Ma Chao are also members--and considered to be the mightiest of them all. Although not mentioned by name, he appears at Da Li's arrival in Cheng Du, to which the curious fox playfully pulls on his famous beard. By Shu tradition, a warrior wishing to become an honored elite officer in the army must face him in a duel to prove himself/herself worthy. He appears in the crossover.(First Appearance: Arrival in Cheng Du, FF)

Sun Shang Xiang (孙尚香) -- The youngest of the children of the Wu warlord Sun Jian, younger sister of Sun Ce and Sun Quan, and wife to Liu Bei. She is a tomboyish maiden who loves to fight on the battlefield, often following and protecting her lord. Although not mentioned by name, she appears at Da Li's arrival in Cheng Du and is the first to notice her presence. She leads a guard of trained handmaiden guards, and is also appointed as Da Li's mentor by her lord. She appears in the crossover. (First Appearance: Arrival in Cheng Du, FF)

Minor Characters (Some may be moved to the Main Characters section):

Xing Cai (星彩) -- The daughter of Zhang Fei and a warrior protective of her values. Largely unlike her father, however, she displays a softer side and takes a liking to Da Li, despite her weapon being scary to the young vixen. Often participating on escort missions, she is greatly treasured by Zhang Fei, who is a worrywart over her saftey. She also appears in the upcoming crossover. (First Appearance: Arrival in Cheng Du, FF)

Guan Ping (关平) -- The eldest son of Guan Yu. He is a confident warrior who strives to follow in his father's footsteps and become a great warrior like him. Unlike his younger brother he is more of a serious person. He shares a special relationship with Xing Cai, whom he had been friends with since childhood. He appears in the crossover and is assigned by his father to protect Himiko should she be isolated from her mate. (First Appearance: A Coming Storm, WO: JoH)

Guan Suo (关索) -- The youngest son of Guan Yu and brother to Guan Ping. Like his older brother he aims to be a spitting image of his father, but he sometimes worries about his progress. He has a much more casual personality, and for some reason he sparks a certain amount of annoyance among people. He appears in the crossover where he is assigned by his father to protect Himiko if she was seperated from her mate. (First Appearance: A Coming Storm, WO: JoH)

Bao Sanniang (鲍三娘) -- A young, tomboyish maiden who is the mate of Guan Suo. Rather cat-like and out-going, she follows Guan Suo everywhere and often likes to hang out with Liu Bei, as the ruler had allowed her a place in Shu beside her companion. Her cat-like behavior and her speech often annoys the people around her. She appears in the crossover. (First Appearance: First Strike, WO: JoH)

Ma Chao (马超) -- A fighter for Justice and a Tiger General along with Zhao Yun, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. A good friend of Zhao Yun's, he takes interest in his comrade's caretaking business. It was said that he joined Shu after a day-long duel with Zhang Fei. He will be making an appearance in the upcoming crossover. (First Appearance: Arrival in Cheng Du, FF)

Wei Yan (魏延) -- A barbaric warrior in the Shu army. Although marred with a nasty appearance and caveman speech, he is nevertheless a kind-hearted man striving to show his worth. Increasingly fond of Liu Bei, he is fiercely loyal to him and would never balk at the chance to protect him. In turn, the young lord seems to be the only person who truly understands his nature, and is the only one who can tame him when he goes on a rampage. He will appear in the upcoming crossover. (First Appearance: Arrival in Cheng Du, FF)

Li Hua (梨花) -- One of the main members of Sun Shang Xiang's handmaiden guard along with Mei Li. She is outgoing and proud, and is well-liked among her friends. When her lady is busy, she usually takes over the role as leader. She appears in the crossover. (First Appearance: A Hero's Welcome, WO: JoH)

Mei Li (梅丽) -- One of the main members of Sun Shang Xiang's handmaiden guard along with Li Hua. In contrast to Li Hua, she is shy and more of an introvert, but she is still a good fighter and won't hesitate to fight for her lady's saftey. She lost her right eye to a wolf attack when she was little. She appears in the crossover. (First Appearance: WO: JoH, A Hero's Welcome)

Xi He (羲和) -- One of the members of Sun Shang Xiang's handmaiden guard. Hailing from Nanman, she is a tough maiden with great strength, but is often misunderstood to be barbarian or rough. She appears in the crossover. (First Appearance: WO: JoH, A Hero's Welcome)

Sanada Shizuka (真田静香) -- One of the members of Sun Shang Xiang's handmaiden guard and the only Japanese in the group. She followed and aided Sun Shang Xiang after the Great Merging and eventually joined her cause. She is a distant relative of Sanada Yukimura and has the skills of a kunoichi. She appears in the crossover. (First Appearance: WO: JoH, A Hero's Welcome)

Liu Yin and Liu Yang (刘阴 与 刘阳) --Twin sisters related to Liu Bei. They originally lived with him, but were captured by Wei forces at the Battle of Chang Ban. They were later returned to him by Cao Cao after the Orochi Wars, and have joined Sun Shang Xiang's handmaiden guard to learn to defend themselves. They are very close and often finish each other's sentences. They appear in the crossover. (First Appearance: WO: JoH, A Hero's Welcome)

More major characters will be added to this list as the story progresses.


1. Da Li is arguably the oldest character to date--although she looks and acts like a teenage girl, she is in fact 500 years old.

2. Da Li is also the only character thus far to exhibit inhuman animal-like traits.

3. Sanada Shizuka is the only Japanese member of the handmaiden guard; she is also the first Japanese character to be featured.

4. Liu Yin and Liu Yang are actually based off real, historical daughters of Liu Bei who were captured at the Battle of Chang Ban by the Wei forces.

5. All Dynasty Warriors 7 characters making an appearance use their DW7: Xtreme Legends alternate outfits, with the exception of Guo Jia and Cai Wenji.

6. Xi He is named for the archaic Chinese sun goddess of the same name, who, according to legend, drove the sun across the sky each day in a chariot.

7. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a real festival celebrated by the Chinese people. The legend that comes with it is also a real tale from Chinese folklore.

8. Mei Li is revealed to have a crush on Pànduàn in Chapter 4 of the crossover.

9. It is unknown how Himiko deduced that Mei Li was courting Pànduàn just by looking at the flowers in Guan Suo's hair in Chapter 4 of the crossover; however, it may be a common ability among Mystics and their descendants. It could be a sign that Himiko is starting to gain the traits of her ancestors.

10. Himiko's ancestors may have been the Kami, or Japanese Mystics. She may be a direct descendant of the most powerful of them, Amaterasu, and it is hypothesized in real history that she may have been Amaterasu's equivalent.

11. Red Hare, Guan Yu's steed, was said to have been able to gallop 1000 li (or leagues) in a day.

12. Liu Bei's ancestors were the emperors of the Han dynasty, who ruled from 206 B.C to 220 A.D. He was descended from one of the royal princes and often mentions his ancestry when introducing himself.

14. While he seems to possess only one sword, Liu Bei is actually a wielder of dual swords. He hides his second blade somewhere on his belt and only draws it out for dire situations or for more effective fighting.

15. A scene was planned for Chapter 4 of the crossover involving Himiko's anger over Mei Li's advances, but was omitted because it was inappropriate and violent.

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