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Poll: Which character of mine do you like the most: Masumi Minoru, Naomi Shinobu, Yasushi Mamoru, or Yasuko Kazumi? Also, which pairing do you like better: Masumi and Naomi or Yasushi and Yasuko? You can vote twice, one in each respective category Vote Now!
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Hello everybody, so here’s a somewhat brief information about mclocofy. My name is mclocofy and this profile is owned by two people. Why? Well that’s not important.

The first owner of this profile is owned by two people even though one of them usually writes more than the other. We will both be putting up stories of our own on this profile. If you wonder who wrote a certain story or care, then you will find our pen-names written in bold and in “( )”, like (Prophet) or (Ladies Man). The stories we write will be mostly about Bleach and will probably have adventure, action, humor, maybe horror, and romance. We both are IchiRuki fans and they will probably be together in our stories, also there will be at least five or six made up characters of mine in some stories and those characters will be together. We might create more pairings in Bleach, if we both agree on them or if you guys convince us of one, in our stories. Our updates on stories will probably be posted somewhere near the end of a chapter. Also please take part in any, if not all, polls we put up; it helps us get information/ thoughts from the readers. We usually use the polls to ask the opinion of the community like if we should continue with a story or not, or ask the community questions/ opinions on certain things. Also, we love to know what you think of our stories and sometimes, we may ask for some ideas. We MAY use them in the story where we asked for your ideas, but don't feel insulted or sad if we don't use them.

Thanks for reading this guys. Comments, Ideas, Suggestions, Reviews are all welcomed and appreciated. =)

Please participate in our polls, it helps us decide/ improve out stories or gives us important feedback! Thank You!

Also here is a rough description of our characters (Some things may change depending on the current timeline)...

Masumi Minoru (Soul Reaper/Vizard/Other; Captain of the Special Forces Squad) - About 6 feet and 2 inches tall and has a medium build. He has black hair that started from the middle of his head and becomes more silver until it reaches the edge of his hairline where it becomes completely silver; his hair is wavy and messy. Deep brown eyes and carries two large zanpaktous on his back that cross in an X-shape. One is sheathed in a white and yellow cloth while the other is sheathed in a black and red cloth. Both hilts have the colour of white. Personality: Mysterious at times, shows a keen intellect, studies on forbidden arts in hope to gain knowledge in order to protect the ones he cares for, has a secret loving side to him, care-free, relax, confident in his abilities and himself, can be a smart ass, can be short-tempered, deceptive, cunning, perceptive, protective, and holds secret knowledge that no one else knows. Fighting style: wields two zanpaktous that are both large in size and tries to be deceptive in his attacks; relies on technique and his own power, along with the power of his zanpaktous, he fights better if someone else is fighting with him.

Shikai: Hikari= 'sanctifies' any kido type attacks and turns it into reishi which is stored within the chain. The stored energy can be used to heal wounds, but the blade has to make contact with the attack. It is limited by the length of the chain and must be used otherwise the risk of losing the energy is imminent. Yami= One good cut on the body and the user can exploit any weakness easily after the user identifies it after the injury to the opponent has occurred. Before it is activated, a purple streak will be visible on the enemy and will only bleed after it is activated. Only one weakness can be exploited and any cut that is made will not bleed until its power has been activated; after it is active and any further cuts are administered, they will only leave a purple cut that doesn’t affect the opponent and it can be used to ‘switch’ weaknesses.

Bankai: Seinaru Hikari to Fudōtokuna Yami has seven stages of release, which take considerable amount of time to unlock. The sound of a trumpet signals that one of the stages is ready for use. First two stages, the main weapon forms. On one end, there is a scythe where every time there is contact with the person’s being and blood is drawn, the person will have an increasing ‘want’ or ‘need’ for death. On the other end is a crucifix where it has the power to seal away a zanpaktou’s ability. Stages three through seven, beings are summoned to assist in battle. Once stage six is entered, death cannot come to the enemy until the scythe administers the final blow.

Naomi Shinobu (Soul Reaper; Lieutenant of the Special Forces Squad/Other) – Description: About 5 feet tall, violet eyes, her hair is dark blue, and her bangs are pushed towards the left and get longer by each strand and eventually, her left eye is mostly covered in her thick, dark, blue bangs. The bangs are pushed to the left allowing her right eye to be seen. Her hair covers her shoulders and neck and some of her hair is in front of her shoulders. She has a good amount of volume to it, not too much, not too little. Her build is small, her chest appears to be somewhat flat, and carries one sword on her left hip with the hilt coloured dark blue, purple, brown, and a bit of yellow. Personality: affectionate at times, caring, kind, short-tempered, can be violent, trusting, and is always by Masumi’s side. Fighting style: likes to be in control of the fight/battle and tends to fight better with someone else.

Shikai: Rip, Tenku. creates a dome where anything in that area is transported to another dimension where the user is basically a god. Cannot fight and must choose someone to fight on their behalf. If their chosen one is injured, they get injured and if the chosen one dies, they too die.

Yasushi Mamoru (Soul Reaper; Captain of Squad 3) – Description: Wears white soul reaper robes, has short white hair, blue eyes, and is about 5 feet and 9 inches tall. He is skinny but has some muscle on him and is slightly pale, carries one zanpaktou with a blue hilt. Personality: comical and care-free even though he has a dark past that he would like to forget. Fighting style: extensive knowledge of hand-to-hand and sword combat and relies more on technique than strength.

Shikai: Blend Hogosho, three forms, one form allows the user to intercept any attacks with blue smoke and can redirect the attacks back at the opponent if the opponent’s spiritual pressure is weaker than the user. Another form focuses everything into offense, converting spiritual pressure and energy into physical power and intensity. Makes the user ‘go insane’ and gradually causes fatigue on the body. When this state is exited, the user is extremely fatigued. The last form is when the blade becomes black water and the user can control the movement of the water at will. If the water touches any other water, it ‘infects’ it and turns it black too, allowing the user to control it as well. Can be used to drown opponents, methods of attack, and if the opponent swallows any of the water, the water can infect the water inside the body and can cause the opponent to drown from the inside, explode, or practically control the person. The down-side to the use of this ability is that the user’s physical strength and speed are reduced.

Bankai: No Teiketsu Kōi Hogosho; all three forms are active at once. Their effects and powers are all released and increased exponentially. However, the user is cannot move well or defend himself physically since there is no need to in this form. It used to be that after the bankai was used; Yasushi would lose his ability to fight for a week or so, depending on how long he was in the bankai. However, he has trained himself so that now, he no longer loses the ability to fight and can remain in the bankai for however long he wants to be.

Yasuko Kazumi(Hollow/ former 8th Espada; Lieutenant of Squad 3) - Wears white espada robes that opened up to reveal a black tank top and black jeans, it also shows off her belly. She has green eyes, brunette hair, and her hairstyle it’s like Mashiro's hairstyle. She is skinny, appears to be flat chested, she is around 5 feet and 5 inches tall, and has a sword on the left side of her waist with the hilt coloured green and white. Her mask is hard to make out, for there is only a fragment of her mask on the left side of her head. Personality/Background: ex-espada the fought under Aizen for what she thought was peace. When she met Yasushi, she then realized that the peace she fought for was wrong. Tough and marshal on the surface, but deep down she is caring towards Yasushi who saved her from her way of thinking. Aspect of Death: Euthanasia.

Release: Rest Misericordia. Cracked hollow mask appears on the side of the head and wields a double barrel type sword with an opening at the tip for the barrel to shoot. Every time a cut or injury is administered to the opponent, she ‘converts’ or ‘taints’ some of the opponent’ spiritual pressure and energy. When the trigger is pulled, a small blue orb shoots out of the openings towards the opponent. It disappears into the opponent and gathers all of the spiritual pressure that was ‘converted’/’tainted’ and condenses it tightly. The mass triples every second and eventually implodes the victim. If there was enough spiritual pressure or energy gathered, it can form a black hole and suck in anything by her will. Depending on how much power was obtained, the duration increases, but is also harder to control.


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