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D78 is back! Woohoo!


I'm Darkness78 (or D78)! If you like video game fanfics, than I've got just the thing! New Profile Format, woot!

Real name: Kyameron (well, that's the Japanese version of my name. I like the pronounciation better than my real real name. :) )

Fav Video Game Series: Sonic (can you tell? ;)), Pokemon, Kirby, Mario, and Mario Kart (yes, I consider Mario Kart to be its own series)

Likes: Silver the Hedgehog, anime, Sonic fans that don't have some sort of mental problem, East Asia, chocolate, basically anything sweet, music, and video games

Dislikes: Haterz, real-life violence, excessive swearing, OCs that overshadow the canon characters, and whiney Sega Genesis fanboys (it ain't never coming back, guys, so quit complaining).

I like to make fun of: Idiots, Christian Fundalmentalists, and my fav video game characters

Note: I am not the hugest fan of OCs. In my opinion, OCs can kinda drown out the canon characters if they're overused. I'm not going to go all "Rah rah rah I hate you for using OCs!", but if your giving me a suggestion, make sure it doesn't require excessive OCs.

I made my avatar myself on Microsoft Paint. The background is not mine- I literally Googled "background" and this was what came up- but Tails's face I did create.

If you want, you can PM message me questions. As long as they aren't spam or inappropriate, I'll answer them.

Also, if you need a betareader, I'm your gal! Please PM message me and let me know if you want me to betaread.

Now it's time for the D78 STORY AWARDS!!!

It's basically me giving my various fanfics different "awards". There will be more awards as time goes on.

Most Viewed: Sonic Swimming Lessons (the hits are ALMOST 2000!)

Most Reviewed: Tails Sugary Skypatrol

Author's Favorite: Clay

Sonic: Everybody's favorite egotistical hedgehog! He's the fastest thing alive, and won't let you forget it (although he would like you to forget his hydrophobia. It really hurts his pride.). He always means well, but often his ego gets in the way of what he's doing.
Tails: Mechanical prodigy and proud, this fox builds all the contraptions that Sonic and his friends need. Tails is very good-hearted and generally caring. However, he's also got a bit of a manipulative side, using his cuteness to get out of doing something less desirable.
Knuckles: The guardian of the Master Emerald, but not very good at it... on purpose? Yes, he's actually a smart guy; he's just hiding under the cloak of stupidity. After all people can't get mad at him for messing up if he ALWAYS messes up, right?
Shadow: A very antisocial hedgehog who's great at holding grudges. Shadow is also known for solving his problems with violence. Once you get on Shadow's good side, though, he can be nice and help you out... in a Shadow sort of way. He often gets into fights with his BFF Rouge, leaving his other BFF Omega to play peacemaker.
Rouge: In this kleptomaniac's head, the world revolves around her, and everybody else is there to give her stuff. This often annoys Shadow and Omega, leading to many fights. Rouge is also vying for the Master Emerald. Despite all this, Rouge can still be sweet and caring to a certain extent. An interesting fact about Rouge- She is a crazy driver (I don't know why I imagine her driving crazily, I just do).
Omega: A war robot created to destroy without thinking twice. However, he rebelled against his creator Dr. Eggman with the help of Shadow and Rouge. Ironically, he's become sort of a peacemaker and a voice of reason for Shadow and Rouge, though in his mind violence is ALWAYS the answer.
Gamma: A pacifist who was considered by evildoers to be Eggman's biggest regret. Gamma knows and likes many organisms, but finds it difficult to understand other robots. Why are many so... violent? Is he weird, or special? And why do none of them like him!? This identity crisis has led him to often put himself down, and he's always questioning whether he's fulfilling his purpose or not.
Beta: Put nicely, Beta is quite the player. He also has a high opinion of himself, and isn't afraid to brag about his "coolness". Beta also tends to "reboot" in some weird places with no recollection on how he got there. His brother is Gamma, and though Beta will never admit it, he would actually be friends with Gamma if he didn't interfere with Beta's image.

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