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Author has written 3 stories for Tokyo Mew Mew, and Vampire Knight.

I am a fifteen year old girl.

I looooove anime!

the animes I love are tokyo mew mew, inuyasha, and vampire knight

my fav things to eat are carrets(how eva you spell it) pizza, ramen, spagatti, and anything vegitarian.

I have a dog (golden retriver)

I (had) like ten gold fish that all died (R.I.P bubble, and rainy, and cosmo, and the others names that I forgot)

fav tokyo mew mew characters are kish and ichigo

fav inuyasha charaters are Sango, kagome, and our Inuyasha.

fav vampire knight charater is yuki!

fav subjet in hall :)

fav animals are pandas, cats and deer

I love the colors pink and red

my deviantart account if you would like to check out my drawings at

favorite bugs are fireflies (lightning bug) butterflies

love to read manga!

also watch anime duuhhhh!

hobbies: go outside and shoot with my bow and arrow. and climb trees. and also just run around like theres no tomorrow!!!!

fav disney moves anything to do with tink!, and all the princess movies, lady and the Tramp!

fav time of day...or night 11:11...make a wish!

and cant wait to start writing stories...KISHIGO!!

I love to eat strawberrys, cherrys, and peaches, and also kiwi! yum! all kinds of fruit XD

the first cartoon/anime i watched was pokemon then avatar the last airbender then teen titans then vampire knight, inuyasha, tokyo mew mew, and others like that.

I love snow

im into vocaloid. my favorite vocaloid is miku (of course ) and my favorute sonf by her is probably deep sea girl.

and I love japanese candy (strawberry gummies, pocky, more pocky)

I like ramune!

and I love kisshu with all of my heart

and yet again kishigo

you know your obsessed with tokyo mew mew when you...

1) know the begining and ending theme songs by heart.

2) when ever someone says something about an alien you think of Kisshu.

3) when you see a black cat on the street you think of ichigo.

4) you know Kisshu's last name. (Ikisatashi)

5) you know that Kisshu is adopted.

6) go through withdraw from not being able to go on your computer to watch tokyo mew mew within a day. (or hour)

7) you've read each manga chapter at least 9 times.

8) you yell at people who say dren instead of Kisshu.

9) you can't stand the english dubbed.

10) you hate masaya with a burning passion. (if your a kishigo fan, but i dont hate him so much anymore)

11) you think Ichigo is stupid for not going with Kisshu.

12) you cried when the series ended.

13) you cried when Kisshu died.(and then came back to life)

14) your manga book is your most valuable possetion.

15) you want the cosplay with all your heart.

16) want all the figures and cosplay items. (I know I do _)

17) you have a few tmm rare items. (cards, figures ect...)

18) you love all the characters.

19) think the filler episodes are moe.

20) tryed to make your own mew mew at one point.

check out my mew pudding drawing?

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