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Hello there, reader of profile. Frankly, I can't imagine why anyone would read my profile, but hey, if you're here, I'm willing to give you something to read.

I write fanfiction, specifically of the Harry Potter, Merlin, and Doctor Who varieties. Here's a quick description of my stories as of writing this:

Finding Perfect--This is a Doctor Who fic set in the parallel world, starting pretty much right when the "proper" Doctor left. I think it's all right. It's really fun to write, for what that's worth. However, my style is this is sort of...weird. I use a lot of pronouns and people think too much. Still, if you don't mind that, I think it's okay. I haven't updated it for ages, but I might continue it someday...

Barbies--This is simply a piece of silliness, but a very fun one to write. Basically, Rose is explaining to the duplicate Doctor what she thinks of him, using a pretty amazing (or disturbing, depending on your view) metaphor. It's far from my best work. It amuses me, though, so that makes it worthwhile in my eyes.

Psycho Psychiatrist--Ah, my crazy Amelia Pond story. I just had an idea for a totally mad explanation for Amy's tale of the Doctor and made it into a conversation between Amy and Aunt Sharon and one of her psychiatrists, who is...beyond crazy. So, yeah. Read it if you want to be confused by my extraordinarily weird imagination.

The Missing Ear of George Weasley--Wow, I actually quite like this fanfiction. I wrote it about a year ago, but I still find it to be good enough. It's all about George after Fred dies. It seriously made me sad to write it. I was absolutely torn apart when Fred was killed. Anyway, I think this is not half-bad writing, so give it a try, hmm? I'd love it if you did, since my Harry Potter story is (understandably enough, given the number of other, better Potter fanfics) the least-read of any of my stuff.

Truth and Lies--This is my newest fanfiction and my first Merlin one. I'm pretty excited about it. I just had a desire to write some modern Merlin nonsense and this plot appeared. It's about Arthur, Gwen, Merlin, and Morgana in the present-day, all either in or just out of high school. It's going to get rather angst-y as time goes on, but I quite like angst myself. I hope the readers do too! Also, romance will appear eventually as well, but I'm not saying what pairings.

I'm epically bad at updating my stories, but rest assured that I will always continue the unfinished ones eventually. I promise!

So, if anyone actually read this whole thing, thanks, I guess. I appreciate your interest in my writing and all that. However, I have to say that if you do end up reading one of the above stories (or have already read one, for that matter), I would adore a review. They do a great job of reminding me that I'm still writing fanfictions and that the occasional person actually reads them and could be irritated by my failure to update. Sorry about that, but reviews almost always help with my...somewhat selective memory.

Bye, then.

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Truth and Lies reviews
Modern au. Arthur comes home from school to find his sister Morgana has disappeared after finding out something his father had kept from them both for years. He enlists the help of his friend Gwen to help him look for Morgana, determined to find her before something happens to her. Merlin gets mixed up in it all, finding that his forgotten secrets are suddenly important again.
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Rose and the human Doctor are left at Bad Wolf Bay. This is the story of their horrible, stupid, perfect, human lives.
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Barbies reviews
Rose Tyler explains what she thinks of the duplicate Doctor through a Barbie analogy.
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