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Alex Lee Rankin, is an online pen-name of Robert Henderson. For a while it wasn't possible for me to reveal that fact due to certain data protection issies surrounding my work, but now it's all peachy. I work long hours and love my job, but part of it involves long nights of complete boredom. Perfect time then to get the laptop out and write Doctor Who stories.

Besides my writing, I've a great love of picture art - making as well as appreciating - and I do a great deal of photography and photomanipulation as well as sketching and drawing. Yes, a lot of it is Doctor Who. Feel free to go and check it out at if you're interested. Also I like to write poems and songs (but these are not Doctor Who or fanfiction related, so you won't find them here).

Musically I'm interested in many styles and my taste is diverse. My favourite musical genre however is rock, and I've a great affection for the likes of the Rolling Stones, the Who, David Bowie, Queen, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, the Cure and Judas Priest among others.


I took up reading as a serious concern when I was five, and writing at eight, and I've been doing it ever since. I love so many books and so many authors, from grand old classics such as the works of R L Stevenson, Oscar Wilde and H G Wells to the modern talents of the likes of Ian Rankin, Simon Kernick and Iain M Banks. I am also a lover of Shakespeare (and what self-respecting logomaniac isn't?).

I've a Master's Degree in English, which I chose to take purely and exclusively because of my love of the language. It isn't the only language I speak; puhun suomea paljon hyvin

Favourite classic book: Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Other Stories - R L Stevenson

Favourite modern book: Mortal Causes - Ian Rankin


I've been a Doctor Who fan all my life. My dad has always been interested in sci-fi and he was a child when Doctor Who first began in 1963. Prior to the series' inception he'd enjoyed such series as Out of the Unknown and Pathfinders as well as the works of Gerry Anderson and many offerings from the US, and the thought of a new SF series on the BBC appealed to him, so he reserved TV time after a wrangle with his siblings to be sure of watching. He was hooked less than ten minutes into the first episode, An Unearthly Child - the famous 'beginning' of the Doctor Who phenomenon. His fandom sustained and endured throughout his adolescence and adulthood and was bestowed upon me through hours of paternal bonding when I was very young. I am considered to be something of an expert on the Classic series.

Sadly I am disenchanted with the new series. The storylines are ludicrous, the characters silly and the humour both puerile and far too heavily sprinkled. There was a time when Doctor Who was violent and scary, and the new producers have snatched away that fear factor and replaced it with... what? Fart jokes and snogging. Frankly I'm just not impressed. I am impressed, however, with many of the fabulous Doctor Who audio dramas available from Big finish Productions and recommend them with a full heart to everyone who feels bummed by the new series.

Despite some excellent performances from Classic Doctors Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy, on audio one-time-only TV Doctor (no.8) Paul McGann is king, and even though I had little reason to respect the Eighth Doctor before the advent of audio he has certainly gained my respect and affection since. I write for all of the Classic Doctors, but more Eighth than any other. I never stray near to the new series Doctors because I feel that the new series isn't really Doctor Who at all and therefore do not accept Eccleston, Tennant or Smith as canon.


I'd love feedback if you've time, so if you read, please comment - even if it's just to pull me up where you think I wasn't quite right. Every comment, be it positive or negative, helps me develop my skills as a writer. I'll also be glad to give reviews when I read a story, whether I like the story or not!


I'm a great supporter of the Classic series format and feel that the new series is poorer for its abolition. Fast pacing is all very well for impatient, short-attention-spanned kids, but we adults would rather have a story we can get our teeth into, right? So the longer, more drawn-out format of four or more episodes to a story at a rate of one episode a week is the way forward in my view. For that reason, when I post a new story there will be one episode, and all others will follow at weekly intervals on the same day of the week that the first episode was posted until the story is finished. To make sure I can stick to that promise, the writing and editing of all of my stories will be completely complete, the stories finished in their entirety, before any 'Episode One' is posted and the remainder will simply be held in reserve for its weekly launch.


Somewhere above I mentioned my annoyance at the demise of Doctor Who's fear factor. This is reflected in my fanfiction, so if you're squeamish it's not for you. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy it!

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