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Okay, so you've probably guessed by now my name is Diamond.

I love to write. But its just something that I do on my free time. I'm an aspiring actress/singer (Isn't everybody?) but I'm actually determined and I've been to several auditions.

Do you want to know a little bit about me?(You probably don't but I'm gonna tell you anyway.)

Favorite color: I'm still getting over my obsession with pink but right now neon blue

Favorite Food: blacken chicken liguini

Favorite TV show: I'm crossed between Glee and Sonny With A Chance

Favorite movie: oh, that's hard i'd have to say Madea's Big Happy Family

Favorite artist: Demi Lovato and Mindless Behavior

Hobbies: I love singing, writing, and acting

Likes: hanging out with friends, Singing, playing the guitar, playing the piano, texting,eating, sleeping, twitter, and Mindless Behavior

Dislikes: mean people, algebra, cleaning, being forced to run during PE, Justin Bieber, collard greens, the fact that I can't have a facebook, and homework.

Birth place: Honolulu, Hawaii


WorldsShortestBooks "How To Have A Perfect Marriage" by Kim Kardashian

I think my iPhone is broken. I pressed the home button and I'm still at school.

That awkward moment when a teacher's yelling at your friend & the class is all serious & you're about to burst out laughing.

I can't hear you, so I'll just laugh and hope it wasn't a question.

That feeling you get when you finally understand algebra. Like a boss.

If you dont have time for me, dont expect me to make time for you.

I wish school was as easy as half the girls in it.

Girls, If your boyfriend seems like he has fallen off the face of the earth... You can thank the makers of 'Modern Warfare 3' for that one.

When you have to study, even the wall of your bedroom looks more interesting.

I have a huge house, a gorgeous body, loads of cash, tons of friends, I have a perfect life... Thank you Sims :)

What did the two oceans say to each other? Nothing, they just waved.

Shouldn't Phineas and Ferb be going back to school soon?

That awkward moment when your stomach gurgles loudly during the most quiet situations.

Mom yells your name* You: Yes?!... *silence* You: YEAAAAH?!! *SILENCE* You: UGH! *gets up and see what she wants*

Not being able to pull off a prank because you're laughing like an idiot the whole time.

That Rebecca Black moment when you get on the bus & don't know which seat to take.

That awkward moment when your parents ask if you like anyone..

I'm on a seafood diet ... I see food and I eat it.

Listening to someone telling a story and thinking: Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie.

Running like a gorilla up the stairs because it's easier that way.

I will stop loving you, when Spongebob gets his driver's license.

My neighbors listen to some excellent music. Whether they like it or not.

When your teacher is pointing at you and you're not sure if it's really you...

my voice sounds so good when i'm singing with my earphones in, then i take my earphones out & realize i sound like a dying donkey.

I have a dirty mind, but an innocent face. ;)

"I wasn't THAT drunk" "Dude, you picked up a stick & held it up to a bald dude & said: "YOU WILL NEVER WIN THE FIGHT VOLDEMORT!!!

Me: What are you doing tonight? Friend: Oh, you know just hitten up the clubs. Me: Oh, nice what club? Friend: Club penguin...

I'm so important that when I go into the supermarket the doors open by themselves when I'm entering (;

I do not stalk my crush... I simply gather information for specific purposes.

Boy: So, you like bad boys? Girl: Yeah. Boy: Well, not to impress you or anything but at Walmart I enter through the exit door.

I love that sound you make when you shut up.


Waking up at 1 am & going to the bathroom* *Walks calmly to the bathroom* Finishes... *Runs quickly back to bed so nobody kills me*

At what age is it appropriate to tell my dog he's adopted?

I hope karma slaps you in the face before I do...

Laughing at your friend when they fall then feeling all bad when they start crying.

You know you’re a Sonny With A Chance Fan when...

You keep telling your friends that Chad Dylan Cooper is real.

Your friends are sick of hearing you talk about Sonny With A Chance.

Your favorite dog combination is a chocopoke, the ice cream that licks itself.

You babble about Channy all the time and wish there's more Channy in every episode you watch.

When you want someone to change something you bawk like a chicken.

You watch the episodes a week before they air on youtube.

So Far So Great is always stuck in your head. Or What To Do. Or How We Do This

You think cheese pants are the coolest invention.

You agree that Tawni Town is one heck of a town!

You want a blarmie, the blanket with arms.

Your cellphone ringer is MOOOO!

You wish you could taste the creamy goodness or the fro yo machine.

Instead of Oh my God, you say Oh my Chad!

You can honestly say you love Chad Dylan Cooper.

You suddenly want to go live in a vent.

Your favorite lipstick is Coco Moco Coco.

You settle things by playing musical chairs.

You do know there are 80 shades of white.

You know to get a hug from Chad, you need to buy a box of cookies.

You say a'ight in a Chad Dylan Cooper fashion.

You wrote a complainent letter to Condor studios about the unfair treatment to the So Random! cast.

You don't let your co-star talk without a script.

You realize Tween Choice Awards make great toilet paper holders.

You know if you rent a snake, be sure you know which size you are getting.

You spend most of your time reading and writing fanfiction for Channy.

You answer your phone with "Let me hear you say HEEEEY!"

When you wanna show your friend something, you say check it out, check it out!

You can't say no to the kiss cam.

You cheer up people by making them a balloon animal

You know it's serious if Chad cuts his massage to an hour.

You laugh at people who say double duty.

You understand why you shouldn't fake your own fan letters. (Unless you have a weird beard costume)

You realize why you shouldn't open giant boxes that belong to a certain eleven year old.

You know that you can fall in love with your mortal enemy.

You realize not all proms end in disaster.

You know that five weddings and a wedding makes a whole lotta weddings!

You know that a tiara can also be a key to a secret unicorn stable

You know that pretty gets you two things: dates and steaks

You know that when bats leave a cave, they always fly left.

You know Sonny will always do your science project if you act sad enough.

You always practice to be a tennis judge in the middle of the cafeteria.

You know that the Halloween episode of Mackenzie Falls is where they all get bitten by vampires and get super cool hair.

You know why Zac Efron is banned from the Mackenzie Falls set.

You know that... "DELTA NU RULES!"

You want to eat a Chad Safari Bar.

You know that when you're feeling bad, you should just eat Chad

You followed Chad on Flitter.

On Wednesday nights, you spend your time surfing channels to see which one Mackenzie Falls is on.

When life gives you a problem, you ask yourself, "What would Pauly do?"

You've watched every single Sonny episode at least three times.

Most episodes you know by heart, yet you still laugh at Zora's craziness and still "Aww" at the Channy moments.

There isn't a day that you don't think about Sonny With A Chance.

You dream about the characters and actors all the time.

You feel like you're about to explode when the new SWAC episode is coming on.

You look back at old episodes where Sonny and Chad used to fight and think to yourself: "Ha. Now they're dating."

You wish Selena Gomez would come back as a guest star and when she sees that they're dating, will yell: "HA! I told you both you liked each other!"

You know how to tell the difference between Chad-d-d-d-d and Chaz-z-z-z-z

You know both Sonny AND Chad have stunt doubles

You support the Orphaned Armidilloes charity.

You pray Demi Lovato and Sterling Knight will do a duet someday soon.

Whenever you hear a love song, you think of Channy.

You know that if you want your cast mates and your boyfriend to get along, you have to fake a cold.

You grinned a big stupid grin when Sonny and Chad kissed, and you do the same every time you watch it.

You know all the words to the 12 days of Sickmas.

You know all the words to the Sonny It Up rap.

You are very surprised with Zora's room, unless everything there is made of human skin.

You know why you shouldn't "Sonny It Up" and you know what it means.

You're upset that there will no longer be such thing as Channy now Demi is gone. Oh well, Channy will live on in our hearts.

You know that you need to take a taxi to see where they now make Chad park his car.

You know why in the morning, a certain someone Dylan Cooper will be hairless.

You know that maybe if Chad had let his sunglasses have their moment in the sun, they wouldn't have broken up with him.

You think the Chad Race is the best form of race and want it to replace cross country in your school.

You know that Grady puts his feet on the furniture at home until his Mom tells him not to.

You know that Grady has an alter ego.

You know that Chad seems to be losing a lot of stuff recently, which is weird, right?

You are in love with the song "What To Do" just because it's a Channy song.

You know Chad used to play a little gee-tar himself.

You understand this statement, and why its one of the best: Peace out suckahhs!

You're smiling through this whole thing and nodding agreeing with it...

You're still gonna watch So Random even without Demi, coz that's what a true fan would do.

And you are proud to call yourself a SWAC Fan.

Go down.


A little more.

Okay, see that?

READ IT!!!!!!!!

Tehe bipolar face :):

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