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Author has written 7 stories for Twilight.

I began my first set of stories ( 4 books) off the short TRAILER INSPIRATION i had seen on line from seeing Twilight ..

had not read the books but the Scene in the Forest and Music where the Deer knows it is being HUNTED Grabbed me so deeply and i sat there with my mouth in awe and then the blur flash of the HUNTER grabbing it's prey in the cross fire between the 'dash to get away' and the hunter catching his prey between a doorway of Trees that reminded me of a heart and portal of dimensional gateway?

I walked away from that and immediately began writing a story into my lap top...I got the Book TWILIGHT... this all tied to and the first small film off the LOVE Story of Edward and Bella..i devoured the book and two weeks later was heading for an early matinee to see this Twilight began my LOVE affair for the Story, the FILM Catherine Hardwicke promoted herself for and Directed, the Actor Rob Pattinson and Kristen Steward and Taylor Lautner along with the BEST FILM from Book and how it was SHOT in OREGON at some KEY Magical energy vortices...i was Enchanted and drawn into a WORLD and a LOVE STORY on Star Crossed Teens and i was so swept away into so many levels

Rob Pattinson has such an amazing impact on the film ..Kristen Stewart as Bella and Taylor Lautner as Jacob..I have never seen such a PORTAL energy film so Visually moving and of such Soul and of such a Soul mate Story...both on Film and off...this is the MAGIC we all felt when we saw the FIRST FILM..all Three main characters were so well cast and the supporting actors...Ijust LOVE Alice...Ashley Green and Jasper and Carlisle...they were all well cast perfectly and visually for the way the FIRST Opening FILM brought the viewer in...

ok flash forward.

from the Trailer of the Deer and Hunt for it's prey..I did not know this was a vampire Book or Film, no Joke. LOL

Ialways felt it had something else going on with it and the basis when i got into the Story is that is

IS a LOVE STORY...yes he's a vampire and beautiful and she is a human and teen...

Romeo Juliet..but i see it as a LOVE STORY...of FIRST LOVE.

then my own BOOKS began to pour off my FINGER tips for WOMEN and Love stories about Spiritual awakening and soul mates of one light one dark and one in this time line or showing up from another time line...for me that is how i see the longer and having a lot of time and history on their hands...and i see the loves coming and going...we all experience this in LOVE Relationships and Soul mates...and this type of Eternal LOVE or the RIGHT ONE LONGING to meet and connect to...

my BOOK ONE wrote itself..and then BOOK Chapter two of Book 2 i had a CHARACTER Show up that introduced himself to me and i was IN LOVE with him FULLY..

this began my BOOK V i will talk on that LATER...tbc

but back to my Book Two and then these interesting relationships with vampires and human women loves...or fallen angels ..i ended up with a great slice of history that i honestly did not plan on going into but it WROTE itself and for mature women...not teens...what gave Birth to TWILIGHT is that i too wanted MORE and on a more mature my Stories feed my own creative soul on this and my DEEP LOVE of HIGHLY ROMANTIC and Complex Relationships...Soul mate and Twin LOVE Stuff...Forever Stuff..this i wanted to share with other women and those believing in Soul mates and Higher Pure Love Relationships... working on my BOOK V...( my fifth book and very very SPECIAL) to get this PUBLISHED...first...

this character has taken me into his world and his Love i was editing it...i am part of many Twilight groups and some friends wanted to READ some of my work ...they suggested i do a FAN FICTION..

and then this Story came to me...i loved Edward and his POV and wanted more of him too and i wanted a more mature development of both him and Bella...and again the Trailer of the Deer being HUNTED came SMACK up on my visions and this Story came to me..almost like the PORTAL of those TREES talked to me and on this is his story and his evolving ...i tried to stay true to the Canon as i liked the basic story..but ...i always felt a deeper part of Edward could not express fully the teen the story often takes it's OWN COURSE...all Writers experience this ...i too just follow what my Characters are saying and talk to my friends and Beta on some of the Twists and Turns...INPUT is so a work of LOVE IN PROGRESS this story is one of them

so please enjoy...i would appreciate your comments.

i am also doing a BLOG on the VISUALS of this story...i create my own designs for ART and Web Blog and it is going to be like a STORY Book when i am done..the theme is all GREEN too..Green for Forest and Heart chakra and GREEN for Growth of the Characters and Ecology of the Planet...i am pleased to share this with you all and spread the word...Love to you all ..Roshandra warmly writing on ...

and i so LOVE Robert Pattinson...truly the most BEAUTIFUL male soul on the planet and a beautiful young Actor and Artist in so many Blessed we are to have someone of this kind of soul and heart and on the screen...

Please go to my BLOG site booksbyroshandra on blogger and the FAN FICTION Tab at top menu of the page will

guide you to information on my ORIGINAL story of "The Forest of Edward's Mind" i split this into TWO Stories or THREE and i will rewrite that. I found the younger Twilight readers did not like my bringing in an adult plot shift of two females with Edward while he was sorting out the break up with Bella that i felt would give both characters time to develop and mature by themselves. Most readers got upset which i found interesting as they were loyal to the original couple. I though had a reason for that and stand with that. The beauty is though it did branch into a more mature three stories off this original work and i like what that brought to me.

Now i have POSTED an ADVENTURE Romance with Edward and Bella, Alchemy, he could not get her out of his mind.

I also have this Story PUBLISHED changing the names of the Twilight Characters and i have TWO MORE Books in this series part of this exciting interesting story. There is a lot of steamy chapters in this also of a mature kind for mid twenty year old readers and thirty year and older.

Alchemy, The Gold Ring by R.M.Simone'

Alchemy, Passion by R.M.Simone'

Alchemy, Inter Woven by R.M.Simone'

you can get those links from my BLOG page or my AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT on LuLu

my 'e books' are with beautiful artwork and covers and through me directly or via Amazon.

my OTHER BOOKS are as follows:

Novella ALLEANDREA, his Beloved by R.M.Simone'

is a truly beautiful book to open the door of her love story and the readers heart.

Her Past love is bridging now to the Present lifetime from the 1700's and into France Italy now where Alleandrea lives.

She and her Beloved are both guided to FIND the same book to read. BOOK V is their love story that is bridging them now to this Present Lifetime. He is an immortal and she is mortal. He has patiently been waiting for his love to return as she had her own dark journey of her soul and now was having 'visions' of him and flashes of this love. It is a LOVE story that is so romantic, i accompany my books and stories with music for the readers. I give links and there are beautiful songs and music just for the stories that fit perfectly to aid the mood.

For Alleandrea two different musicians and composers graced me with their talent and time to do this.

I also have a second Novella to come out soon on BOOK V that accompanies a modern time of the immortals and their world and parties with music that will be cutting ground for sound and musical pleasure. Again i have a beautiful friend that has been part of a top LONDON Recording studio group he was with for his business and produced some amazing sounds there for artists. He is now in France and i am blessed to have his skills and gifts as a professional aid in what my Visions are guiding me to create. There is a song he has just finished for my VELVET, What Edward and Bella Want You to Know story...that is so beautiful, sultry, and hauntingly hypnotic and sensuous...a special voice is adding to the track that her character is part of the story as the GUIDE and Emissary to the Story as Avignon.

In Alleandrea i have the Sarabande', Oregon Song for BOOK V for him, and Alleandrea's song.

Beautiful beautiful music of grace, love, and composing.

BOOK V is being 'held' for a large PUBLISHING company along with the 6 books additional to this Special LOVE Story and two Novellas too.

One other book i offer is called 'Twin Love' as a practical guide on love issues and types of twin loves and soul mates. I do a lot of counseling work with people that are looking for their soul mate, twin love, and significant other. Our planet is in a major Love Heart energy time of these Loves finding each other. This is why i feel TWILIGHT has been such a series of books and films to help us all believe again in the Fairy Tale stories not as fantasy but that these Dreams and Myths can become REAL.

I firmly believe that Edward and Bella represent that kind of Love.

Thank you for reading my sharing.

Please find me here, i love to hear from you or find me on Facebook at Roshandra's page there or my fan fiction groups or my blog.

Roshandra, warmly writing on

Eros and Psyche Love Stories that 'takes your breath away'.

VELVET, What Edward and Bella Want You to Know by R.M.Simone'

like many 'fans' of TWILIGHT i pondered how this story could 'go on'. I loved how the books completed and the films too but the communities this created off those of us loving the love story and characters has given so many this LOVE FEELING and the ability to become our own MUSE' inspiration WRITING and some launching into being an AUTHOR too.

What came to me was this 'story' that there is something very important this LOVE that Edward and Bella are and the archetype of this NEW LOVE PARADIGM we all wish and long for and for it to be REAL.

So this is where my story came into being.

It is a DIMENSIONAL story of the characters of Twilight and into what created this and what is behind this.

Edward has a vision that comes to him two times before he mentions this to Bella.

THE MENTOR is a SHINNING ONE and a Dimensional higher being and guide and part of Edward's shadow.

Edward and Bella are leaving Twilight and the Forest and the stone fairy tale cottage as that had a beautiful ending close.

Forever more book closed and done.

NOW though, there is a VISION that gives them an option to discover their PURPOSE for this LOVE STORY.

AVIGNON is a 7 D Angelic Emissary and guide for them and comes to them with a huge White Lion.

They are moving to the Emerald CITY OF Oz and there is more. It is CRYSTALLINE in energy and there is a beginning of an evening of love making with Edward and Bella in a NO NAME CITY with RAIN. This MUSIC is playing and this sets off this NEW STORY for the couple and the weaving of dimensional realities and the behind the scenes. The actors that play them in real 3 D life, the script is changing, the LA studio is OZ land and there is more. A music angelic man with codes in the songs he sends Edward and everything is a living sentient energy around them. Dimensional locations and sliding between them and through the music and their purpose to tell this MESSAGE.

I hope you ENJOY this FANTASY ROMANCE and story...i think it is meant to aid many 'fans' heal and have more of what we all Loved so much...MORE LOVE STORY and this couple develops and grows and Sensually so..

HERE is the VIDEO where the SONG is from the FIRST CHAPTER of VELVET: ENJOY


ALCHEMY, He Could Not Get Her Out of His Mind story by Roshandra ( R.M.Simone')

Alchemy is about the pathway of change. Edward is from an 'elite' family with connections to Europe and some 'dark' social societies that he does not want to have drawing on him to be part of. He is on a path of Alchemy to transcend and become fully hidden as the pathway has a bi product all Alchemist know of immortality and disappearing.

Bella has landed in France heading directly to the Louvre for her thesis work is also on Alchemy and how Art and this Science is about Enlightenment. She is off to do research work but was 'told in a reading' that she would be meeting a man in the shadows that was part of her journey into this pathway. She was gifted in 'art understanding and the symbols' and to Edward's surprised carried GOLD in her energy aura.

Their Paths crossed and so did Soul Mate synergy and Alchemy.

This story is given to those that read 'FAN FICTION', from me the author of the story and the characters fit beautifully with this. The BOOK is PUBLISHED if you are interested called ALCHEMY, The Gold RING by R.M.Simone' on Lu Lu .com

This BOOK is a series of THREE books.

Alchemy, The Gold Ring ( told from his point of view and outlines the story adventure for the awakening couple)

Alchemy, Passion ( her point of view)

Alchemy, Inter Woven ( how this weaves together and their purpose and paths and the LOVE Story. Gold ALCHEMY)

An ADVENTURE and Romance Love Story

The Forest of Edward's Mind story by Roshandra

For each Chapter there will be an ON Going Story Book Visual ART for the Fan Fiction Blog that connects to this.

The Theme is the Story Cannon revolves around Edward and Bella's LOVE and the unsettled 'challenges' of his not wanting to 'change her into a vampire'. Bella's character develops a deeper side of her knowing this is what she stubbornly wants and sees her life with Edward and the Cullen family as the Life she is to be with. Edward though must go deeper into his own personal wisdom and challenge that he feels overly responsible to protect Bella and to keep her as she 'is'. Human and although he loves her eternally he does not want to 'change' her'. Bella feels she was MEANT to 'die' and events move this Beautiful couple and Love Story to a parting and a Wedding shut down. She is mad and upset and he had hoped she would 'break it off'. This would give her stand to leave Edward. Just as he hoped she would she did and yet she Ran a Wooden STAKE thru his Heart and surprised Edward.

there is an ANGEL of FATE to help this LOVE and the TEST they are going thru ..TRUE Love and Divine Twins.

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