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Author has written 8 stories for Animaniacs, The Santa Clause, Soul Eater, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

So...hi! This is me in case you were wondering:

I'm a girl who was born after 1900 but before 2100. You can figure it out from there. I love to read and write and my passion is art. I like to combine my favorite things so a lot of my work is a big cluster of creative stuff.

I like...

Cartoons, chocolate, pretty much all names that start with the letter 'A', oxygen is nice too;D

I don't like...

Pushy people, stalkers, world hunger, and carbon monoxide(bad stuff)

My OC's in the order of my most special and favorite:

1. Valerie (Val) Sassafrazz Rocket (Animaniacs) age: 92 (looks like 14) It's a toon thing:D

She is mean, she is sarcastic, and she has a tendency to be bitter(which is one of the reasons I love her so much)

Being a toon, she likes to flaunt her toon abilities. Her favorite is her *toon-change* which gives her the ability to change her clothes and appearance. This also gives her the ability to manipulate her friends and enemies to her greatest pleasure.


(Skyhigh Imagination's characters:)

Willbert (Will) Disney: Easily gets annoyed with him but finds him to be a good friend when she needs him

Elizabeth(Lizz) Disney: One of the coolest chicks Val's ever met and probably ever will meet, if she could trade Juniper for Lizz, Val would do it in a heart beat:D

Samantha bladda bladda (really long name I don't remember SkyXD) (Sam) Disney: One of Val's most despicable enemies. Can't say much more then thatXD

(Menacing Kitten's characters:)

Mary (also long name I don't rememberXD): One of the only girls Val's age she DOESN'T want to beat with a meat cleaver. Val finds her sweet and naive at times but a loyal friend.

Lucas: commentXD She doesn't think much of him either way;D

Cathy Noskcaj: Oh boy here we go. *Clears throat and pulls out list* Angering, insane, crazy, cookoo for cocoa puffs, absolutely flipped-the-lid BONKERS!!!...but she's kinda cool sometimesXD

Rita: Wicked cool and AWESOME!!

Runt: Just as cool and super sweet

Minerva: Can't STAND

Hello Nurse: Also can't stand

Scratchy(Dr. Scratchansniff): Odd but tolerable

Dot: Oddly confused by her strange addiction to cuteness...

Wakko: Odd but funny in a different kinda way.

Yakko: It's...complicated. (Madly loves yet passionately hates him)

*crosses arms* I do NOT madly love him! He disgusts me!!

Oh really Val? Is that why you have a picture of him under your pillow covered in lipstick kisses?

That's not mine!

Whatever haha. As it's plain to see, I like to stick Yakko and Val together in my stories because I'm a big mushy romantic. However, Val is a much bigger character then the romantic figure I make her out to be.

Heck YEAH I am!

She also has a voice of her own. Look for her in my Animaniacs fics and maybe you can figure out why I love this crazy OC of mine. (Cause I sure as heck don't know why)


ANYWAYS!! Val has a pin straight figure (literally) and wears a baggy green t-shirt, cargo boy shorts, and red converse. Her long messy hair is blindingly orange and is often made fun of. Seriously. A lot. Val is a whole 4 feet 2 inches yet makes up for it with brute strength and charisma. So she may be fun sized but the little package holds a lot more than first appeared.

2. Juniper Evangeline Rose age: 95 (Looks 17) Again, it's a toon thing

Juniper is a newbie to my fics and hasn't exactly gotten into my story yet. This means if you're reading this then you get to hear a bit about her before everyone else does!

She is Val's cousin and a pretty sweet girl. She runs her own modeling buisness and enjoys giving herself private tours of the world and of many places(some of which she could get in trouble for touring)

She's beautiful and kind and pretty much the anti-Val in nearly every way except that she looks almost exactly like her. If just meeting these two, at first glance you would think they were twins although Juniper is 3 years older than Val.

She is absolutely boy crazy and will flirt with ANYONE just for the fun. She also loves fighting with her cousin and teasing her constantly about past memories that only family members would know(we all have those kinds of family:D)

Friends: Pretty much everyone!!!:D She can't seem to hate someone for too long...unless it's that Jennie chick from the Animated High forum...(you know who I'm talking about Kitty;D)

Juniper has the gorgeous and sultry figure of a model and she knows it. She wears a sequined blue belly top and skinny jeans with 6 inch red heels. Juniper's hair is also red like Val's but more of a dark auburn color that she keeps into a high ponytail and she always has the same dark red lipstick but never eye shadow because she considers it trashy(XD)

(The following 5 OC's are actually future chars that I plotted out to help with my evil mastermind plan to destroy the world! Lol just kidding. They're actually from a future I created that involved the Great Ink Blot war ((a war that circulates around humans using cartoons as a means for mass destruction and chaos during the war due to their immortality and ability to stretch physical boundaries. ((I know, very depressing)). These 5 were the last cartoons drawn after the war broke out and are modeled after Yakko Warner's design and my OC Val's design. They each have different personalities that stand them apart from each other but a bond that keeps them together through it all)

3. Tilly

Tilly is the oldest sibling and considered a "ditz". She likes to keep that image alive and strong so that when she DOES use her brain, people tend to get blown away.

Tilly has the higher pitched, fast paced mouth that Yakko Warner has, something she inherited in the drawing stage. She loves to talk and is usually seen either glued to her cellphone or smothering random people in conversation. She's flirty, bubbly and just all around cute, something she self-proclaims to be "part of her trade".

She stands at about 4'7 (the tallest of the sibs) and looks to be about 15. She wers a red tube top and blue skinny jeans with white and black tennis shoes. Her figure is described as a less developed form of Juniper's supermodel physique, her curves noticeably defined but not over-the-top. She has brown fur, freckles on her white face, lilac colored eyes, a brown nose, and long black pigtails.

Despite being pegged as obnoxious and self absorbed, she really takes over the role as the parental figure of the group. She would do anything for her younger sibs and has been shown to get quite violent if her family is endangered (only as a last result). To be honest, Tilly is secretly afraid of the rage she knows courses through her viens. She has Val's genes and knows just how dangerous her anger can be. So unlike her younger sister Remi, who openly embraces her rage, Tilly does everything in her power to not fall into a state of extreme uncontrollable emotion.

2. William (Lem)

Lem is the second oldest of the future siblingsand looks about 13-14. He is an interesting character with a personality unique to anything I've done so far. He is not a mute, rather, he decides that words are unnecessary. He enjoys speaking through his actions and does so using elaborate prop comedy to make the jokes his other sibs make through words. If you DO get him to speak though, his voice will shower over you like the choir of a million angels.

He is an extreme hopeless romantic. He loves love and the love other people give. Being the way he is, flirting is a number one priority he shares with his younger brother Zak. His trademark is to pull a random flower out of his hat and give it to the lady of choice, sometimes giving a peck on the cheek as well. Although he comes across as a perv, he's far more subtle then the Warners and actually has girls chasing after him about 80% of the time.

Lem has long, straight orange hair that goes to just past his shoulders and a brown nose that contrasts with his white face. He has coal black eyes and a blue baseball cap he always keeps at an angle on his head. He wears a white long t-shirt half tucked into tan slacks with a black belt and no shoes.

3. Zakko (Zak)

Zak is one half of a set of fraternal twins, both aged around 6. He's the third oldest, with Remi being about 4 seconds younger then him, something he points out on those days when he feels like being punched in the face. Zak's personality is bright, chipper, and all around jolly. He has an innocence to him that makes it hard to not want to be his friend.

Zak also has an extensive knowledge of useless trivia and facts that he pulls out in situations where he either wants to lighten the mood, avoid uncomfortable questions, or just for a good laugh. His facts don't always have to reflect the situation at hand. For example, if he was trying to ask a pretty girl out on a date and he got nervous, one may find him spilling out random information about sea lions.

Zak loves to play with just about everyone and, despite their polar opposite personalities, he loves his twin Remi deeply and they are usually seen standing next to each other, a likeness of the yin and yang symbol.

Zak has orange messy hair with black tips and black fur with brown freckles and a red nose. He wears lime green shorts and yellow suspenders with a smiley face pin on one strap. he usually doesn't wear shoes but sometimes wears wooden clogs for the fun of it. His left ears droops on his head while his right one is perky and dog-like. His eyes are a light amethyst color.

4. Remi

Remi reflects the darker part of Zak's personality. She hardly smiles, unless to smirk and make fun or if others are in considerable pain. She has all the pent up rage of my character Val minus the distractions so she tends to get pretty angry very quickly. She often feels mis-understood and is only really comfortable around her twin or around Lem, who shares her interest in music.

Remi is a deaf musician. She lost her hearing in a bomb dropping in her future life and absolutely loathes the thought of others finding out. She keeps up a pretty simple facade and plays 17 instruments fluently, finding poetic peace in the vibrations the sound gives off, rather then the noise itself. She has taught herself to read lips and no one other then her siblings really knows anything about it.

Remi wears a dark green hoodie and yellow shorts with red converse. Her hair is only slightly longer then her brothers and is black with red tips. She has no freckles and her nose is red, her eyes a dark amethyst that almost reaches the color black. Instead of her left ear drooping like her brothers, Remi's right ear droops and her left one perks, again, making them seem yin and yang.

Remi may seem like a hateful and bitter person to many but she simply has too many emotions to know what to do with. The bomb memories haunt her and because of it, she holds a protective stance, primarily toward her twin and makes a point to hate anyone who gets between them. She isn't very funny or friendly like her siblings, more so just tagging along for the ride. Ironically being the most mentally scarred of my chars, she also has the most love to give and yet doesn't quite know how to unlock that.

5. Vivian (V)

V is the baby of the group. She is cute, cuddly, and loves to be the center of attention. She is usually seen sitting on Tilly's head or in Remi's hood, sometimes even digging through Lem's hat for treasures.

V is a tad bit mischevious, often times falling into the stereotypical role of baby in danger and hero being harmed in the attempt at rescue. She loves to explore, especially places with sharp objects and precarious heights.

V looks to be about one and a half. She has a limited vocabulary but the words she knows are clear and concise. usually when she speaks, she is saying a specific word that reflects an object about to fall from the sky and hit an enemy.

(Example: "Hey kid I'm gonna kick you!" *says generic bully* "Anvil!" *says our adorable heroin*)

...and then anvil falls on head. Pretty simpleXP

V is pretty much adored by her siblings, even Remi having trouble trying to stay neutral around the toddler. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. V has short black hair with one red curl in her bangs. She always has an overly dramatized bow tying up her ears and she wears a purple frilly skirt and snap on dress shoes. She sometimes as her trusty teddy bear Mr. Wonky with her and he has a matching purple bow tie. She has the beginning signs of freckles on her cheeks and a brown nose with onyx eyes. When she smiles, you can see a tiny tooth on her bottom gums just peeking out.

(And that's all for the future sibs! If you read this far, here's a cookie! *gives cookie*)

Sonic the Hedgehog OC's:

3. Jade Anna-Miya Maria Chamguana (Sonic the Hedgehog) age: 15

Jade is very new to me, considering I haven't even stuck her in a fic yet. She is very smart, especially when it comes to 'big words'. She is in love with art and her own little world which she likes to wander to when she is meditating. Her mother was taken from her when she was 7 in a raid of their house and it has been her life long search to find her mother and bring them back together again. She has called upon the Team Chaotix to help her through a particularly rough spot in her search. In a weird turn of events, she is now an enlisted detective in the agency!

Her friends are:

Vector- Looks up to him as a leader, however she gets very annoyed with him. Especially when he's fighting with Charmy or when he's being irresponsible

Vanilla- She loves her like the mother that Jade remembers and wishes she still had.

Espio- A loyal companion and mentor for her meditating, Jade admires and trusts Espio with all her heart. She also secretly crushes on a certain purple ninja;D

Charmy- Adorable yet intensely obnoxious, Jade loves him but at times would give anything to tape his mouth shut permanently.

Jade is a sea green color with bangs that curl over her right eye. She has chocolate brown eyes and a beauty mark under her left eye. She wears a short sleeved maroon turtle neck and a red and black plaid skirt with knee-high black boots and gray leggings. She also has a gray beanie and rectangular black glasses.

4. Ronilda(Ronnie) Leona Wolf (Sonic the Hedgehog) age:19

Ronnie is a pirate wolf who is addicted to the sea she was born in. After her parents were murdered by blood thirsty ninjas, she and her sister escaped to Mobian bays where she gave her sister to an orphanage, despite Lena's best wishes, and turned to a life of thievery(is that even a word?) and tricks to survive. By using her odd power of manipulating any mans mind from a single kiss, Ronnie became rich quickly. It wasn't until she started making friends on this strange earth land that she gave up her tricks for a more appropriate means of making money. Now she spends her days in her tree house home off the ocean and dreams of the day shye can afford to fix her parent's ship and set to sea again.

Ronnie is a ashy gray wolf with a very nice figure she is far from boastful about. She wears a light green tank top and tan shorts with hiker's boots. Her black and gray hair is braided long down her back and she proudly wears her fathers pirate hat upon her head. She also keeps red and blue beads tied into her bands in some places and usually has a dagger clipped to her belt for emergencies.


Ronnie doesn't hold a lot of friendships but has feelings for Menacing Kitten's chars Frederick and Sheila.

That's about it for my OC's for now. Keep on keeping on:)

"Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other sins, but delights in the truth. It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes."

-A Walk to Remember

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