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Hello. Wow. Been far too long since I last updated this thing. I was reading over it and suddenly realized that there was a lot of old info on here that I didn't really need or like or... well... Suffice to say it needed to be updated.

About Me I'm a twenty year old female, and I've been posting stuff since Freshman year and writing even longer. I really like to write. I also like to read. You know how most kids, when they get in trouble, aren't allowed to go on the computer or play video games or something? I was always banned from all recreational reading. (Also, I read the seventh Harry Potter book in six hours. I am very proud of that.)

Old Work: So I went through a bit of a dry spell on here, but I'm back! After... a long time. Several years. I know. I had five works up before I vanished off the face of FFN, and I have to say I'm not proud of them looking back. Faceless Twins is pretty much dead at this point, mostly because I realized how many holes were in the story and I... I don't know. It's something I wrote years ago. Double Lives still makes me giggle, though, so I guess I wasn't entirely hopeless back then... (And I still very much want to continue that someday.)

New Work: Most of my newer stuff and the stuff I'm working on are targeted towards a pretty niche audience. I enjoy finding an odd idea or something strange that no one's thought of before. Fourth Time's the Charm, for example, is one story idea I've never seen used. Harry Gets Real, my current epic, is one that someone wrote a challenge for. As no one had ever risen to that challenge, I decided to take them up on it... and it's a unique enough tale to keep my interest.

Future Work: I don't have any names yet, but I do have a few odder tales planned out. I'll get around to writing them soon enough. Most will probably be longer one-shots, but who knows? Stories can go unexpected places. If you have a specific challenge for me, feel free to drop me a PM. If it's weird enough, I'll probably give it a shot. No promises on length, though.

My Interests: I like all the normal stuff, you know, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, the nerdy stuff. I'm also a fan of Mario and Legend of Zelda. Add that to my strange fascination with children's cartoons, and you start to see why I enjoy the niche audience stuff. Phineas and Ferb, and Danny Phantom are a pair of shows I very much enjoy. And if you can't tell from my works, I'm a big fan of cartoons from the eighties as well. Inspector Gadget, and The Real Ghostbusters leap to mind. (Did you know that RGB keeps referencing Inspector Gadget in several episodes? They keep whistling the theme song. It's... kind of awesome.)

Pet Peeves: In stories? Bad grammar and stilted language. I'll read the occasional one if it has a really engaging (read: humorous) plot, enough to distract me from the mistakes. And one or two is fine. I know I let the occasional typo slip through myself. I don't have a beta, either, so all you're looking at is my own unaltered work. But then again, I don't typically need one. And some people really do. If you can't capitalize the first letters of your sentences, I don't want to read your work.

One other thing that bugs me is overly forced plot lines. If there's one contrived bit at the start of the story, then that's fine. If that's all the story is, it's ridiculous. I don't want to read a Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings crossover where Middle Earth and our Earth are part of the same world and everyone's interacting like it's totally normal. That's just not... well, interesting to me, I guess. I prefer typically working within the bounds of canon. Makes it more of a challenge that way. If something going to be AU, I'll take something lightly AU over something that's been pretty much changed in every way, shape, or form.

In real life? I'm pretty chill with most things. I guess when people start asking me to "borrow" them something I want to smack them. There's a difference between "borrowing" and "lending". I will lend you something, you will borrow it from me. I do not borrow you something. That is not how grammar works.

Also, don't even get me started on the Wizard of Oz. I'm a fan of the Oz series, which is a series of numerous books that most people forget exist. They are my childhood. Not the movie. Do not let me start talking about the movie. I can rant for at least an hour (and that is not even an exaggeration, that is completely serious). (Ironically, I do love Wicked... as a completely separate story.)

All in All: I like writing and will probably continue to do so for quite some time.

My Old Works (In My Old Words):

The Faceless Twins: A Professor Layton Story about... mass confusion, I guess. Claire seems to be alive, Lando pops up, the professor gets depressed, and much insanity occurs. (Pretty much officially abandoned at this point.)

Double Lives: This was a one shot that popped into my head, but I'm considering expanding it. When I get the chance.

Unnoticed: Ugh. This one didn't quite turn out how I wanted it to, but I guess it's okay. It involves Luigi and strange murders. Who could be behind it all? The answer is not what you'd expect...

Frozen in Time: I don't know what I was thinking. It makes no sense and is pretty much stupid.

Revert: ...So I went back to Super Paper Mario and thought this up. I like Mr. L. He's fun to write. Have at you!

My New Works:

From Ashes: A Hetalia/Hunger Games crossover detailing the fall of Panem during the 74th Hunger Games. Includes the states, in a way I've never seen them used before. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. There's a lot of seriousness, but there's still some humor in it.

PnF Star Wars Deleted Scenes: It occurs to me that no one would ever be allowed to really die in Phineas and Ferb. So there are a few off screen fix-its, a couple odd musings, and some bits that should have been there. (And, it's all totally canon. Really.)

Fourth Time's the Charm: I'm not sure when I had a moment realizing that DHSAB has main characters named "Billy" and "Penny". And somehow my twisted mind realized that in Gadget and the Gadgetinis, Penny runs into Claw's nephew (the sweet and sort of naive) William "Billy" Thaw. This is a realization that the two worlds could totally fit together. Also an introspective character study of two children growing up. A bit dark, but one of my favorites.

Puzzling Serendipity: Professor Layton characters playing the roles of Phineas and Ferb characters. Features Luke as Phineas, Layton as Ferb/Perry, Flora as Isabella, Emmy as Candace, Crow and the Black Ravens as the Fireside Girls, Don Paolo as Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Dean Delmona as Major Monogram, Rosa as Carl, Brenda and Clark Triton as Linda and Lawrence Flynn-Fletcher, Claire as Vanessa Doofenshmirtz, and a special cameo appearance of Desmond Sycamore as Peter the Panda, and Leon Bronev as either Rodney or Professor Mystery (you decide). 100% ridiculous, and yet so worth every minute. Contains slight spoilers for Azran Legacy (mostly because of Sycamore... despite him never actually saying anything).

The CIA Files: Inspector Gadget fandom. A series of one shots depicting the everyday life going on behind the doors of WOMP's most secretive branch, the Cryptic Intelligence Agency. These guys somehow know exactly what MAD is planning, even as they're still planning it. They must be the best of the best, the bravest of the brave, the smartest of the smart... or not so much. Join Elliot, Dana, Carlotta, Caz, Wayne, Sue, John, and Marvin as they sort of attempt to kind of do their jobs maybe, and get Chief Quimby out with all the information they need. It's always a bumpy ride.

Harry Gets Real: My current epic! There was an old challenge hanging about, asking someone to write a story of Harry being raised by the Ghostbusters. I decided to rise to the occasion. Needless to say, Peter, Egon, Ray, and Winston do not make the most responsible of guardians, and Janine's influence can only go so far. Harry hits Hogwarts with his cousin and Slimer in tow, ready to bust some trolls, massive snakes, dementors, and an undead dark lord. Oh, and assemble his own ghostbusting team. Life will certainly be interesting.

Amnesiacs Stick Together: Professor Layton fandom. Randall and Claire meet up while they're both supposed to be dead at an Amnesiacs Anonymous meeting. Only neither knows who the other is (or who they are, for that matter). Very lighthearted with a happy ending and much humor found throughout. Also, Claire has a newspaper. Randall better beware.

Citizen Human: A Real Ghostbusters one shot based on the episode "Citizen Ghost". Contains major spoilers for the episode (as much as any eighties cartoon episode can still have "spoilers"). When the Ghostbusters find themselves in the middle of the garage with no memories of the past three months, they figure things will be confusing, but they can probably work everything out. Only when they head to sleep, they find people already in their beds... themselves? Quite a bit darker than I usually write, but still with plenty of snappy dialogue (because it's the Ghostbusters) and not really a happy ending. If there's interest, though, I'd write an AU one shot with a happy ending. Mostly because I like happy endings, damn it!

The Ones That Got Away: A compilation of plot bunnies that have escaped capture. They're mostly Harry Potter based and mostly short and sweet (with the occasional longer one). There will eventually be some non-Harry Potter related stuff, but not quite yet. Updated when I feel like it. List of other fandoms that have made it in either as a cross over with Harry Potter or a stand alone so far: Mario, Captain Underpants (books), Scooby Doo (SDMI)

The Price of Liberty: Scooby Doo fandom. There are people out there who hate the gang for stopping them. After all, without those meddling kids, wouldn't they have gotten away with it? Sometimes, these people aren't content with simply being released from prison. Sometimes, they seek out revenge. Mystery Inc, however, is well equipped to deal with it. Dark. Strong hints of SDMI characterizations, but no firm confirmation of that universe. References the movie "Frankencreepy".

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