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Hey i'm Trainer Gold (obviously) and here's just a bio if you wanna call it of me so here ya go! I'm pretty much a fun person in general as I always try to look for a fun time and try to make it the best time as well. I always try to be funny whenever possible as I think it makes both me and other people just have a good time. I'm usually one of those people that just can't stop talking, but still has a good conversation between people. I still go to school as I'm just a guy in high school and I' m one of those people that usually gets into trouble, but I gotta make school a better time for me and the students there too, tsk even some of the teachers can put up with me. I'm really into anime and manga and I'm a huge fan of pretty much whatever I've watched or read so far (so leave suggestions of which ones are good!). My main goal/ career that I'm currently going for is to become an artist. If that doesn't work then I'll become a writer. My first Fanfic on here was a Pokemon Special fanfic called "Pokedex Holders Adventures". It's funny everytime I look at it I think "Wow I really wrote this?" because of a whole bunch of errors. But I also see it as a way of change from the past me to the me today. I always read reviews and suggestions that people give me and try to put it into my stories so please continue to support and we'll both be seeing new stories of mine and maybe yours too.


Pokemon Special

Pokemon Special was pretty much the first manga I read and really got into. It will always pretty much have a special place for me as I remember everything about it and how much I enjoyed it.

Favorite Characters: all the Pokedex Holders in Pokemon Special are my favorite but if i had to pick then my favorite characters are Red and Gold and this is why they're my favorite. *drum roll please*

Gold: He's hilarious, he always hits on girls which is cool, he gives people nicknames which is pretty much most of the dex holders, his special skill is "The Breeder" and again is awesome (also ironic), and has great battle skills. I feel as Gold acts a lot like me in many ways as being playful, flirty, funny, and always looking for fun to be found. I also like how Red is Gold's "teacher" as both of them are my favorite characters and both of them get along with each other as they train and battle together.

Red: He's the first main character introduced in Pokemon Special, is the Champion, his special skill is "The Fighter" which is awesome, and has great battle skills. Red's also the leader of the Dex holders, so it's fun to see how he acts as the courageous and protective one of the characters. Red's the first Dex holder so it's great to see how much he'll change as the story continues and as he continues to make appearances.

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