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Author has written 3 stories for Joker/Clover/Heart no Kuni no Alice.

First thing you need to know about meh

I'm 12.

I'm Asian (Asian rocks!)

I'm alitle bit shorter than Dee and Dum

My b-day is 17 May 1999

I love coffee and bubble tea!

I love mushrooms and sea critters

I like Shinigami stuff and blood

I'm forgetful and impatient

I hate my friends (IRL) but I loves my Internet Friends :)

I played with boys cause they're easier to understand.

Fav. Pairings in H/C/JnKnA :D :D :D

AliceXBlack Joker







AliceXWhite Joker


Updates!!! 06/11/2011

Hi there! Um...S-sorry for the super duper slow fanfic uploading. The typical Mushy is very lazy. So... random uploading time then~

*How Mushy thinks of the Role Holder*

Peter White:...A god damned pervert who loves Alice too much
Vivaldi: She's very awesome!! She got many toys and she's be-head people!!
He's okay. He do silly stuff and he loves onee-chan (Shichamaru)

Blood Dupre: No words can describe about how much I hate him~
Elliot March: He's nice and he gives me carrot dishes :D
Tweedle Dee/Dum: My 'Partners in Crimes' while making fun of Blood or Elliot or Mary :)

Mary Gowland: A super music deaf guy who loves his stupid music.
Boris Airay: Another awesome buddeh of mine! Some how I like to pull his tail >:D
Pierce Villier: Cute! Kawaii~ Must hug him non-stop! (He gives me coffee too!)

Julius Monrey: Boring~ A very boring man.
Nightmare Gottschalk: Hate to spell out his name but love throwing hospital equipment at him~
Gray Ringmarc: He's fine. Except for his food!!!!!

Alice: She somehow acts like my IRL onee-chan.
Black Joker: A freaky bad mouthed sadist who I love to make fun of.
White Joker: A freaky ring master who give me too much candy.

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