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~Nov. 11th, 2003~

Hey, just your average high school student,
except I love Anime!

So, you want to know about me
Ok here we go:

I like:
eating Girl Scout Cookies! Yum!
playing music,
meeting new people,
learning new things,
laughing and having fun.

I Love:
Anime (Especially Inuyasha, Blue Gender, YYH, Rurouni Kenshin, Excel Saga, and Fooly Cooly! Plus many, many, many more),
Listening to music,
Being Artistic and Creative,
Wrinting Anything (though typing is ok too :)

My fics:

Forever is Forever - working on Chapter 3(25% done) trying to finish! so Sry!!!

A girl appears from the well with out any memories except that she's suppose to protect Kagome from something. She has visions every time she touches someone, but inreturn she has a stroke. If her visions don't stop she's likely to die. Strangely enough she looks just like Kagome. Is she Kagome's reincarnation?

Fate Gives Second Chances - working on Chapter 4(25% done)
Update by the 20th, so look for it! and review!

Inuyasha is killed in the battle for the jewel. Kagome, heartbroken, goes back to her time with a promise that she'll return in 5 months. While straightening her life out she meets a man who looks just like Inuyasha. Soon she finds herself falling in love with him, but if given the choice would she choose Inuyasha or the man who gave her his shoulder to cry on and his heart?

Fics in the Works:

Dreaming of Fairytales- PG-13-nearly done w/ chap 1
Kagome is the daughter of a spiteful father. With her brother training to be a knight and her grandfather dead she tries follow her mother's dying wish for Kagome to find the Lady Kaede. Soon she's sent on a journey to regain the title of princess of the Higurashi Kingdom. With the hope of finding her first true friend guiding her she searches for the Shikon No Tama to break the curse of obedience placed on her at birth. Through out her journey she runs into Inuyasha and learns of his engagement to the fake princess Kikyo. She doesn't really care until she finds herself falling for the prince herself. Can she break the curse, regain her royal birth rights, and stop the wedding in time. Join Kagome on a crazy adventure through a world of curses, hanyou princes, fake princesses, fairies, and magic behind every corner.

(taking forever cause I just can't make up my mind on the right plot. Sry.)

Well, that's all for now.

Thanks Bunches!,

P.S. e-mail or IM me anytime! Even just to say hi. Also FYI the more you review the quicker the updates. So, Happy Tales to You! ~DS~

~*This has been a DS production*~

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