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To Whomever It May Concern,

Im sorry. Im sorry for deleting my stories, and Im sorry for abandoning my account. It was a year ago today I found fanfiction, and only a few monthes later I made an account and published my first story. First and foremost, I would like all of you to know I am not deleting this account because of any of you, none of you have ever done ANYTHING to make me leave fanfiction. I've never talked to a person on fanfiction I do not like, I consider you all my family. Secondly, I would like to apologize to each and every one of you. I want to apologize to everybody who has read, favorited, been apart of, reviewed, and alerted any of my stories. I thank you for sticking with them, and apologize that they are now gone.

Now on to what will most likely be the longest paragraph in this letter: the reason I am abandoning this account. I am abandoning this account because personally, I cannot sit here, and watch you all anxiously wait for another chapter when I dont have the interest of writing them. I cannot continue writing because I will not be doing fanfiction justice with half-hearted chapters and stories thrown together. I cant tell you the last time Ive actually sat down and watched Power Rangers: Samurai. And I find that I cannot sit still and write a chapter for Power Rangers (Or any genre for that matter) without losing interest and becoming quiet unhappy with my writting. It was easy to write chapters durring the summer because writing was a hobbie I enjoyed much, then. But now, with school, family and friends, I find it hard to also find time to write.

(Last paragraph, I promise, if anything, please atleast read this paragraph) You all can think I'm to afraid to face you all, or you can all think Im a wimp(putting that nicely). I want you to know, you can think what you want about me, but nothing will change the fact that I love you all. The support you guys gave me for my writing gave me courage I've never had. I was so nervous posting my first story, but you all welcomed me to the community with open arms and I fill never forget that. I started out nervously writing, reluctant to hear what you all thought and if you approved, and as time progressed, you've all made me more confident in my writing, not caring about opinions. This confidence and courage you all have given I will keep in my heart forever, and never forget my time on fanfiction. This is something that Ive thought about for a long time, and I have decided to now put this in action. No, I will not be returning to writing on fanfiction. And no, Im not abandoning your stories. I will continue to read them, because you all are amazing writers. Please understand that this is a choice I've made for me, and it's time for me to take my leave as a writer. Im sorry for disappointing you all, but I need this. I need to leave fanfiction and begin being myself again. Whether you'll miss me or you'll hate me, I hope you never forget me.

With much love and dreams,