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Hey. So I guess I'm doing this stuff again. Talk about your hiatus hey? I just need to go and Find myself...

Okay that's bull. School started to hit me square in the face and part of me was literally so overworked I could die, and part of me is SUPER lazy. So yes. If you haven't heard from me in a while, I'm not dead, I'm just...


So. Some basic (Updated) things about me.

Name: Sara. Still all I'm going by. Yay internet safety!


I'm sorry, but can we please take a moment to appreciate?

HIGH SCHOOL IS OVER OMG NO MORE UPPITY BITCHES AND OVERBEARING, PATRONIZING, ARROGANT AND CONDESCENDING CHEMISTRY TEACHERS!! (Seriously, I hated my chem teacher, so I'm going to pull the mature thing here, and just anonymously make fun of him on the internet.)

So yeah, age? I'm 17. Haha.

I live in Canada, specifically in Alberta where our High School curriculum is supposed to be one of the most difficult in the English speaking world, beat out only by like, Denmark and Sweden.

Or so they tell us. I have no way to verify this. I only mention it because I feel like it validates my reasoning for not touching my Fanfiction account in over a year...


I used to like Glee, up until like, 7 episodes ago. I then abandoned ship, left it to the wilds, I don't care any more because seriously? Who wrote this?! TINA?!

I binge watch Orange is the New Black like it's a goddamn religion. It's actually a little bit of a problem, and my mother is going to be PISSED when she sees our internet bill...

Which, me being online, typing this profile, isn't really helping the situation much, in hindsight.

I'm starting to watch Orphan Black, I'm like almost done Season One. So you can talk to me about that, but so help me God, if you reveal any spoilers I WILL FIND YOU. I have some internet techy friends, they'll help.

Uhm, I like to read (Obviously) But mostly like, classic novels. So if you wanna PM me for some hard core discussion about the feminist themes described in Jane Eyre from a victorian perspective, I'm you're bitch :3

Because I can't, I CAN'T read another teenage romance story about Mysterious Boy comes to town, falls for designated Dorky Girl With Spunk, but he has a Dark Secret and mythical monsters are trying to kill them all.

Seriously? No. (WHO WROTE THIS, TINA?!?)

And I love me some music. Right now, I have to say some of my fave bands are Love Robot, PVRIS, Crown the

I've been listening to a lot of Banks? Some Demi Lovato, I've probably listened to the new Paramore album more than the actual band has... If you've never heard of some of these artists though, I highly suggest you look them up. Because hot damn. Alexa San Roman can marry me right about now. That would be super great.

And I also play like.

A gazillion instruments. So yeah.

Don't be afraid to PM me, I like strangers, I don't bite unless you ask politely. I'm going to be reworking In Balance, so that I can actually finish it. I kinda wrote myself into a corner, but I know where I wanna go with it now, so be aware of new stuff there.

And Terrible Things I will rework as well because...

Well, it's kinda terrible.

And be aware of some one shots coming you're way because they're short, and they really capture my attention effectively because my though pattern is rather scattered and yeah so...

You can also find me on Tumblr where I post some fandomy things, but I'll start utilizing it as a forum? Almost? Just so you know, you can ask me questions about shit, and I can do my best to answer them because I'm a fool.

So... Yeah!

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In Balance reviews
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