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To all those who have taken the time to read and review my stories,

My stories have not been removed permanently but taken down for the moment. This is purely because I wrote most of these stories when I was much younger and my writing and myself has changed a lot since then. I still love the ideas for these stories and will be continuing them but I can't possibly contemplate going on without doing some serious editing on them. Until then, they needed to come down so I can start with a clean slate. I am sorry to lose my reviews though.

Thanks so much for the support for all of the stories that have been posted on here and I'm sure you will see them up in their entirety in the near future.

Story Outlines:

Between the End and the Epilogue: Harry is trying to recover in a world torn apart by war and when it seems that history is repeating himself, he finds the opportunity to change the past through his own memories but at what cost? Story centered around Harry, Sirius, Remus, Severus and Dumbledore.

The Problems with Injustice: After Voldemort's return, Fudge is determined to discredit Harry Potter at all turns even sending him to the worst place imaginable, Azkaban. Those few who remain loyal to him must attempt the impossible, facing their own horrors in order to save Harry from his own. Story centered around Harry, Sirius and Dumbledore. Set after the Ministry trial of OOTP.

The Imposter Part 1 and 2: Sirius returns from the Veil to find that his godson, once a teenager has now become a man. One that appeals to Sirius in too many ways. Trying to deal with his inappropriate feelings, Sirius struggles to salvage his strained relationship with his godson. Sirius/Harry slash.

Why Should That Mean It Isn't Real?: As Snape lingers between worlds after his attack by Nagini, he finds himself living a life with none other than Harry Potter. When he awakes in the real world, he finds that his once consuming relationship was nothing more than a dream. Now, he must learn to forget his feelings for the man, or somehow try to convince Harry that what he had dreamed could be real. Snape/Harry Slash. Snape and Harry return to Hogwarts after the events of the deathly hallows.

Please feel free to send any messages to my account :)

Watch this space!



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