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Author has written 14 stories for Yu Yu Hakusho, Hamtaro, Sailor Moon X-overs, Pokémon, Inuyasha, Fruits Basket, Final Fantasy X-overs, Utena, Azumanga Daioh, and Shaman King.

Hi there peoples of ! i'm Inu and i LOVE anime, South Park, and animals. Here's a lil bit about me.
Real Name: Mary Alice Harris
Nickname: Inu
Age: 14
Birthday: December 3rd, 1990
Location: Missouri
Favorite Animal: Wolf
Favorite Dog Breed: Australian Cattle Dogs
Favorite Books: Interview with the Vampire, Queen of the Damned, Julie's Wolf Pack
Favorite Manga: A tie between Revolutionary Girl Utena and Tokyo Mew Mew
Favorite Anime: Its close but i have to say Shaman King
Favorite Song: (American) Why Can't I?-Liz Phair, (Japanese) Toki Ni Ai Wa-Masami Okui or Northern Lights-Megumi Hayashibara
Favorite Movie: Tie between Moulin Rouge and South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut
Favorite Singer people: Liz Phair, Jessica Simpson, Avril Lavigne, Usher, Evanescence, Ashlee Simpson, Nightwish, Kelly Clarkson
Favorite Show: South Park, Degrassi: The Next Generation, Yes, Dear

Fics i plan to write in the future:
Azumanga Daioh: I'd like to maybe write a Kaorin/Sakaki fic. But right now i'm working on, 'Summer Love'
Utena: Right now i'm working on 'Desperation Can Lead to Insanity' but i'd like to write more Utena fics, including maybe an Anthy/Utena one. i had an idea for something that and making it like Ranma 1/2.
Slayers: I was thinking about making a sort of Slayers InuYasha style type thing, with Zelgadis like InuYasha.
Tokyo Mew Mew: I plan on writing this soon: Ichigo is a normal 15 year old high school girl, her old long time friend Ryou has a crush on her, but he can't admit it, and she likes him too. But then one day, she meets the alien boy, Kish...(eventually Ichigo/Kish)

Shaman King: ..I don't know..But..i want to write something! XD; maybe i'll try and find a yaoi couple i like...or try Hao/Jeanne..o.o; Teh possiblilities!

Here are SOME only SOME! of my favorite anime shows:

Anime: Shaman King

Fav. Characters: Lyserg, Ren, Horohoro, Hao, Yoh, Anna, Jeanne,Manta, Faust VIII, Tamao, Opacho, Chocolove, Ryu, Mikihisa, Nichrome

Fav. Ep.: o.o; Either the Egyption one..or Horo's tournament ep., eppy 48.

Fav. Couple: Yoh/Anna

Anime: Sailor Moon
Fav. characters: Rini, Serena, the Amazon Quartet, Sailor Neptune
Fav. episode: Serena Times two!

Anime: Tenchi Muyo/Universe/In Tokyo
Fav. Characters: Ryo-Ohki, Sasmi, Ryoko, Washu
Fav. Episode: Here Comes Jurai
Fav. Couples: Tenchi/Ryoko, Tenchi/Washu, Ryo-Ohki/Ken-Ohki

Anime: YuYu Hakusho
Fav. Characters: Hiei, Yukina, Kurama, Yusuke, Botan, Rinku, Touya, Jin, Shishiwakamaru
Fav. Episode: Hiei Battles On
Fav. Couples: Yusuke/Yukina, Yusuke/Botan, Botan/Kurama, Hiei/Kurama

Anime: Hamtaro
Fav. Characters: Stan, Sparkle, Pashmina, Sandy,Hamtaro, Bijou
Fav. Episode: The Tale of Princess Bijou
Fav. Couples: Hamtaro/Bijou, Hamtaro/Sandy, Pashmina/Stan, Stan/Sparkle, Sparkle/Hamtaro(sort of), Laura/Roberto, Penelope/Cappy

Anime: InuYasha
Fav. Characters: Kagura, Sango, Kagome, InuYasha, Kirara, Shippo, Miroku, Sesshoumaru, Rin, Koga
Fav. Episode: Return of the Tragic Priestess, Kikyou
Fav. Couples: InuYasha/Kagome, Sango/Miroku, Sesshomaru/Kagura, Sesshomaru/Rin

Anime: Dual
Fav. Characters: Mitsuki, D., Kasuki, Mitsuki Rara, Kumu
Fav. Episode: Final Frontier
Fav. Couples: Mitsuki/Kasuki

Anime: DragonBall Z (Buu Saga only)
Fav Characters: Videl, Supreme Kai, Vegeta, Pan, Trunks
Fav Ep: Granddaughter Pan
Fav. Couples: Gohan/Videl, Vegeta/Bulma, Krillin/18

Anime: Cowboy Bebop
Fav Characters: Ein, Ed, Spike, Faye
Fav Ep: Stray Dog Strut
Fav. Couple: Spike/Faye

Anime: Excel Saga
Fav. Characters: Excel, Menchi, Lord Ilpallazzo, Hyatt
Fav ep: ep.4
Fav. Couples: Excel/ Lord Ilpallazzo

Anime: Rurouni Kenshin
Fav characters: Sanosuke, Misao, Kaoru, Kenshin, Hayama, Suzume
Fav ep: i have no idea
Fav. Couples: Kenshin/Kaoru, Sanosuke/Megumi, Misao/Aoshi, Misao/Kenshin

Anime: Steel Angel Kurumi
Fav Characters: Kurumi, Karinka, Nakahito, Kamahito
Fav. Episode: The Eternal Steel Angel
Fav. Couples: Kurumi/Nakahito, Karinka/Kamahito

Anime: Silent Mobius
Fav. characters: Katsumi, Yukie, Lum Cheng, Kiddy, Nami, Rally.
Fav. Episode: Labrinth
Fav. Couples: Katsumi/Roy, Kiddy/Ralph, Yukie/Toru

Anime: Fruits Basket
Fav. Characters: Kyo, Tohru,Shigure, Momiji, Hatori, Yuki, Saki, Hatsuharu, Ayame, Ritsu, Kisa, Hiro, Mii
Fav. Ep: Ep.9
Fav. Couples: Tohru/Kyo, Shigure/Mii, Kisa/Hiro

Anime: Trigun
Fav. characters: Wolfwood, Vash, Meryle, Millie, Kuroneko
Fav. Ep.: i cant decide
Fav. Couples: Vash/Meryle, Millie/Wolfwood

Anime: Chobits
Fav. Characters: Chii, Sumomo(Plum), Kotoko, Hideki, Shinbo, Ms. Hibiya, Yuzuki
Fav. Ep: Chii Go on Errands
Fav Couples: Chii/Hideki, Shinbo/Takako

Anime: Ai Yori Aoshi
Fav. Characters: Aoi, Tina, Mayu, Usume, Kaoru, Miabi
Fav. Ep: Servant
Fav. Couples: Kaoru/Aoi, Kaoru/Tina

Anime: Kiddy Grade
Fav. Characters: Eclair, Tweedledee, Lumiere, Armblast, Tweedledum, Alv, Dverger, Viola, Cesario, Un-ou, Sinistra, Dextera
Fav. ep.: ep. 8 Forbidden/Instrument
Fav. Couples: Eclair/Armblast, Eclair/Tweedledum, Viola/Cesario

Anime: Love Hina
Fav. Characters: Naru, Kaolla Sue, Shinobu, Keitaro, Motoko
Fav. Ep: Ep. 4
Fav. Couples: Naru/Keitaro

Anime: Azumanga Daioh
Fav. Characters:Osaka, Yukari, Kagura, Sakaki, Chiyo,Tomoe, Nyamo, Kaorin
Fav. Ep: ep.4 Pool Pool Pool!
Fav. Couples: there really are no men in the series, but yuri! Sakaki/Kaorin

Anime: Slayers
Fav.Characters: Zelgadis, Lina, Amelia, Gourry, Xellos, Nahga
Fav.ep.: i have no idea..
Fav.Couples: Lina/Gourry, Zelgadis/Amelia

Anime: Wolf's Rain
Fav. Characters: Kiba, Toboe, Cheza, Hige, Blue, Tsume, Cher
Fav. ep: ep. 8
fav. couples: Kiba/Cheza, Blue/Hige

Anime: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Fav. Characters: Utena, Anthy, Nanami, Touga, Juri, Miki, Chuchu, Mitsuru
Fav.Ep.: The Secret Nanami Diary
Fav. Couples: Utena/Anthy, Utena/Touga, Anthy/Miki, Juri/Shiori, Nanami/Mitsuru

Anime: DN Angel

Fav. Characters: Daisuke, Dark Moussy, With, Riku, Risa, Daisuke's friend whom i can't remember the name of XD;;

Fav. Episode: Double Cooking

Fav. Couples: Daisuke/Riku, Dark/Riku

Animes i plan to see in the near future: Saber Marionette J, Slayers Next, Slayers Try, Happy Lesson, Puni Puni Poemy, Noir, Dragon Drive, Aquarian Age, Kaleido Star, Galaxy Angel Z

Thing i must put:
Manga: Tokyo Mew Mew
Favrite Characters: Ichigo, Kish, Pudding, Mint, Zakuro, Ryou, Lettuce, Keiichiro,Tart
Fav. Couples: Ichigo/Kish, Ichigo/Ryou(less than I/K though), Pudding/Tart
Character I despise and couple i HATE: Masaya, DIE! and Ichigo/Masaya, BURN!

Other Couples i support:

Rini's Destiny
Category(Cat.): Sailor Moon x-overs
Ch. 17: Its finally summer and in order to rest from battles, the girls decide to have a little girls day out, which includes going to the beach. Meanwhile Kurama tries to get over Rini.

A Hope That Conceals Pain
Cat.: YuYu Hakusho
Ch.7: Akira finally confesses her feelings to Kurama, but will he feel the same? And Rinika tries to cope with the little incident that just occured at home.

Desperation Can Lead to Insanity
Cat. Revolutionary Girl Utena
Ch.4: The gang makes it to Chicken Cookie Town but encounters a little..problem. Chuchu saves the day!

Spherehunters and Spirit Detectives
Cat.: Final Fantasy x-overs
Ch.2 (technically 1) Well, this may take ALOT longer to write and get up than i planned @_@ sorry! Anyway, The girls make it to the island for the tournament,and meet their new teammates. They also take a look at the competition.

Unsolved Destinies
Cat.: Hamtaro
Ch. 8: I have no idea @_@ me and Jessi are working on it! ;; I dunno when it will be written or put up.

Cat.: Hamtaro
Ch.2: Sparkle and Stan are dropped off and stranded in the country! They need to try and get back, but its even harder with Sparkle's attitude..No idea when this will be up either.

Summer Love
Cat.: Azumanga Daioh
Ch.2: The girls have their sleepover at Chiyo's, and Sakaki thinks about Kiriya. Nyamo gets to know Ryou better, and we meet someone who's smitten for Kagura.

Sweet Fur Amiee, The Wolf Demon
Cat.: YuYu Hakusho
DISCONTINUED! No more chapters, i should take it down because of how bad it sucked, but i dun wanna cause it was my very first ficcy ;;;

NOTE: About my South park fics: There will be no more of my South Park fics on because i write them in script, and is retarded. If you want to read them though i'm putting them here: http:///sweet_fur_inu/ I put more whenever i write them, it has the first 2 that deleted off here.
UPDATE 8/17/04: My 3rd fic, '10's a Crowd' has just been added to the site

Favorite YYH quotes:
Hiei: Hn.
Hiei:Your sense of strategy is amazing
Hiei: do you think he knows its a circle
Hiei: I dare you
Hiei: I won't make you cry, he's to worthless for that
Yusuke: ooh a basement!
Yusuke: The family jewels have not been stolen
Yusuke: Hey! Asshole!
Yusuke:(making fun of Chuu) Rock, paper, scissors
(this next Kuwabara and Yukina thing goes together)
Kuwabara: that is the power of love!
Yukina: (thinking) I wonder if Kazuma says such funny things to everyone
Yukina: (to kuwabara) go away
Yusuke:Kuwabara's stupider than i am!
Botan: Go for the kidneys!
Koenma: I love squid
Koenma: Stamp sure! Approval sure! come back from the dead, why not!
Blue ogre guy: do you realize you've been going like a vaccum cleaner since this fight started?
Jin: You don't make bombs go boom in your face!
Chuu:Hey! Announcer Shiela!
Rinku: (running out of ring to recover) excuse me
Rinku:I was just sayin' Howdie doo to our enemies!
Kuwabara: its really hard to be serious, when a little kid with Yo-yo's is about to finish me!
Shizuru: i'm sure that kill Yusuke shit was much better
Shizuru:i'm not leaving, i just didn't think it would be festive to pee in my pants during the next fight
Yusuke: is it just these pants, or did you finally get a nice ass
Roto: say hello to my little button!
Roto: oh honestly!do you think throwing a pebble at my face is the best thing for you to do in this situation
Roto: come on Kurama, you believe in mercy don't you?
Kurama: shall i peel an apple for you
Yukina: Oh no! i forgot about them!
Kuwabara: I mean you even hit her in the ta ta's!
Yusuke: I dont care if she's a girl, or a baby or somebody's grandmother, i'll still take her on!
Jin: If my ears were any pointier i'd poke out a person's eye!
Hiei:There is no one who does not carry scars on his heart, if there were he would be a shallow soul
Yusuke: little Toguro guy transforms into a sword I bet he's really popular at parties
Hiei: be strong sister, i'm coming
Hiei: it looks like they stole my idea, we'll have to make them pay dearly for that
Hiei:How touching
Hiei: your a team player, a save the day super hero, i hate people like you
Hiei: is that all you have to say, there last words you know
Hiei: your ugly friend has a good point detective
Hiei: only 16

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One day an old friend of Shigure's comes and asks him a favor, to take care of her daughter, Miyu. he acceots and Miyu comes to live at the Sohma house. She soon develops feelings for Kyo, as he does for her, and this causes Tohru to realize her true feel
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SuTora(my oc) has had a horrible past. and unknown to her, the demon Naraku is her father! she meets up with the IY gang, and falls for Miroku,but lots of trouble soon arises. I/K Miroku/oc Kilala(Kirara)/oc,dont worry, alot of fighting too!PLEASE R/R!!!
Inuyasha - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,198 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 7/5/2003 - Published: 4/29/2003
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i know the titles bad. this is a side story to my fic Rini's Destiny, read that before reading this. its basically Rini, Hiei, and Kurama's thoughts on everything thats going on. R/R PLEASE!
Sailor Moon X-overs - Rated: K - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 551 - Reviews: 3 - Published: 5/5/2003
Crush reviews
i had to write this after i saw that sneak preview yesterday. i realy like the Ash/May coupling, so this is the song 'Crush' by Mandy Moore, it tells about May's feelings for Ash. srry Ash/Misty fans, but this is Ash/May!
Pokémon - Rated: K - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 555 - Reviews: 33 - Favs: 4 - Published: 3/16/2003
Shelby reviews
A little bit of an Inuyasha/Hamtaro crossover, its about my Ham Shelby, and how she meets up with the ham hams while in search of her destiny. i'm not so good at summarys, so just judge it for yourself. ~Finished!~
Hamtaro - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 7 - Words: 5,725 - Reviews: 17 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 1/23/2003 - Published: 12/23/2002
Sweet Fur Amiee, the wolf demon reviews
Sweet Fur Amiee is part wolf demon, part hamster demon, and part human. She has never experienced love, her past is shrouded in mystery, and she's one of the most wanted demons on Makai, and now she's on Earth! But is she friend or foe?
Yu Yu Hakusho - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 3,796 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 1 - Updated: 1/23/2003 - Published: 12/3/2002