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"She's ordinary. The kind of beautifully dangerous ordinary that you just can't seem to leave alone. Like a angel from the underworld. Or a devil from paradise."


Welcome to the incredibly morbid and dark place known as... my mind. -insert Twilight Zone theme here- As you can see, I am... what?

...Oh, so you can't see. -turns on the lights- There, better?

Alright, as you can NOW see, I am Jigoku Tenshi. Shadow youkai, voice of reason, guiding spirit of a teenage Otaku-girl from Columbus, Ohio. Hai, sounds fascinating doesn't it? Well its not all that bad, I get a few good laughs in every once in a while, there's ALWAYS good food about, and her friends and their guardian spirits aren't that bad... except Ryuukai... real pain in the ass that one. _ _''

Alright, before I give you the "guided tour" I should probably tell you more about myself. As I said I am Jigoku Tenshi, JT for short. I am half Cetra, and half Dragon youkai. But for some strange reason I turned out having power of darkness, rather than just one or the other. I have two half sisters: Jigoku Hime (JH), my father's daughter and a full-blooded Dragon youkai; and Jigoku Hikari (a half Cetra, half inuyoukai) my mother's first child who was just recently brought back into the family, hence the last name. She's older than me, but acts (and looks) about the same age as JH. -sigh- Therefore I still refer to her as "Imouto-chan". The nigens we have been sent to guide are all best-friends so we see each other often.

Enough about me, now for the "guided tour". The first thing I'd like to point out is that. -points to a faint white light in the distance- THAT is the mind of my nigen counterpart. It's a very happy place, and also very creative. It's there that the bones of the stories we write come from. I just put in the fine details and such.

...It is also there that her endless knowledge of anime/manga is stored. Characters' names/descriptions/attitudes/ you name it, its there. It can come in handy every so often.

Oh, see that little blue light off to the left? -points- That my oh-so-reluctant-guest was PLANTED into her mind since before her birth. Nearly every lyric/song title/album that Bon Jovi ever made is stored there. Aa, her mother put it there. Brainwashed her I'm afraid. Moving on!

... -sighs- My nigen counterpart wishes me to show you this. -opens door to a brightly lit library-

THIS is the archives. Every memory, idea, favorite possesion, etc. is stored here. Have a look. Just make sure that you put everything back where you find it, neither of use like having an unorganized mind when we're trying to write. Call me when you wish to leave. --

 Otaku Mulitple Personalities United(OMPU) "Members List":

Jigoku Tenshi: Hmm... guess I should start with my own "spirit". I call her JT, 'cuz saying her full name gets annoying and calling her "Tenshi" is going to get me decapitated. ^^''' Yeah, she's a bit moody. To strangers she's your typical cold and ruthless soldier. Yes I said soldier. It's quite obvious she was in some sort of army at one point. But she's really not that bad once you get to know her. She's very kind to both me and her sisters... as well as my friends and their "spirits". Except Adam and Ryuukai... she just loves to provoke them.

Jigoku Hime: Jamie's "spirit". JH is the younger sister of JT. She's very nice and looks up to JT... your typical younger sister type. She can be a bit devious at some points, but that just JH for ya.

Jigoku Hikari: Susan's "spirit". Hmmm... guess you'd call her the "misfit" of the family. She's older than JT but acts and looks as young as JH. She's wild, a bit on the clinically insane side, but we love her anyway! She very loyal, and there for a good laugh whenever someone needs it. She absolutely loves to make people laugh. Getting her angry is hard, but if you manage to do it, RUN as fast as you can.

Ryuuyoukai: "Spirit" of Adam, "Ryuukai" for short. Full blooded drgaon youkai, origins and age unknown. Not much is known about Ryuukai, other than the obvious and the fact that Hikari is head-over-heels in love with him. He can be a bit cocky and arrogant at times, but he likes a laugh as much as the next person...er, youkai. JT believes him to be the all around baka of us all.

Crystal/ Ashley Phoenix: Britt's "spirit". A pretty little princess with a split personality. Crystal is the sweetest little thing, always kind and nice. But watch out when she changes! Ashley is the total opposite of Crystal in every way possible! She's snappy, a little cold, sinister... JT and Ashley get along really well... gee wonder why... _ _''' I once asked Britt if Ashley ever smiled, and she said: "If she does, run." Nuff said.

Sakka: The soccer loving "spirit" of Julie. No one can fully tell the difference between Julie and her spirit because they're so alike! Both absolutely love soccer, and both are kind and innocent. Though Sakka's slightly more agressive and less naive... she says the best strees relief is to imagine her soccer ball as someone's head. ^^

Katsura: Next up would have to be Katsura, "spirit" of Lauren. This neko-girl is true to her cat nature. Seemingly innocent, but crafty and cunning. She's a very strong and stubborn being, so trying to prove her wrong isn't exactly a walk in the park. She head over heels (sometimes I think it's worse that Hikari and Ryuukai) in love with Unmei... -sigh- romance... blech.

Unmei: Ah yes, Charles' "spirit". Actually... Unmei doesn't HAVE a name, I just call him Unmei to get on his nerves. Hee hee...or... at least I don't think he has a name... (JT: Of course he has a name... you little ones just don't know it!) WHAT?! Gr... not fair. Anyway, Unmei -glares at JT- is a fire youkai and a BIG time pyromaniac... seriously... don't give him a match if you know what's good for you. He's got a REAL explosive temper too... sometimes we wonder if Britt's not the only one with a "spirit" that has a split personality. All in all he's pretty nive though, as long as you don't piss him off.

Now it's time for my top favorite anime/mangas:

1). Hellsing (Gun fights, vampires...and what other anime/manga has blessed pie-servers and silver dental floss as character weapons?)

2). Inu-Yasha (Youkai, mikos, humor, blood, and more bishounen than you can count!)

3). Yu Yu Hakusho (Throw in two parts street punk, two parts youkai, one part supernatural, and you have one of the best animes around!)

4). Trigun (A feared killer that's not at all fearsome! Mishaps, humor, and gun fights galore!)

5). Rurouni Kenshin (Take Trigun without the guns, put in some swords and ninjas, and you have a samurai-era sensation!)

6). Samurai Deeper Kyo (Manga only. The anime's kinda confusing.)

7). Demon Diary (Manga only. Try taking an overly innocent teenage boy. THEN try turning him into a feared Demon Lord. Nuff said.)

8). Yu-Gi-OH! (Kinda sad, but true. The only thing I feel is truely 'dorky' are the cards that sell in stores! I'll never recover after Pokemon... I mean: Ancient Egyptian spirits, split personalities, bishounen around every corner... what's not to like?!)

9). Shaman King (Take Pokemon, rip out the little animals, replace them with ghosts, give them much better characters, an actual PLOT, and you get the fun-filled adventures of Shaman King!)

Favorite games?

1). Kingdom Hearts (strange weapons, strange enemies...just generally pretty strange.)

2). All Final Fantasy games (Geez, don't even get me started.)

3). Legend of Dragoon (Dragons... its all about the dragons.)

4). Brave Fencer Musashi (another SquareEnix masterpiece)

5). Jak and Daxter/ Jak 2 (Elves, ottsels... need I say more?)

 Anyone wanna know my favorite bishounen?

1). Vladimir Drakulya Tepes AKA Alucard (Hellsing; the real life Dracula with a twist.)

2). Sesshoumaru (Inuyasha; Need I HAVE to explain?!)

3). Eclipse (Demon Diary; One of the most feared demons reduced to a "baby-sitter".)

4).Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy 7; Take one handsome assassin, run experiments on him, make him virtually ageless, put four bloodthirsty demons in his head, lock him in a coffin for 30 years, and you get this guy.)

5). Sephiroth (Final Fantasy 7; Undeniably the best video game villain of all time. Hot, psychotic, kick ass, strong, tortured, hot, a tad misunderstood, hot... need I say more?)

6). Demon Lord Raenef the IV (Demon Diary; One of the strongest and evillest demons of his time.)

7).Shinomori Aoshi (Rurouni Kenshin; A psychiatrist would have a field day with this guy.)

8).Reno (Final Fantasy 7; Kick ass drunkard assassin...nuff said.)

9).Asakura Hao (Shaman King; Possibly one of the people you'd least expect to be an evil twin.)

10). Kaiba Seto (Yu-Gi-OH!; Hmmm... cute, ablsolutely adorable at points... but has one serious attitude problem.)

11).Yukishiro Enishi (Rurouni Kenshin; Vengful pyshco... but I love him anyways! ^_~)

12). THE Yami (Yu-Gi-OH!; Ancient Egyptian Pharoh "reborn", amnesiac, sexy voice... ^^ er.. right.)

13). Priest Mahaado (Yu-Gi-OH!; I always thought the Dark Magician was cute... then they told me he was actually alive at one point!)

14). Tao Ren (Shaman King; Power hungry, egotical... that's Ren for ya.)

Favorite Pairings?

Yaoi/Shounen-ai pairings: (boy/boy) (in random order)






Seto/Jou (Joey)


Raenef (the 5th)/Eclipse



Bakura/Ryou/Mariku/Malik (The works of Chibi B-channie have reshaped my life.)


Het pairings: (boy/girl) (in random order)






Alucard/Integra (AxI FOREVER!)

Alucard/Seras (on rare occasion)



Quotes anyone? "

Me: Come on Britt! You can hurry up and help me finish this puzzle.

Britt: Umm, I have this thing with puzzles... I kinda don't leave until I get done with it.

Me: Oh, it'll be fine!

3 AM* Britt: Uhh...Kris? Remember what I said about puzzles?

Me: Oh shut up... _ _''" ~Note to self... never offer Britt a puzzle ever again.

"After watching many hours of Yu-Gi-OH while on a caffeine rush... I have concluded that I have memorized the dub theme song ... and Yami Yugi has a stuttering problem..." ~Susan XD

"I curse you." ~Susan, after she discovered I had turned her into a yaoi fan.


Susan: I think she finished those Hellsing mangas you bought today.

Me: Ya think?" ~Hellsing has to be one of the most creative mangas I've ever read.

"Jamie: Ooooo... I like him...

Me: News Flash: We've found the villian.

Jamie: SHUT UP! It's not my fault that every anime/game/manga character I start to like turns out to be the villain!" ~My dear sister has this uncanny ability to fall head-over-heels in love with the evil bishounens. XDDD

"Damnit I made him sexy." ~Heh, yours truely. I was drawing a simple five minute sketch of Ryuukai when I suddenly realized that I made him look sexy damnit! >


Guardian of Keys: Chapter 4 CHAPTER 5 IN TYPING PROCESS

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