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Author has written 6 stories for Het Huis Anubis/House of Anubis, Avatar: Last Airbender, Bones, and Supernatural.

Kataang0508 here! Formally hoafabina2011! Thanks to everyone who keeps up to date with my fanfictions.

Favorite Colors: Blue, Purple, and Green

Favorite Show: Avatar the Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, House of Anubis, Castle, Body of Proof, and Bones. (Basically anything with a growing plot)

Zodiac Sign: Aires

Age: Don't ask, don't tell. ;)

Languages: English and Spanish. (I've had five years of Spanish lessons in school, and though I can't speak very fast, I can write the heck out of it!)


Left Behind Memories: In-Progress. Updated 01/28/15. Next chapter to be released within the coming weeks (hopefully).

The Revelation in the Circumstance: Complete.

Blame: Temporary hiatus. I'm thinking about rewriting the first chapter and updating from there.

The Ball. The Kiss. The Karaoke.: Discontinued. The show rubbed me the wrong way the last season, and as a result, I have lost all passion for the show.

Including the Clueless: Discontinued.


The Original: There's a reason Sozin's Comet was named after the Fire Lord. Its powerful beauty swam across the sky, untouchable. It was beautiful, powerful, and utterly terrifying. The comet knew no bounds-- like Sozin. Just like Fire Lord Sozin. (The story deals with the genocide of the Air Temples.)

Begin Again: The war is over. Now, the waiting game begins. A series of events that lead to the events of the Promise. Oh, did I mention the airbenders are still alive?

Broken Pieces: Avatar Korra finds herself to be a bit broken with each new villain she faces. Strong and stubborn, that's how Korra appears to the world. They see a capable, determined young woman. And that's the image for which she strives. Little do most know, it's all a facade. Only Tenzin can see the broken pieces beneath the surface.

Want to know your author? Here's who I am.

01. I am an extremely serious and have been since a young age. A lot of my friends at school call me their second mother. (Kinda like Tenzin or Katara)

02. I love to write fanfictions, short stories, and poetry. I have many many many many MANY fanfictions, short stories, and poetry in my computer files.

03. My favorite genres are romance, historical fiction, sci-fi and adventure.

04. I am a hard worker and always strive to go above and beyond my expectations.

05. I'm flipping OBSESSED with Avatar the Last Airbender and Bones. There isn't a day that goes by where I am not doing something related to either show. I wish Bryke would have just prolonged the series of ATLA going into their adult years instead of making the Legend of Korra. While it's a great show, I sometimes feel like Korra and the Krew took Aang and the Gaang's place.

06. I have an extremly bad temper, especially with people that are high up in the clouds the majority of the time.

07. I'm a leader, not a follower. Sometimes the persistent urge to be in charge can be quite bothersome, especially in a project because I end up doing 90% in a group effort.

08. I have asthma and neurocardiogenic syncope (fainting disorder), but despite the disadvantage, I love playing football and volleyball with my family on holidays.

09. My birthday always falls close in line with Easter Sunday.

10. I love the cold weather, but here in Florida it's always hot. I blame it on my mom's genes because she's from Indiana.

11. I am an only child.

12. I have only EVER gotten one B on my report card and that was in the 4th grade because my teacher went out on maternity leave.

13. I am OCPD about organization. Notice how numbers 1-9 have a zero in front of them. I can't stand it when numbers aren't lined up.

14. I have had 3 dogs! One we had to put down a few years back because he suffered from diabetes. The other two are still alive and well. Tobey is 8 and a cockapoo, and Patches is 5 and a Japillon.

15. I am Protestant Pentecostal Christian. And extremely proud of it!

16. I participated in Junior Bible Quiz competitions at my church 3rd-6th grade. My sixth grade year, I was second in the state of Florida. In the small district church competitions, however, I took first place easily.

17. I want to major in Secondary English with a minor in religious studies and psychology. Then, I'm going to get my masters in psychology and reading.

18. I have taken 5 years of Spanish in school in a row. I have also self taught myself Dutch, German, Hebrew, Arabic, Sign Language, and some Chinese.

19. The freakiest thing that ever happened to me, was me and my friend having the same dream portraying her death.

20. Favorite shipping pair of all time is KATAANG! Viva Kataang!

21. I am extremely saddened that John Francis Daley left Bones. His character, a psychologist named Dr. Lance Sweets, was a friend that got me through high school. I miss him a lot on the show.

Confessions and Favorites: "Avatar the Last Airbender"

01. The character history and background. I love how there is so much depth to all the characters.

02. The realism. It's a cartoon, but they show the reality of the cartoon through the cartoon. Does that make sense? They don't just focus on love and good tidings throughout the world. No, they focus on a WAR TORN world.

03. The shipping wars. I don't know which fandom is more screwed up, ATLA or LOK. I love watching the shipping wars. Although... honestly, some of them make me a little sick to my stomach. All time KATAANG, people. I do not understand where the Zutara ship set sail and came in from, but it's definitely not dropping anchor on my heart and fanfictions. Kataang and Maiko are the only ships I'm extremely stubborn about. I also like Sukka and Tokka, but more so Sukka. If I were to ship Toph with someone it would have to be Haru or The Duke. But, I just don't see Toph as the married type.

04. I love how Bryke has continued the series through comic books and hasn't just left us hanging. Although, they were gonna include what happened to Zuko's mother and didn't in ATLA. Then they were gonna in LOK, but stupid Ikki got in the way... I'm getting off track.

05. I also love how the series makes you think for yourself. Unlike most cartoons, ATLA and LOK don't point blank tell you what is going to happen next. You almost have to piece it together yourself in order to grasp the true meaning of the show.

06. Uncle Iroh! I love Uncle Iroh!

07. Despite Uncle Iroh, I also love all the older adults on the show. Including: Iroh, Gyatso, Bumi, Piandao, Jeong Jeong, Pakku, Gran-Gran, and so forth. I think their wisdom truly adds meaning to the show and helps us grow as individuals. I learned so much from these characters and they never even existed.

08. The historical context of the show! Pretty much everything that happens in Avatar you can relate it to some event in history. The destruction and genocide of the Air Nomads can be related to the Holocaust where the Jews were almost exterminated. The invasion of the Fire Nation reminds me of D-Day.

09. Cause and Effect. I love how there always was a purpose for a specific idea and event in the show.

10. The diction or way the characters spoke fit the timeline perfectly! I think that was another reason I fell in love with the show was because of the dialect their words were in. They spoke from that era. Their actions were directly associated with the era.

Confessions and Favorites: "The Legend of Korra"

01. Confirmation that Kataang happened! Yes! Victory thy name is Kataang!

02. I love any character related to the Gaang. I used to not like Korra, but now she's growing on me. After Book 2, seeing all that she had to go through made me a little softer on her.

03. I only ship crack pairings in LOK. Such ships being, Tenorra (Tenzin x Korra), Bolinorra (Bolin x Jinora), Linzin (Tenzin x Lin), Korrlok (Korra x Tarrlok), Honumi (Honora x Bumi).

04. I like how there was a flash back episode that focused solely on Yakone's trial. I can't wait until next season when there are supposed to be more.

05. The Cloud babies! I love Pemzin cloud babies. I really wish Bryke would emphasize them a bit more, because to me, the Airbenders have not loss their importance.

06. The way the show parallels with the original series. "But everything changed when the Northern Water Tribe attacked." Come on, people! That was so parallel. Not to mention how Tonraq was banished and his evil younger brother caused it.

07. I absolutely loved Book 2 Spirits! Seriously, best book ever! I feel like I've grown so much with the knowledge and history of the show.

08. I love how S.S. Makorra sank. (Don't hate) I never cared for those two and pretty much knew it wouldn't last. Fire and water don't mix.

09. Once again, the story plot and character details.

10. The foreshadowing that we get to see Zuko and his daughter in the future. Not to mention we got to see Bumi, Kya, and Uncle Iroh!!! YEAH!

Confessions and Favorites: "Bones"

01. The switch from hard science to softer sciences. I absolutely love psychology. Bones integrating psychology into their show, which primarily focuses on the more dynamic sciences, really adds to the show in terms of plot and emotion.

02. My favorite character is obviously Dr. Lance Sweets... and he was killed off. That really sucked and I cried when it happened.

03. My favorite episodes are always either Sweets centered or out of the norm. My favorites are: "The Devil in the Details," "The Proof in the Pudding," "The End in the Beginning," "The Parts in the Sum of the Whole," and "Mayhem on the Cross."

04. I really liked that Dr. Addy was committed to an asylum. Yes, I really liked his character. But, it shows that even the good guys can be corrupted.

05. I love the serial killers. Serial killers are obviously not that common, but Bones really emphasizes them and gives their lives a back story. My favorite serial killer is Pelant... and I sort of wish Booth hadn't killed him.

06. I think the interns are a fantastic addition. Each one is so different, and they add so much personality to the show.

07. I have an issue with the creators removing the flesh from Sweets' body. I don't understand why they had to take him down to bones. After all, he was a fresh kill.

08. The character development is as unique and wonderful as the murders on the show.

09. I'm not that big of a fan of Agent Aubrey, right now. I'm sure it will change because I once disliked Dr. Saroyan. However, I feel like he replaced Sweets and that upsets me.

10. I love all of the science speak. I feel like my IQ increases by a hundred points when listening to their nomenclature.

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Coming Together by IMovedToAO3-as-Cherie-Berrie reviews
AU where Aang saved the world on his own, without meeting Katara. Now they do meet under awkward circumstances. Follow their friendship blossom into love now that they have finally found each other. Will they make it through the trials and tribulations they will face?
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Not Without My Brother by AnastaziaDanielle reviews
Dean is mourning the loss of his father when he receives the startling phone call telling him that he has custody of his three-year-old half-brother Samuel. Dean steps up to the challenge and goes to pick up the little brother he's only met once before. AU
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If I Go, I'm Goin' by AndSoIWrite reviews
Bobby's always had an open door policy with the boys. Even when they haven't called in months. Even when they show up injured. Even when one of them is dying. Hurt!Sam. Hurt!Dean. Oneshot.
Supernatural - Rated: T - English - Tragedy/Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 6,232 - Reviews: 28 - Favs: 84 - Follows: 25 - Published: 1/2/2016 - Sam W., Dean W., Bobby S. - Complete
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