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Hey dere!

I'm gona start by listing all my favorite couples!! :)

Eli and Clare (Degrassi)

Natsu and Lucy (Fairy Tail)

Austin and Ally (Austin & Ally :p)

Katniss and Peeta (The Hunger Games)

Thats it!!! :)

Dragon heart necklace:

Lucy's mom's dress in Conflicted Emotions:

I Love A LOT of different show and music genres! BUT One Direction is AMAZING.

Things to know about me!! :)

Fairy Tail!!

Criminal Minds!! (my fave character is Reid!)

D. Gray-Man!

Austin &Ally! (Not really the show, but the characters)

Other stuff!!:

Purple and/or Blue= my favorite colors

I love One Direction! :D

age= 13

birthday= sometime this year

Race= Black (African American)

I love cookies!!

I dont understand Naruto and Bleach :/

I'm really weird :) (in a good way)

I have a Facebook

I love Percy Jackson! :D

I also love the 39 Clues series c:

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