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Hi there! In case you're wondering who I am and what I like, here are some facts about me! If you're crazy enough to read it: enjoy.

My age: 18
My name: Bulma Greenleaf
I'm from: Holland
My birthday's on: October the 1st
My favorite movie: Lord of the Rings (FOTR & TTT)
My favorite book: Lord of the Rings (All of them)
My favorite actor: Orlando Bloom (he's so hot!)
My favorite boys group: Linkin Park
My favorite girls group: Sugababes

Still reading this? Cool!

I also like Harry Potter, Dragonball Z/GT, Weiss Kreuz and Zelda.

My favorite characters:
-In Lord of the Rings: Legolas, all the other Elves, Boromir and Pippin.
-In Harry Potter: Draco Malfoy and Ron Weasley.
-In Dragonball Z/GT: Vegeta, Trunks and Juunanagou (android #17).
-In Weiss Kreuz: Nagi Naoe and Aya Fujimiya.
-In Zelda Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask: Link, Mikau and Kafei.

I love reading stories and I'm writing several stories at the moment.

On this moment I've got 9 stories!
-Lord of Parody: IN PROGRESS
-Brave Soul Switching: IN PROGRESS
-Mission Alive: IN PROGRESS
-Freakin' Out: HAVING A BREAK
-Something About Girls: IN PROGRESS
-Warning! Cheesy Commercials Ahead: IN PROGRESS
-Weasley Twin Tricks 1: Draco's Quidditch Game: COMPLETED
-Weasley Twin Tricks 2: Love's in the Air: COMPLETED

My younger sister is writing stories, too! I'm so proud of her! Please check out her stories! There's one about Lord of the Rings, and one about Zelda! Her name is 'Dark Gaia'! Thank you!

I would like to thank these persons for adding me to their favorite-list:

Incurelf, Livers, Appin Took, Kayle Rosemary, Amari Tinviel, KoUsagi, Dark Gaia, Kelly Neptunus, bamboozled, Svenisbest, nikbr, goaway, Lethuil and Lizzie, little-lost-one, chunkypeanutbutter, Celebrinal, ClayAikenLover, Im A Brandybuck, MidnightPrincess, Ole 4 Clay, StrangeBlaze, Huinesoron, Is a thinker lack, Blonde Archer, FrozenSea, Camouflaged, Princess Aranel, Person5, aNoNyMoUsLy1, Elanhin, Slytherin-Wolf, FRIENDOFLEGOLAS, Alesseo E Megilture, Tigere47, Pointy Ears Are My Thing, Dryad, kingmaker, Hirilnara, Kata Malfoy, KittyCatBlack, Beloved Fool, AAAclub, Regeane, girl shadow, Rylee Smith, Bearr Jones, pirate-strumpet!

Thank you very much! (I LOVE YOU FOR ADDING ME TO YOUR FAVORITES!). Do you wanna be on this list, too? Well, what are you waiting for? Get out there and read one of my stories! If you like it enough you might add me to your favorites! ;)

My Favorite Authors (and why):

Applejuicemaster: Really a GREAT writer. I've read almost every story she wrote, and everytime I fell off my chair, LMAO. At a certain moment I continued reading on the floor, since falling off my chair really hurt.

Dark Gaia: My little sister! She doesn't write a lot, and when she writes, she does stories about the game Zelda.

Darkwater2: I laughed so much when I read Darkwater's story 'Snape's worst day', that I immediately added her to my favorites! Yay!

E-sama the Llama: I absolutely LOVE the story 'Neutral Territory' about the anime Weiss Kreuz! A truly talented writer here!

Elanhin: Besides being a good friend of mine, she's also a very skilled writer! I especially like the romance 'Love in Lothlorien'!

Evadne: This is truly my favorite among my favorites! This is the BEST parody-writer EVER. Really. Hilarious.

FrozenSea: I really like the Harry Potter stories of FrozenSea. (I've known her ever since she was 'waterfairy-rose') Great writer here!

Furious Myst: One of the people I know really well. She's currently writing a story called 'In the name of Crime' which is a Pokémon-story, but still very good. _

futagoakuma-tenshi01: Without any doubt the best author of 'Weiss Kreuz'-stories. Especially about my favorite character Nagi. She has at least 3 stories on which I'm desperately waiting to continue_

Hirilnara: One of the greatest talents I know. I especially liked her story 'Diary of a Pancake Fangirl'. A genius, she is!

Hobbit-eyes: A lot of randomness and parodies. Do I need to say more? It's REALLY good, I can tell you that. I found her good enough to send her Wob-Wobs! Go figure!

Huinesoron: Yep, this one truly deserves recpect. _ A great humor-writer, and he really knows a LOT about Lord of the Rings. Yeah, he's really one of my favorites and I can't wait until he updates again (hint, hint)

Im A Brandybuck: My big example. I really learned a lot from her. And after that whole lot of time, she's still one of my favorites!

Jasmin Flower: I must say I was greatly inspired by her 'Another Truth or Dare Fanfic'-story. I read it with a friend of mine, and we kept laughing for a whole week. _

Kelly Neptunus: One of my first reviewers, and great friends. It also helps her that she's from Holland too! She writes Dragonball Z-stories, which are great!

Kida Greenleaf: Her story 'Leaf Story a Tale of Middleearth' was the first story I ever read on , and I was immediately sold. It was GREAT. And still is.

KoUsagi: My first reviewer! She made me so happy! She's almost like a professional romance-writer, and I love all her stories!

Person5: Yeah. A great parody-writer, and a longtime-reviewer of my own parody. A really good author here!

Precognition74: He's on my favorite-list for the story 'Ambition' about Weiss Kreuz, which is REAAAAALY good. Really.

Please read my stories and tell me what you think about it in a review, 'cause I LOVE to get reviews!

Thank you for reading my bio and I hope you'll read my stories!
See ya!
Bulma Greenleaf

9th of May, 2006: I am sorry to announce that it may take very long for me to update my stories. But you may have noticed that already. ; I'm in the middle of my exams and I got distracted by a lot of other things. I hope to continue my stories one day, though. nods

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