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Hi my name is Charlotte! This is my first attempt at publishing anything I have written for the public eye. However do not think I joined this site because I am super good at writing. In fact I am quite a novice, an amateur. I tend to write stories based on Historical or Fantasy events. I have a wild fascination for Jane Austen, well any period Drama really. I love Vampire books and movies, but I can not stand Twilight, so please spare me any conversations about it. I also have a fascination for the Tudors, or any other aristocracy; such as The Duchess, Marie Antoinette etc. I also love books written close to home by the author Catherine Cookson, her books are based in the region I live; so it has a snare at my heart.

I guess I started writing when I was young keeping a journal, (Which I think is the normal scenario for most people who start a writing life). I eventually started to write more short stories based on books I had read. I made a poor attempt at Mr's Medlocks point of view from the novel "The Secret Garden". Needless to say I failed miserably. But that was my first attempt at creative writing. I like to think I base the way I live my life of the history of the world. I don't curtsey like they do in the books, but I like to base my manners on them. For instance, no children till wed. Guest's sit first. Basic Etiquette for a woman.

I like to do an indepth study of what I am going to write first. And with most of the things I write about are in books, well lets just say I have a very exstentive library. All the Jane Austen's, Charlotte Bronte, Charles Dicksons, The Marquess Desade, Phillipa Gregory, Lord of the rings, G.P Taylor, Colleen Gleason's: The Gardella Vampire Chronicles..The list goes on. The only modern things I have read, ever, is Goosebumps when I was perhaps 14 in school. Lets just say I passed history and English in school with flying colours.

However I hope with this brief description of my creative abilities you understand how I work and I apologise in advance if I am as bad then I say I am.

Lord Of The Rings Online Maethor En Ithil
The first chapter based on the happenings of the kin Maethor En Itil on the game Lord Of The Rings Online. First Chapter
Lord Of The Rings Online - Rated: K - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,021 - Follows: 1 - Published: 7/6/2011