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Annyeong my lovely viewers, it's KuroDarkness20! Yes, you heard me right, I'm back as KuroDarkness but with a 20 cause I'm 20 years of ago now! I've been on Fanfiction for nearly 5 years now and maaan... time flies so fast, doesn't it?

I've been reading fiction stories on this website since 2010 and I want to create stories of my own

My gender: Female

Race: Africian-American

Age: 20(Yeah..I'm an adult somehow)

Birthday: Aug 20

OC's: Veara (Main OC)

Sespiria (Veara's Spiritual Form)

Roughine (Veara's Dark Form)

Ikus & Tasia (twins daughters of Ike and Samus)

Spiris (Kingdom Hearts OC)

Spirine (male version of Spiris)

Jazz (Final Fantasy OC)

Sephora (Fire Werewolf)

Serene (Ice Werewolf)

Renah (cousin of Reno)

Lyrix (Emo Hybrid)

My fave characters:

Pit (Always and will)






Yoshi (YOSHI!)

Cloud (MY HERO)



Reno (Love him)



Riku (MY BABY)

Ventus (So adorable)


I hope users will read my stories online and review them

I love video games and I always have ever since I was young. Here are my fave games

•..••:•.••.. • 想你 想你 想你 想你 想你 想你想见你 想你 想你 想你 想你 想你 想你 想你 想你 想你 想你 想你 想你 想你想见你 想你 想你 想你 想你 想你 想你 想你 想你 想你 想你想 想你 想你想见你 想你想你 想你 想你 想你想见你 * •..••:•.••.. •

My fave games

Smash Bros., Fire Emblem, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy VII & Kingdom Hearts

For best couples in Smash Bros.:

IkexSamus:If you think these think these couple are the best, your the best

LinkxZelda:I was thinkin that maybe Dark LinkxZelda would be a better couple as we all know that these two are always a couple

MarthxPeach:I don't see PitxPeach as a couple, and further more, I don't like Peach. No literlity, I don't like her. But her and Marth are a good couple

RoyxPit:With a lil more yaoi and a lil more fun, I say these couple are soooo awwwsome

For best couples in Fire Emblem:

MarthxRoy:People say that there's a whole lot of yaoi with these two

For best couples legend of Zelda:

LinkxZelda:How many people have wrote stories about these two

Dark LinkxZelda:I now this is a couple I can handle and write stories about

Fave People in Super Smash Bros.

Pit:He is soooo hot and soooo cute at the same time

Samus:Love her in her zero suit, but I gotta admit, she's a tough one

Ike:I'm starting think that he's the hottest of them all

Marth:I thought that tiara on his head was just a headband, but I didn't know he was a prince, but I still love him

Zelda/Sheik:Doesn't matter to me she's still awsome and much better than Peach

Link:Maybe I should try him, though I'd never played him before

Fave People in Fire Emblem

Ike:One of the best players in the game, and is sooooo hot

Marth:I thought he was a girl at first but he is cute

Roy:If was in ssbb then he still would've been cute

Soren:Why do people think that him and Ike are a better couple

Mist:Ike's lil sister... awwwwww so cute

Titania:You know... the redhead one, yeah I like her too

Fave people in Legend of Zelda

Link:The hero of time, and the hottest around

Zelda/sheik:Like them both and could fight real good

Toon Link:Awwww Link's lil bro, so cute

Young Link:awwww Link's other lil bro and still cute

Dark Link:And again, sooooo hot

I will be writing stories about some of them if I can.

But I also want people to review so I can see if you enjoyed it or not. If not, then that's okay.

Alright now that you've visit my profile and all, I just want to say thanks to all you authors out there who have supported me and I want to thank Fanfiction welcoming me in to this website. I hope I have great time uploading stories for people.

Thank you so much ya'll


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