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R.A. Rainsworth
"The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say."

Fifteen. Dreamer. Obsessive knitter.
TV watcher. Criticizer. British.
Has a family. Has a life.
Doesn't care about your whinging.
Hello. Goodbye.

FAQAR: Frequently Asked Questions/Concerns/Rants v. 1.2

1. "Why do you flame so much?"

Why? Why is not a question that should be valid. Do you see published authors, going around and making mistakes and writing in chatspeak, almost illegible? How horrible. Do you treat your fanfiction that way? Aren't you people always whinging about wanting to be taken seriously, to have your work treated like a real published work?

Well, not every book gets a starry review. Deal with it. I flame because - one, it's not flaming, it's constructive criticism. But hey, I don't care what you call it. Give me one review where I've made a threat/curse at anyone. Two, it's because in the end, you'll be better off knowing what you did wrong and fixing it.

2. "You said my writing sucked!"

Negative. I have never said that a person's writing sucked. If I like your writing, I like it. If I don't, I don't. There's a difference, but I don't expect you guys to know that, do you? I've only ever given out CC's in my time at fanfiction.

3. "You know, people spend time on those fanfics!"

'Course you're going to spend time on a fanfic. It's a fanfic, for god's sake. You have to have time to write something. But taking a lot of time on something doesn't mean that it has quality. A badfic is still a badfic no matter what.

4. "You're still being mean! People get offended, you know! That's just like cyberbullying!"

Why yes, I do know. I don't write reviews and concrits with mean intentions. If I did do it with the intention of making you cry, I would make you cry. But I don't, so you can't say that I'm cyberbullying. And, this is harsh reality, kiddies: you're going to get hurt in life. Get over it.

5. "My story is good, no matter what you say! I've got x reviews and x story alerts!"

Frankly, I don't give a damn. Most people on fanfiction dot net are ten to fourteen year olds that revel in the idea of having full control of their characters. People are so used to low quality fics that they're used to them by now, treat them like the average. And it's sad. It's so sad. Don't matter how many glowing reviews you have (there are glowing reviews on some stories, believe it or not - though I don't think "PLZUPDATE MAOR!!!!" suffices) badfic is still badfic.

If you want to stroke your own ego, alright. Go 'head. Just remember not to get too cocky - after all, your story just might turn worse.

6. "If you don't like it, don't read it!"

Oh god have I heard this one so many times. You'd like that, wouldn't you? How am I supposed to know how good a story is until I read it? I don't have some sort of superpower where I can just scan all stories and choose out the ones that I don't like. It doesn't go that way. There are some really good fics that lack in grammar and spelling, but they actually have a chance. I don't flame on just nothing, you know.

7. "You're just jealous because I can write and you can't!"

Whoa there. It's one thing to hate me because I hated your story. It's another all together to start bashing on my writing skill.s I am not perfect. I make mistakes. If I was really jealous of writing, I would burn libraries down and rip books apart. No, I love writing. Especially writing better than mine. I don't thrive on making little wannabe authors jealous, you know. Writing takes practice. Hardship. No need to let all that anger out on me,

8. "Where are your stories then? Too cowardly to post them because you know your writing is horrible?"

'Course not. If you'd scroll down, you'd see my stories under the little tab that says, "My Stories". Go ahead and revenge flame. I don't care. Usually, I report those people to the mods - after all, you weren't really reviewing on my story with good concrit. Unlike what I did with yours, probably.

9. "I'm going to report you!"

-points to report button- Go right 'head. I really don't give a damn. I know that I've done nothing wrong, but if you want to anger some really busy and stressed out moderators on some stupid personal problem - most probably because you couldn't handle someone being harsh and blunt to you - then it's your problem. I refuse to take part in it.

10. "You're nothing like your sister! She's so much nicer!"

Psssh. Who? Summer? Are you serious? The only reason why she doesn't flame is because if she did, she would cause you to cry and avoid the computer like the plague. My sister is dangerous, one of the best, and an addictive writer. Sure, she's had her mistakes, but no way is she nice when reviewing. Like a demon.

Besides, why are you talking about her on my profile, anyways? Losers. There's a reason why she doesn't review, you know.

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