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Welcome! Call me Gee.

A writer? Always been one. The written word has fascinated me from the moment I was able to read it. For me, the dynamics of the relationship between two characters has always been what draws me into a story. Likewise, for television series, and movies. But besides watching it, what I like more (almost) is writing it myself. Creating moments that make people simultaneously cheer, cry and fall off their seats. I'm a musician – so perhaps its inherent in me as a performer, but I like sharing with an audience – and I like delivering.

Why FanFiction?

For me, it has – and always will be – an escape. It's my hobby – a pastime. It's not getting graded, it doesn't have to fit an academic rubric sheet. It's my escape from all that, and sometimes life too. It's also the perfect platform for me to practice and expand on my skill as a writer; characters and relationships are pre-established, and you have to learn how to work with them, and their characterisations, whilst maintaining a unique authorial voice.

There's also something so immediate about fanfiction: if you have story to share with the universe, you don't have to [figuratively] go through a thousand publishers to get it out – and that's what I like about this. Being able to offer something, that essentially has no limitations.

In my writing I endeavour to give you – in terms of relationships and characterisations – what the writers will not. I'll even throw in a plot, stir it up with a few cliffhangers, and add a pinch of angst, romance and drama – because these are the genres I write for.

What do I write Fiction for?


- The Vampire Diaries: Klaus & Caroline [FF.NET]

- Once Upon a Time: Hook & Emma [TUMBLR]



This chronicle focuses on Caroline and Klaus - an alternate "The Originals" – which disincludes the Hayley baby plot-line, and spirals much, much deeper into mythology and a different kind of world than I believe the show ever would. True, at times, it gets pretty crazy – but I've absolutely loved writing the deeper mythology.

This storyline begins after "O Come of Ye Faithful" - I started writing this story as a one shot in the 2013 Summer Holidays, when that mid-season finale had aired - and it was so well received by you guys, I kept on going. Slowly I built on it, and actually – no cliche – had an epiphany one night (let's just say, after Hayley's announced pregnancy) and I knew I was going to do everything in my power to create an Originals that the KC fans wanted. Looking back on it, developing Klaus and Caroline's relationship from so early in Season 4 has been integral to the storyline; once upon a time, Julie Plec said that everything that happens between KC served the purpose of "building a history [for them]" – and in writing from 4x09 onwards, I have been able to create a deepermore meaningful relationship and expand on believable character development. I will never be able to create that same character development and journey; it is absolutely unique to this story, and for that reason, I feel like Ubiquitous has really delivered for me.


SOME SECRETS ARE BEST LEFT BURIED. In the wake of Isis' destruction, the world is fully aware of all supernaturals. Desperate to eradicate said beings, save for a select few, a dangerous organisation enlists Caroline's unwilling help to find a way to send them back to their place of origin. Torn from her love, family and friends – Caroline's power only continues to rapidly, dangerously increase as a result of this, and her incentive to defy those who threaten her, and her loved ones, manifests in a rebellion, and a damaging choice. Unaware of her activities as a result of having his memories taken by her, Klaus is plagued by his soulmate's peril in his dreams, as she inevitably breaks through to him. Resolving to find her, he embarks on a long journey – tracing her footsteps across the world, determined to bring her home.

What happened to BONES?

This was my first area of passion when it came to FanFiction. My 'Bones' fandom ship anchored in the harbour at the beginning of 2013...I just unfortunately lost interest in it. Not in any way to I regret writing that story – it was a massive learning curve for me as a writer, and helped me so much. But, unfortunately, I'd been writing it for almost two years, and I simply grew tired of it. In the show, Booth and Brennan had a child, and were practically a married couple. It didn't feel like I needed to do anything more for the characters – unlike in season six, when I wrote the story. The show had done it for them. I won't be writing anymore for this show, I've moved on.

Once Upon a Time

I write for Captain Swan (Hook and Emma) over on Tumblr. Feel free to check some of it out here.

Typo's, and any misuse of words/grammar:

For many of my earlier works – in particular the Bones fiction, and earlier chapters of Ubiquitous – my grammar and punctuation typos were en masse. I wrote many of those chapters when I was fifteen/sixteen, so naturally my writing wasn't top notch. If you have that much of a problem with it, go elsewhere. I was a kid, and didn't have a writing degree – I was writing to the best of my ability, and often proof-reading in the early hours of the morning due to school.

Given that I'm now at university and work a job where I mark, edit and draft student's English work every day (and also teach creative writing) the standard of my writing is naturally expected to be much higher. As a result, these errors will be drastically fewer – however, please be understanding if there's a couple of typo slip ups, it happens to everyone.

Find Me On Twitter & Tumblr!

I know many that read my stories are guests, and aren't in the loop when I update. I have Twitter and Tumblr – I'll tell you when I'm updating things, and will always answer asks, so don't be strangers!

Tumblr: life-needs-epic.tumblr.com


Thank you for visiting, reading - and then following, favouriting or reviewing if you have.

Messages from my readers are always welcome! I love hearing from you, and your thoughts on the the stories. As a budding writer, advice and wisdom is always welcome.

Happy reading!



I do not own any of the names, characters, places or previously created storylines associated and created in The Vampire Diaries or The Originals. They belong to the creators [L.J.Smith, Julie Plec, etc] and all rights are reserved for The CW, WB Television.

These fictions are purely for entertainment purposes and are not to be published anywhere else without my permission, or to copying purposes. I may not own the rights for the fiction previously established characters, places, story-lines that I write about, but everything else belongs to, and is copyrighted to me. I write for my own pleasure and enjoyment, not for monetary gain. GM, 2014.

G.M. Portraepic 2016

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After the Gravedigger's assassination, B&B fear that their last tie has been inexplicably severed. Shattered by Hannah's nasty confrontation, Brennan is driven further away from Booth than ever before. A series of consequences will test the partners, and ask the ultimate: will hardship bring them closer together, or tear them apart? AU S6, 6X11 Onwards, until S7.
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