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HEY! We're the RK Bishie Soda Crew! Insane girls who love RK and Bishie Soda (don't ask...)! We are also the keepers of the six holy bishies. Who are they you ask? Well, they are:
Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin), Aoshi (Rurouni Kenshin), Yue (CardCaptor Sakura), Ferio (Magic Knight Rayearth), Eagle (Magic Knight Rayearth), and InuYasha (Inuyasha DUH.)
We are also known as Tateoka Demonica, DarkFairy, and Spellcaster the Diamond on FF.net as inidivdual writers!
But here we are simply Demonica, Shadow, and Spellcaster.
Here is some stuff about each one of us:


Name: Spellcaster
Keeper of: Kenshin and Eagle
Fave Bishies out of the holy six: lol All of them!
Hates: Reheated Turkey! EWW! I like Turkey but not after it's been REHEATED!!!!!!
Strengths: FOOD! ...And sleep. Sleep rocks too.
Looks Like: Light Brown almost golden hair, and green eyes. Pale skin in winter, tan in summer.
Quote from a story that is written by only me: Currently thinking of one.


Name: Demonica of course...
Keeper of: Ferio and InuYasha.
Fave Bishies out of the holy six: Kenshin, Eagle, Ferio, Inuyasha.
Strengths: Kendo.
Hates: Internet friends calling me by my real name.
Looks like: Reddish-brown hair, navy eyes, and always pale skin.
Quote from a story that is written by only me: "Even now, I don't ever want to pull my gaze away from yours..."--From my story, PLUMMET. Kenshin says this to Kaoru, it's so sweet.


Name: Shadow or otherwise known as DarkFairy.
Keeper of: Aoshi and Yue
Fave bishies out of the holy six: Aoshi(DUH!), Yue, Kenshin, Ferio, and Eagle.
Strengths: Can fight but is very sweet
Weaknesses: Can get TOO violent. =^.^=;;
Looks like: Black hair, violet eyes (like kenshin!)
Quote from a story that is written by only me: "In a world of light and darkness, everyone need a angel, and for Aoshi and Misao, their angels was each other."--From my story 'Secrets in the Dark'.


We hope you enjoy our stories!

Current works in PROGRESS:

name of works here*


Standing up for Kagetsu by Demonica and Spellcaster(just the two of us! Wa!)

NOTE: If it's written by the whole crew, as in all of us together, that will not be notified in the summary. However, if it is written only by two members of the RK Bishie Soda Crew, we wil notify the two authors in the summary. Arigatou!

Standing up for Kagetsu reviews
Just what the title says. We saw a Kagetsu bash and wrote this. Yes, we SEMI-bash Graham but then we compliment him TWICE 'cause we love him, too! So R&R please! (By Demonica&Spellcaster)
Shamanic Princess - Rated: K - English - Humor/Poetry - Chapters: 1 - Words: 340 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 3 - Published: 12/23/2002