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Author has written 4 stories for Hunger Games, and Maximum Ride.

What is up?! My name is Golden Warrior Eagle, or Golden as I prefer to go by. Because baby, I'm GOLDEN!! Ha, ha, haaaaaa. No.

I guess I'm a bit dark in writing style at times, but it makes me unique!

I hope you like me, even though I'm a bit of a critic. I'll start betaing for people as well!

What Hunger Games Character are you most like?


[x] You would do anything to protect your family.

[ ] You have good aim.

[ ] You hate cats.

[x] You aren’t fond of people in general.

[x] You hate being indebted to people.

[ ] You hold grudges.

[ ] You wouldn’t describe yourself as a warm, friendly person—you’ve got about as much charm as a dead slug.

[x ] When you sing, the birds fall silent.

4/8 (50%)


[ ] You’re an artist.

[ ] You love to bake.

[ ] You can decorate well.

[ ] Manipulating people comes naturally for you.

[x] You’re clever.

[ ] Your favorite color is orange.

[x] People tend to be charmed by you.

[x] You’re a hopeless romantic.

[ ] You have a strong sense of self.

3/9 (33%)


[x] You question everything.

[x] You’re very defiant.

[x] You’re spontaneous.

[ ] You’re a rebel with a cause.

[ ] You would do absolutely anything for justice.

3/5 (60%)


[ ] You like "secrets".

[x] You like sugar cubes.

[ ] Others often describe you as sexy or gorgeous.

[ ] You’re a skilled swimmer.

[x] When you’re anxious, your hands have to be occupied—with knots or something of that nature.

[ ] You’re very popular, but don’t want to be.

[x] You’re protective.

3/7 (43%)


[ ] You’re innocent.

[x] You adore animals.

[ ] You love helping people in need.

[ ] People seem to be fond of you.

[x] Over time you’ve become quite wise.

[ ] You are nurturing.

2/6 (33%)


[x] You’re creative.

[x] You root for the underdog.

[x] You dress simply.

[x] You stand up for your cause.

[x] Your hair is simple and easily manageable.

[x] You tend to have brilliant ideas.

6/6 (100%)


[ ] You’re materialistic.

[ ] You’ve dyed your hair a wild colour.

[ ] You’re somewhat naive.

[ ] You’re chirpy.

[ ] You’re punctual and hate lateness.

[ ] Etiquette is important to you.

0/6 (0%)


[ ] You’re very sarcastic.

[ ] You get drunk often.

[ ] People might find you condescending.

[x] Outsmarting others is a talent of yours.

[ ] You’re very lonely.

1/5 (20%)


[ ] You’re a bold, gutsy person.

[x] People might call you crazy.

[x] You want things to be fair.

[ ] You’ve had a rough time in life.

[x] You really don’t like most people.

[ ] You don’t like being in water.

3/6 (50%)


[x] You love music.

[x] You’re small and graceful.

[x] You hum often.

[x] You inspire others.

[x] You’re always hungry.

[x] People underestimate you.

6/6 (100%)

I'm Cinna...and Rue. Fine. They're my favorites, so I'm glad there's a reason. Too bad they're both dead.

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