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Jin Araya:

Multiverser: What people call self-inserts taken to an all new level. A Multiverser is a person from our own reality that ends up in another. With practice, they become forces to be reckoned with. Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent, they exist throughout multiple realities with the power to do whatever they wish, only limited by their imagination. While they do posses the ability to die, it is only possible when they so choose. So they remain immortal. The only thing capable of “killing” a Multiverser, is another Multiverser of equal or exceeding power. To date, only these Multiversers exist:

-Duncan Verser, the self-proclaimed ''King of the Multiversers'' and the "Aspect of Chaos." Duncan is known by many other titles throughout the Multiverse. A thrill-seeker at heart, he comes across as rather arrogant. However, he still strives to teach people to better themselves while increasing his own power, and retains enough of his quirks as a normal human being to keep himself relatively sane. Throughout his travels, he has done many horrible things in order to ensure peace, though he hopes his inevitable final act will be something truly good, not evil or morally gray. He is hoping to one day find someone to continue his legacy when he finally deems himself worthy of rest.

-Michael Verser, an introverted yet curious person, willing to help others. He is one of the first three Multiversers, after giving his life to save two people from a burning vehicle. Unique compared to other Multiversers after Duncan, as he is still receiving training from Duncan after going into his first world (believing its more fun to learn as he goes along). Another thing that makes him different from other Multiversers is that he still retains most of his sanity (possibly due to not experiencing eternity like other Multiversers), and as such is still the same as he was when he was human. He also believes in focusing on the present instead of worrying about the past.

-Adam Verser, who also gave his life to save someone from death. He also goes by the name of "Timeshifter," or "the Timeshifter of the Multiverse," due to him possessing the suit from the Timeshift video game, allowing him to freeze time for a moment. Not much else is known about him at the moment, other than his apparent sense of honor and willingness to protect the innocent and the weak. He likes to train by beating up copies of the villain Agent Smith. He goes by the alias "Shadow" when assisting others, as he helps them from behind the scenes.

-Prime Death, the ''Aspect of Death.'' His real name long forgotten, he grew up with difficulty expressing emotions, thus he took refuge in literature. He grew up seeing much death, both in real life and in fiction. This led him to question what Death was, exactly, up until he was killed by an out-of-control car, while pushing a freshman out of the way. When he died, Duncan brought him to the Multiverse, where he wanted to understand everything about death itself. By the end, he became the embodiment of death for all things in the Multiverse. His first act was to kill his past self before he was born, thus negating his old existence and cementing his new one as the Aspect of Death. His new goal now is to keep the balance between Life and Death, while teaching others to enjoy their lives until their inevitable end.

-Nick Skywalker, possibly the weakest Multiverser at the moment. He doesn't remember how he became a Multiverser OR how he got into his first world (the world of RWBY). He relies more on his gadgets, items, and the powers of the universe he resides in at the time instead of his usual Multiverser powers. He will use them, however, if he has no other choice. Unlike other Multiversers, he doesn't exist in multiple universes at once, preferring instead to go to them one at a time. He is also a bit of a collector, taking items such as Roman Torchwick's hat as trophies.

-LaTrell Verser, a young, new Multiverser who- like many others- gave his life to save someone. He may not be the smartest or the bravest, but he's outgoing and willing to put 110% into everything he does. He was intended to be recruited by Duncan, but instead of meeting him, Duncan had sent Michael to retrieve him. He relies on his knowledge and his strength to get him through most situations, and very willing to learn new things.

The Antiverser: nearly nothing is known about this mysterious entity, other than that he holds an intense hatred for Duncan and that he is the natural enemy of Multiversers. He stands against everything Duncan stands for, and has but one goal: to destroy everything in existence, so that nothing can ever come back from the ruins. He is also suggested to work for an entity as old as the Multiverse itself, though the identity of this entity is currently unknown.
-Peaceful Vengeance: a dai-katana with a built in pistol in the handle, this blade is able to cut through anything. It is also capable of generating electricity, and is laced with "Negatium," an artificial element that is poisonous to Multiversers.

{break line}


Multiverser Name: Prime Death

Human Name: forgotten

Race: "Multiverser", "Aspect of Death"

Appearance: several thanks to the power of Shapeshifting. The most common one is a teenage boy with black hair and golden bangs on the front with blood red eyes.

Age: billions years old

Personality: usually calm, collected and very polite. He always says the truth and only lies by omission, though he is not shy of twisting the truth when it suits his fancy. While he enjoys witnessing interesting and exciting events, he's a firm believer that they must be preceded and be followed by a period of peace and normality to keep the mind healthy. He likes reading classics and philosophical books from all cultures and act as a good senior to those younger than him (basically everyone except the Multiverse), giving life advices and manipulate events to make them learn important lessons when needed. He has a flair for dramatics, but only indulge in it if he thinks there is the "right atmosphere". What make a "right atmosphere", nobody but him knows.

Likes: pleasant people, honest friends, classics, philosophy, teaching people important life lessons, seeing new life be born, wuxia films

Dislikes: arrogant people, those who consider themselves immortal, those who make fun of death or take it lightly, coconuts

Backstory: the person that now is a MUltiverser was a normal boy born in a universe without magic or advanced technology. Because he had difficulties expressing his emotions he grown up mostly alone, so he sought refuge into literature. As he grew up he witnessed many deaths: his grandparents, one a few years after the other; students from his school; family's friends; and finally his parents. As he witnessed it in reality and read of it in fiction, he found himself asking a simple question:

"What is Death?"

That's a question that will be repeated in his mind as, during his second year of high school, he was hit by a out of control car while he was traversing the street. Strangely enough he didn't panic as he saw the vehicle coming his way, he wasn't scared: with the same stoic face as ever his only reaction was pushing the freshman in front of him out of the way with a gentle push, believing that it was his duty as a senior to look out for his juniors. As he laid in the middle of the street, spine shattered and blood pooling out, time stopped for the rest of the world and he was visited by the Multiverser Duncan, who bring him to meet the Multiverse. For his selfless act, it said, he would grant the boy a wish. The boy thus spoke:

"I wish to understand what is Death."

And he did. The Multiverse knew the boy's role as a future Multiverser wasn't an easy one, yet it was necessary. He granted his wish. For many instants that last for eternity, and many eternities that only last an instant the boy experienced every and all deaths of the Multiverse: all that were, all that will be, all that could have been and all that will never been. He died a billions different times, but for every death he understood what was there before it and what that death brought forth.

What emerged at the end, was a being standing on the line between a Multiverser and an Aspect of the Multiverse itself. For the boy was now one with the concept of "Death" itself on a multiversal scale.

Neither divine nor wretched, monstrous or mythological, artificial or mortal, physical or ethereal. He was the end to all things in all of totality; lifeforms, inanimate objects, other superhuman and supernatural beings (regardless if they're immortal or not), as well as stars, planets and even galaxies.

As he gained control of himself for the first time since forever, his first act was to craft a gun out of nothing and, knowing what must be done, aim it at his past: with a single bullet he killed himself before his birth, thus making so he never existed.

The paradox, instead of cancelling him, just added the final piece to his new existence. He named himself "Prime Death", the "Absolute Death", the "Aspect of Death", the epitome of Death in all the Multiverse.

He now walks through the different universes, aiming to keep the balance between Life and Death and teaching people to properly enjoy their lives before their inevitable ends.


Multiverser: all the powers common to a Multiverser. Among them chiefs are:
-Omnipotence: Like all Multiversers, he is all-powerful and is capable of creating anything and everything.
-Omnipresence: The ability to be anywhere and everywhere at once. This is the ability that Multiversers use in order to exist throughout the Multiverse.
-Omniscience: The ability to know everything.

Amortality: being a Multiverser and having killed himself before his birth, Prime cannot truly die anymore for he exists in a state of "Unbirth". Only the Multiverse or a more powerful Multiverser can end his existence.

Supreme body: he's supremely strong, fast and durable. He can destroy mountains with his punches, move at the speed of light and even being hit by a nuclear bomb can at most ruffle his clothes.

Meta Probability Physiology: he has complete control of all probabilities within himself, unlocking infinite possibilities as to what he can be and how he interacts with the world. He mostly uses this power to become able to kill his target if it requires certain conditions.

Singularity: unless he allows it he can't be copied, and his powers can't be imitated.

Absolute Survivability: he can survive any level of injuries and damage. Even having every atom of his body disintegrated can at best slow him down.

Death Omniarch: he has complete control over all forms of death, ending, destruction and decay

Shapeshifting: he can assume all the forms he wishes.

Event Negation: he can "kill" an event in time, making like it never happened.

Final Death: unless he permits it, what he kill or destroy cannot be brought back to life or repaired.

Nether Manipulation: he can create, shape and manipulate Nether, the "Chthonian Element" that made up the Realm of the Dead. It is the destructive aspect of reality, the source and very concept of entropy and destruction, disasters and all degeneration in matter, energy and concepts.

Resurrection: he can bring back to life the dead. But he never uses this power, believing it to be a perversion of his role. However, he doesn't stop others with the same power from using it.

Death Sense: he can sense if someone in his immediate vicinity is going to die soon and how he will die. If he concentrate he can see how everyone around himself will die in the future, but usually don't bother to do it.

Apocalypse Now: he can bring an end to the entire universe. However he never do it unless the destined time for that universe to end has come.


Mercy and Cruelty: a pair of long-barreled revolvers crafted from the memories of forgotten deaths. The first symbolizes Peaceful Death, the other Violent Death. They never jam, never run out of ammunitions, never miss their targets and can injure even gods.

Judgment: a golden sword forged from the resentments born from unjust deaths left unavenged. The sword can only harm those who are judged deserving of death for the harm they inflicted upon others: it cannot even inflict a scratch to anyone else. Every blow from this sword will surely hit and kill its target, even if he/she/it is on another galaxy or universe.


Lilith (Devil Maker Tokyo)
Belphegor (Devil Maker Tokyo)
Mammon (Devil Maker Tokyo)
Abaddon (Devil Maker Tokyo)
Beelzebub (Devil Maker Tokyo)
Satan (Devil Maker Tokyo)
Samyaza (Devil Maker Tokyo)
Mephistos (Devil Maker Tokyo)
Lucifer (Devil Maker Tokyo)

{break line}

Psychological Evaluation on Multiversers

Subject: Prime Death


During our interviews I noticed Prime keeps his speeches always very polite, not overbearing so but enough to be noticeable. When asked he justified it as a habit from his previous existence as a human: he doesn’t know when it begins, just that the first time people point it out was during high school. I am inclined to believe him: it’s clearly a symptom of fear of rejection, a defensive mechanism commonly used by insecure people to gain acceptance from their peers and avoid insulting them. More information about the subject’s past seems to confirm my analysis.

I was able to peg Prime as an extreme pessimist, nihilist and determinist with an intense complex about death and an acute God complex that is kept in check by very strict rules he imposes on himself. I suspect his pleasant and helpful personality is a mask carefully crafted to interact with others and hid a complete indifference about many things normal people consider important. That if he himself is aware of this mask, I don’t know.

He proclaimed he never lie, only doing so by omission and by carefully choosing his words to suggest another meaning altogether. As such I am hesitant to accept everything he tells me as a face value.

When he told me his story, as example, I was ready to either peg him as a psychopath or as the greatest masochist in history. He declared he spent eternity experiencing the death of every being in the past, present and future as if he was the same being. Every possible death of every possible being, living or inanimate. All for understand the concept of “Death” better.

If this is true I have no doubts Prime was made insane from the experience. He doesn’t truly “think” like a normal human anymore. I am unsure if he is still capable of love or any other human experience, but only an individual as twisted as Prime is capable of understanding him. Personally I doubt such a person exist.

When asked if he has friends or loved ones, he replied that he has plenty of the former and none of the later. Due to his helpful personality many people come to consider him a friend and he reciprocate, but he has troubles when they express a romantic interest in him and he is sad when he is forced to reject them.

“Love is an act of Life. What business does Death have with it?”

He doesn’t believe impossible for someone to fall in love with him. Rather, he seems to think he is not meant to love.

He also showed to possess no restrains about killing: he has no qualms about killing those who committed deplorable sins like rape and murder, but he also showed no hesitation whatsoever even when, from one reason or another, he is forced to kill innocents. He insists it was their time to die, and while he feels sadness in such moments there is nothing that can be done when the appointed time comes.

“All is for the Balance. Everything die, and I exist to make sure of it.”

I have come to the conclusion that Prime lost his human mind and instead became a true “personification of a concept”, in this case “Death”. He is a force of nature, an essential gear of reality that make the universe working.

At this point I am almost ready to label the reintegration of Prime into human society a lost cause. More probably, since he chose this fate of his own free will and is content with his actual existence, even as a human he lacked “something” essential to be a normal person. I can't help him: I just hope there is someone out there that can.


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