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Author has written 9 stories for Teen Titans, Digimon, Warhammer, Naruto, and Mass Effect.

Hello I am Benjyboy. I am a young man of 20 who is freakishly tall at 6 foot 7 inches. I like to read, write and play Warhammer 40000. I am set in my ways and loathe Beiber, astrology and Twilight (Twitlight as I call it).

Favourite pairings:

Teen Titans

BBRae (They are adorable)

RobStar (The definitive reluctant couple)

CyBee (It just works)

Inheritance Cycle

EragoxArya (Damn you Arya)


MurtaghxAngela (It would be hysterical.)

NasuadaxBlodgharm (He was flirting in Brisingr)

Big Bang Theory

SheldonxPenny (see MurtaghxAngela for more details)

OC Profiles:


Known aliases: Dimitry Ptyrov

Nationallity: Born in a Russian base, unknown location, thought to be near the Ural mountains.

D.O.B: 19th September, 1996.

Height: 14" 2'

Weight: 2143lbs

Powers/Strengths: His body is designed for war, and as such he is extremely durable. His body is covered in a layer of fur made of carbon fibres interwoven with Titanium, when hit the muscles holding the fur aloft shift the fur downwards into a slippery armour capable of deflecting explosions and armour-peircing tankshells easily. Warwolf can unleash devastating howls, capable of fusing circuitry and delivering large amounts of concussive force at the cost of large amounts of energy. His body is able to lift over six times his weight. He has special organs in his muzzle, they allow him to breathe in toxic environs and track targets through scent. He also has enhanced eyesight. His deadliest attribute are the five long, serrated claws on his hand paws.

Weaknesses: Warwolf has limited dexterity thanks to his claws and lack of thumbs. He is also unable to enter cramped areas. Warwolf's fur conducts electricity, causing him acute pain. Knives and blades have a chance to slip through his fur and damage him.

Appearance: Warwolf is built heavily and usually travels on his hind legs, though he can travel fastest on all fours, he is covered in a thick layer of dark silver fur with a very lupinesque face. His nose is black, and dog like, but is not wet. His eyes are a dimly glowing amber. Warwolf frequently wears a polymer covering over his crotch, but has access to his 'Dopekhakh' (Battle Armour) Which is made of Carbon fibre plates with layers of Kontakt-5 explosive-reactive over the plates. The armour covers his torso, thighs, shins, forearms, upperarms and the top of his skull.

Backstory: Born to General Aleksander Ptyrov and is late wife, Gladis, he was selected by the general to pioneer the experimental procedure for proekt 279 (project 279). The process involved the genetic fusion of various new organs and created what was in essence a new life form. When the process was finished Warwolf was created. Ready to defend his country without compromise. Only one person knows what happened after this.


Known Aliases: N/A, Sometimes reffered to as Lord Blood.

D.O.B: 082792M31 (Near the end of the thirty-first millenium)

Height: 9'3"

Weight: 203lbs

Species: Primarch/Astartes

Powers/Strengths: As an Astartes, Vermiculo is much stronger than a human, even unaugmented Astartes or Ogryns struggle to shift him in terms of pure strength. His body heals quicker than even a Space marine's and can endure more punishment without adverse side effects. His bones are stronger than iron and his muscles can lift even a full laden Rhino. Vermiculo has highly acidic spit, like any Astartes, and has a Remembrancer, Sus-An membrane, Lyman's ear and all the other additional organs of an Astartes. His angellic wings are able to lift him in anything short of Tactical Dreadnought Armour. He can keep pace with a biker without much effort.

Weaknesses: Vermiculo is very keen to inflict vengeance on two individuals: Abaddon and Khabanda. Though he tries to put retribution below the betterment of the Imperium, he struggles if goaded. His greatest difficulty in battle is the Necron menace, as he will put one down, only to turn his back to be set upon by the foes he had thought vanquished.


Vermiculo: WS BS S T W I A LD SV

Vermiculo--8--8-6-6-4-8-5-10 2/3

Unit Composition : 1 (Unique)

Unit Type: Jump Infantry


Artificer Armour

Frag and Krak Grenades

Melta Bombs

Hand Flamer

La Sangre Escurridor: La Sangre Escurridor was a sword, gifted to him by Ferro Manus before the Horus Heresy. It is a power sword with the Master-crafted, Shred and Rending Special Rules.

Amulet of the Pure Blood: The pendent of the tribe which adopted his father. The people gave the ancient amulet to his father, who passed it on to Vermiculo when he came of age. The pendant is actually a very small version of a void shield, as used on Titans. It grants the bearer a 3 Invulnerable save. All models wthin 6" of Vermiculo have a 5 Invulnerable save against shooting attacks.

Angelic Wings: Vermiculo is treated as having a Jump Pack, he also rerolls all failed Dangerous Terrain Tests and has the Relentless Special rule. Additionally, he may move as Jump infantry in both the assault phase and the movement phase and neither he nor his unit scatter during Deep strike.

Special Rules:

And They Shall Know No Fear, Independent Character, Eternal Warrior, Deep Strike, Fear.

Angel of Vengeance: Vermiculo uses his wings to lift his opponent high into the air, before dropping the enemy from the heavens.

In a challenge which Vermiculo is a part of, before blows are struck, the oppossing model must take an Initiative check, if passed then the challenge is resolved normally, if the test is failed, then the enemy is taken into the sky. The enemy model takes D3 hits at the Initiative 1 step with the following profile.

Range Str AP Type

--N/A-6--N/A --Strikedown, melee

Scion of the Primarch: All Codex: Blood Angels models within 12" of Vermiculo, except Vermiculo himself, have the Adamantium Will, Fearless, Zealot special rules.

Warlord Trait: Co-ordinated Assault.

The Crest of Nobility

The Crest is non-canon to Digimon.

The Crest of Nobility was the Tripartite crest granted to Davis in Paladins. It has three 'mini-crests', each one allows an armour-digivolution, though not one as powerful as the original crests. The Crest of Nobility is made up of three parts that I consider the most important parts of being a noble spirit; Honour, Purity and Sacrifice.

As the Crest is three Crests made one, there is one extra Digivolution, as powerful as any of the original Crest Armour-Digivolution. The four Digivolutions are as follows.

ChainDramon: The Blade of Honour


Sword Striker: ChainDramon brings his massive chainsword down onto his enemy, rending and tearing through even the most stubborn defences.

Castellan's Champion: ChainDramon exudes an aura of fearlessness, invigorating his allies, at the cost of causing more powerful opponents to target him.

Cataclysm: ChainDramon attacks the foes weakest point with uncanny accuracy, leaving precious little behind to resist his next attack.

Appearence: ChainDramon looks like FlameDramon, except his armour is pure silver. He carries a double handed chainsword, he has wings coated in an ethereal fire, blue in colour. ChainDramon is fast in movement and in attacks, as well as supremely powerful in his attacking ability, but can take only limited amounts of damage.

Incendimon: The Purifying Flame


Fires of Absolution: Incendimon delivers orbs of pure white flame, capable of melting steel. They are projected from his staff.

Maelstrom: Incendimon is surrounded by a vortex of white flame, he then charges at the foe, delivering scorching blows from his staff.

Appearence: Incendimon looks like a towering humanoid being, clad in a white robe and holding a simple wooden staff. His very presence makes the attacks of Angel Digimon slightly stronger. He takes and delivers average levels of damage.

HeavyDramon: The Supreme Sacrifice


The Last Stand: HeavyDramon levels his machine gun at the enemy and unloads a deluge of rounds, tearing through the foe at range.

Heroic Intervention: HeavyDramon warps the path of an attack, forcing the blow to hit him instead.

The Ends Justify The Means: After tackling the nearest enemy, HeavyDramon explodes, forcing his own DeDigivolution, whilst dealing catastrophic damage to the enemy he hits with the attack.

Appearence: HeavyDramon resembles ChainDramon, with the exceptions that in place of a chainsword, he holds a huge 'Dragon's-Maw' Minigun and a bandolier of grenades. He looks heavily injured with multiple wounds, a permanantly split lip and heavily damaged armour. While in this form, HeavyDramon is very durable but deals little damage save for with the 'The Ends Justify The Means' attack.

PaladiDramon: The Noble Paladin


Rending Blow: PaladiDramon brings down a devastating blow with his chainsword, leaving a maddening level of damage on most targets.

Shunt: PaladiDramon closes with the foe, smashing into the opponent with his shield c ausing massive trauma and a highly damaging shockwave.

Blade To Blade: PaladiDramon uses somethig akin to the Seraphim wings used by the Paladin Order. He closes with the foe at supersonic speeds before delivering a barrage of strikes from his blade, the first attack is always the most powerful.

Appearence: PaladiDramon is as tall as WarGreymon, but not as deadly. He is armoured in the Paladin Armour, made to fit. He wields a chainsword and a riot shield. He is very fast, agile and durable in this form and deals more damage than he does in any other form.

R.I.P Jean Aplin 14/10/2011

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