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Author has written 15 stories for Joker/Clover/Heart no Kuni no Alice, Kuroshitsuji, and Adventure Time with Finn and Jake.

Name:Nyanko ;Kirara

Age:13; 14

Birthday:May 5, 1999; December 24, 1998

Blood Type:?; AB

Address:1234 Wonderland Ave Joker, Wonderland

Fav J/C/HnKnA Characters:Black Joker, White Joker, Boris, Dee, Dum, Pierce, Ace, and Gray (sometimes Blood)

My profile picture is courtesy of this beauty lady. Thanks waifu

--Heaven's Pawn's Message--

No. Fuck you, I stayed up all night to finish that shit. =A=

Likes:Cute/girly things, small animals, sweets, anything besides my dislikes

Dislikes:Insects, spiders, thunder/lighting, being called a kid or child, and... other things?

How Cute are you?


[ ] = You have blue/green eyes

[x] = You blush a lot

[x] = You giggle

[x] = You're quiet

[x] = You say random silly things

[x] = You have a baby face

[x] = You wear a more down to earth style of clothing

[x] = You don't wear halter tops or anything too showy

[x] = You're under 5 feet 6 inches tall



[x] = You're a virgin

[x] = Just thinking of sexual things makes you blush

[x] = Your idea of a date is really romantic

[x] = You sleep with a stuffed animal

[x] = You like to cuddle

[x] = You've never played the Nervous game

[x] = You don't even know what the nervous game is



[x] = You like the color pink

[x] = You tend to wear bright/girly colors



[x] = You can be ignorant/oblivious

[x] = You'd consider yourself shy

[x] = You like happy upbeat music

[x] = You like "Cutesy" music (What counts as "cutesy" music? o_o)


What YOU think is cute:

[x] = You like small animals

[x] = You like babies a lot.

[x] = Small/mini versions of things make you go "Awww"

Multiply how many you got by 4

I'm 96% cute :3 Of course I am... -Lexi


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Yukairi Aoi


Birthday:Yet to be Discovered

Blood Type:O-

Yukairi is an otaku, who became a hikikomori after her parents' death when she was 5. She is fond of anime and manga, much to the point her room in her mansion is filled with anime posters, pillows, etc. She also has a library full of manga, with an exceptional section of normal books. She has the tendencies to be violent and aggressive towards others at first, but as soon as she gets to know them, she shows them her warm side, though, this may be invalid due to the fact she acts cold towards her butler Haruko, maid Elaine, and older brother Yuji. She has a soft spot for cute and girly things, but won't admit it to certain people. She had a crush on Boris, and was excited to be able to go out with him, but decided to break up with him because she felt there are hearts out there who don't get loved much (Dee, Dum, and Jokers). Although she is small and fragile looking, she actually is powerful enough to defeat a group of delinquents with just her bare hands. She has a secret diary which she keeps under her pillow, and writes in it every day. In Wonderland, she is a well known doujinshi writer, known as Lolinya.She is a bit clumsy at times, and jumps to conclusions a lot. Unusually enough, she tends to drink alcohol, causing her to become flustered and become perverted. Although she herself fights, she hates violence and at any sight of blood, she will faint. Her weaknesses are crepes, which she can't get enough of after White Joker treats her to some. She works as Dee and Dum's personal maid, but she also works at the Cosplay Cafe in the shopping district. She also works at a daycare sometimes to get extra money, though Blood does pay her a large portion of money. She buys a lot of anime related items almost every month for her room, and rarely buys clothes unless she's somewhere near a clothing shop. Some people in Wonderland recognize her as the internet idol Yukiko Akane, and describe her as "the loli-est person in the world" due to her talent of being able to act moe, tsundere, tsunshun, kudere, yandere, etc. She secretly had a crush on Haruko, and states she still loves him, and seems to have some sort of forbidden relationship with her brother. She is clumsy, airheaded, a hotheat, and is one to make rude remarks without meaning it. Although usually acts like one, she dislikes being called a tsundere, kid, or child.


Yukairi has waist length blonde, curly hair, and blue eyes. She has small limbs, and her hands barely go past her head. Most of her clothing has to be customized to fit her. She wears various types of underwear, ranging from striped underwear, to lace underwear. Her breasts are exceptionally normal sized, though most characters comment on them as "flat as a cardboard box".

Three familiar running gags are:

1)Yukairi always ends up giving panty shots

2)Someone always comments on her breast size or short/small stature

3)She always ends up either falling, getting hurt, or bumping into someone

Merry Abadeer


Blood Type:...

Merry is the melancholic, calm, and bookworm little sister of Marceline. She is quite boring, as she says about herself, however, after spending a week with Finn and Jake, she becomes more open and adventurous, causing her and Marceline's sister relationship to become much better, allowing them to bond more. She has a slight crush on Finn, but when they travel to the parallel universe (Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake) she become attracted to Marshall Lee, even though he's the gender-bent version of Marceline, and Prince Gumball. She wears a lot of red and black clothes, occasionally grey and/or white. She is quite intelligent for her age due to her love of reading books, which she still does. She has an actual set age, because she is not yet a vampire, and must wait until she is 16 to become one due to her family traditions, though she still possesses the magical powers Marceline and her father have. She has a fear of heights, as shown in chapter 2. Just like Marceline, she eats the shade red instead of blood, mostly because she is not yet a full vampire. Merry adores Jake, and Cake. She can go into sunlight, but she chooses not to so she can retain her pale skin, which isn't grey-blue like Marceline's yet, hinting she is still a human like Finn.


Merry has long black hair, just like Marceline, that ends at her ankles. She has pale skin, which she hides under her parasols, which match the clothing she wears. Her clothing is usually punk and goth themed.

Favorite V/A:


1.Rie Kugimiya

2.Nana Mizuki

3.Yoko Hikasa

4.Kana Hanezawa

5.Kanae Ito

6.Aki Toyosaki

7.Aya Hirano

8.Yuko Goto

9.Minori Chihara

10.Rumi Ookubo


1.Daisuke Hirakawa

2.Daisuke Namikawa

3.Daisuke Ono

4.Akira Ishida

5.Jun Fukuyama

6.Noriaki Sugimiya

7.Yuuichi Nakamura

8.Mamoru Miyano

9.Souichirou Hoshi

10.Tomokazu Sugita

Animes/Mangas I've read/watched:

kore wa zombie desu ka
nyan koi
heart no kuni no alice
the melancholy of haruhi suzimiya
ouran highschool host club
death note
zero no tsukaima
fairy tale
dragon crisis
ookami-san and her seven companions
toaru majutsu no index/ toaru kagaku no railgun
aria the scarlet ammo/ hidan no aria
rosario vampire
mermaid melody
full moon o sagashite
code geass
kuroshitsuji/ black butler
acchi kocchi
lucky star
shugo chara
futari wa precure max heart
precure splash star
yes precure 5 gogo
fresh precure
heartcatch precure
suite precure
smile precure
ano hana
the idolm@ster
dream eater merry
amagami ss
kimikiss pure rouge
sora no otoshimono
school days
fushigiboshi futago hime
strawberry panic
maria holic
cardcaptor sakura
kamichama karin
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Shakugan no Shana
Hayate no Gotoku
akaneiro ni somaru saka
hidamari sketch
jigoku shoujo
higurashi no koro ni
haiyore nyaruko-san
ichigo 100%
soul eater
InuXboku SS
mayoi neko overrun
dog days
hanasaku iroha
shirokuma cafe
the world god only knows
angel beats
kaichou wa maid sama
black rock shooter
mayo chiki
la corda
macross frontier
asu no yoichi
gakuen alice
papa no iu koto o kikinasai
ro kyu bu
tayutama kiss on my deity

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