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Author has written 4 stories for Pirates of the Caribbean, X-Men: The Movie, Misc. Books, and Misc. Movies.
ROTA (Ramblings of the Author): 'Allo! Did I say hello? No, I said 'allo, but that's close enough. Ahoy, People of FanFiction! I be a female pirate, savvy? Yeah, s'right! A female pirate! Call me Kitty, most feared pirate on the Seven Seas! Yeah, ok, so KITTY isn't exactly a name that strikes fear into the hearts of men, but my legend is what scares the shit outta people. Ask anyone of my friends; they'll say I was born crazy and the rum don't help. Yes, I occasionally drink rum, which is why I laughed hysterically when my darling Jack said, "Why is the rum gone?" in PotC. If you couldn't tell, I LOOOVE that movie. Here is a list of the things I like: Pirates of the Caribbean pirates in general (i liked them before the movie) Labyrinth (go david bowie!) Chocolat Sleepy Hollow Edward Scissorhands Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Secret Window From Hell (man, i must like johnny depp as well...) Johnny Depp (knew it.) Tim Burton Robert Rodriguez Terry Gilliam Inuyasha Trigun Tenchi Muyo! Sailor Moon Saint Tail Fooly Cooly (i'm startin to think i like anime too...) drawing reading writing (original stories, poetry, songs, music, and of COURSE fanfiction) Boy Meets World X-Men (ah mahght as well be Rogue and have Logan all to mah self!) acting and singing my band (i love you guys! 'cause, y'know, we actually EXIST now...) my fave FFN writers (Jester3, The Silver Siren of Circe, scattered logic, sharkdiver...they're good. go read their stuff! now!) The Nightmare Before Christmas Bend It Like Beckham American Mcgee's "Alice" (a kick-ass PC game that is even more twisted and disturbing than Lewis's original story) My only fanfics so far have sorta been flops. Well, not flops per sé (or howver you spell it). I just have one or two really good chapters and then i drift away. but i'm trying very hard to keep up so don't be distressed! and WTF? i'm in college now...when did this happen??
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I Can't Ever Leave You reviews
CH.21 UP it's a good'un! JackOC, NOT a MarySue. Jack is captured by a childhood friend after 11 years who plans to rob Isla du Muerta. But is that all there is to it? Pssh, of course not! Where would the story be in that! Rated AHR Angsty Humorous Romance
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Alice and the Cheshire Cat reviews
the second thing that i've put on both FP and FF. mostly about alice and, my favourite, the nonsensical cheshire cat. . a-twas brillig, and the sithy toves, did gyre and gimble in the wabe...
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