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"Don't Fear the End...Pray for it!"

OMFG I LOVE THE UNDERTAKER, even though WWE is fake. Well, 'BVBArmy4ever' was taken, so I used GothicShadows21 instead. Black Veil Brides are absolutely the best band ever...nobody even compares! Idk if they'll let me change my screen name. Btw, i'm sorry for completely stopping the fanfic, 'Angellic', I've been trying to write the chapter, but I've had final exams and plenty of projects to distract me along with writing an actual book from this fanfic. I love you all who supported me, I've been going through a lot of things, like losing a girlfriend, the death of my grandmother, and the stress of school...(THANK GOD WE'RE ON SUMMER VACATION!!)

"'Cause you're such a pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty face, well you turned into a pretty big waste of my time!"

"If you can't hang then, there's the door baby."

"I hope Mr. Right puts up with all the bullshit that you do!"

Like I said, Sleeping With Sirens = BEST BAND EVER!!!!! (

"Imagine living like a King someday...a single night without a ghost in the walls...and if the bass shakes the Earth underground, we'll start a new revolution!!"

Yea, Vic Fuentes is awesome like that, especially if he's with someone like Kellin Quinn...omg, both of them together are like...OMG-ish.

Name: Corey

Sex: Male

Nationality: Canadian (I live in America now)

Favorite Music: Black Veil Brides, 3 days Grace, Evanescence, Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce the Veil, Of Mice and Men, Motionless in White, Rob Zombie, Miss May I, Suicide Silence, Icon For Hire, We Came As Romans, Get Scared, Crown the Empire, Capture the Crown, The Relapse Symphony, Marilyn Manson

Television shows: Two and a Half Men, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, George Lopez, Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, How I Met Your Mother, Duck Dynasty, The Walking Dead

Movies: Harry Potter, Insidious, Last Excorcism, My Soul to Take, Devil Inside

Books: Harry Potter 1-5, Percy Jackson, Ranger's Apprentice

Ships I support:

Pokemon: Advanceshipping and Pearlshipping

Percy Jackson: Percabeth and Thalico

Ranger's Apprentice: Will and Alyss (whatever you call that)

1. On the Outside:

Name- Corey Birthday- June 10th Eye Color- Black Hair Color- Black with whatever color streaks Righty or lefty - Righty Zodiac Signs- Gemini

2. On the inside:

Your fears- children dying, bees, losing people important to me. Goal- Graduate high school, go to college, study to either become a writer or High school English teacher Regrets- Asking the wrong person who drove me to drinking (it's over now) Relieve stress- Working on my fanfics

3. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow:

Your first thoughts waking up- sports physical, eh...I can't wait to be in college soon Yesterday- Work... . Tomorrow- Work...and maybe a workout Your most missed memory- Mercer visit.

4. Your Picking

Pepsi or Coke- Neither McDonalds or Burger King- McDonaldsss. Single or Group Dating- single really. Lipton Tea or Nestea- Neitherr. Chocolate or Vanilla- Chocolatee!! Cappuccino or Coffee- COFFEE!! -.-

5. Do You?...

Do Drugs- NOO, EW . Have a Crush- No

6. In the Past Month have you?..

Drank Alcohol- Nope! Gone to the Mall- Yep! Hot Topic . Eaten Sushi- uhm no. Sushi's nasty. Gone Skating- Yes! Dyed your Hair- I wish... Done Something Exciting- Hmm... define exciting? (;

7. Have You Ever Hid something from someone- My entire life Stolen anything- Only someone's heart...only to lose it

8. Getting Old- Age you wanna get married- mid to late twenties. Age you wanna have kids- After I'm married Want to travel to- Japan, Netherlands, Iceland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Australia, England, France, New York, maybe San Francisco

9. Prefrences:

Best eye color- Blue and gray preferably, but sometimes green. Best hair color- brunette, auburn hair, or raven haired. short or tall- Tall.. well, not as tall as me.

10. What were you doing?

- 5 mins ago- This. 1 year ago- Wondering if I deserved to live

11- Finish the Sentence- I Love Jesus, writing, drawing, working out

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