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About me

Name - Just call me Water or Vapor
Gender - Male
Age - 19
Birthday - March 14 (Pisces)

I'm a proud, queer, black writer. If you're caught off guard by my stories, sorry. Here's your warning, I guess.

Favorite Manga
Pokemon Adventures
I can's remember the rest, sorry

Favorite Video Games:
Fire Emblem Fates
Final Fantasy
Kid Icarus
Mario Kart
Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time
Pokemon Sun and Moon
Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Pokemon X/Y
Pokemon Black/White
Pokemon Platinum
Pokemon SoulSilver
Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia
Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky
Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen
Yokai Watch

What I do for fun

First off, I love to write. I've been away for awhile because I've been doing my best to develop my own unique style and I finally think I've locked it down. Now I'm ready to pick up where I started and continue with my stories. Aside from writing, reading is a great joy of mine and I love analyzing different works of literature. I also really enjoy music. Someday, I'd like to not only be an author, but a singer, songwriter, and producer. Like most teens, I love video games as, for me, its a chance to remove myself from the world and focus my thoughts on something stressless.


So, I love R&B, Soul, and Neo-Soul over anything else, but I do listen to everyone every now and then.

For singers:

Aaliyah (R.I.P)
Whitney Houston (R.I.P)
Michael Jackson (R.I.P)
Prince (R.I.P)
Destiny's Child
Kelly Rowland
Damien Crawford
Faith Evans
Eryn Allen Kane
Emeli Sande
Elliot Yamin
Ella Mai
Bahja Rodriguez
Bibi Bourelly
Blu Cantrell
Bobby V
Jacob Lattimore
Conya Doss
Keyshia Cole

and much, much more

Kendrick Lamar
J. Cole
Remy Ma
Lil Kim
Nicki Minaj
Biggie Smalls
Fat Joe
Anye Elite

and much, much more

My favorite ships:


NewBark (Ethan x Kris)
Twinleaf (Barry x Dawn)
Hoenn (Brendan x May)
Oblivia (Ben x Summer)
DualRival (Cheren x Bianca)
OldRival (Blue x Leaf)
??? (Isaac x Rhythmi)
??? (Sven x Wendy)


Special (Red x Yellow)
OldRival (Blue x Green)
MangaQuest (Gold x Crystal)
Chosen (Silver x Green)
Frantic (Ruby x Sapphire)
Haughty (Pearl x Platina)
Commoner (Dia x Platina)
Agency (Black x White)
Corrupted (Blake x Whitley)
Tea (Bill x Dasiy Oak)
Kalos (X x Y)


Poke (Ash x Misty)
Penguin (Kenny x Dawn)
Contest (Drew x May)
Luck (Brock x Lucy)
Quest (Jimmy x Marina)
Rocket (James x Jessie)
Wishful (Cilan x Iris)
Twinleaf (Barry x Dawn)

Fire Emblem Fates:

Corrin x Niles
Corrin x Azura
Corrin x Felicia
Leo x Nyx
Silas x Selena
Silas x Hana
Ryoma x Orochi
Hayato x Mozu
Odin x Camila
Laslow x Selena
Xander x Azura
Keaton x Elise
Arthur x Effie
Kaze x Beruka
Subaki x Hinoka
Hinata x Sakura
Jacob x Felicia
Takumi x Oboro
Kaden x Rinkah
Saizo x Kagero
Kaze x Rinkah
Benny x Charlotte
Azuma x Setsuna

Adventures Series Shippings: (Needs Editing)

Hearth (Turquoise x Jasper) Semi-Canon

Blueberry (Turquoise x Aqua) Semi-Canon

Ocean (Turquoise x Navy) Canon

Venom (Turquoise x Janina) Semi-Canon

Carnation (Turquoise x Paxton) Canon

Plum (Turquoise x Viridian) Crack

Passion (Crimson x Ammolite) Canon

BloodMoon (Midnight x Ammolite) Semi-Canon

LaissezFaire (Indigo x Ammolite) Semi-Canon

Peach (Jasper x Rosemary) Canon

Charged (Jasper x Sol) Semi-Canon

Huntress (Jasper x Aqua) Semi-Canon

SteelHeart (Moonstone x Violet) Canon

Tsuki (Moonstone x Opal) Semi-Canon

FrostStone (Moonstone x Amy) Canon

Precious (Indigo x Gemstone) Canon

Ridge (Torn x Virdian) Semi-Canon

Sakura (Rowan x Viridian) Canon

Puce (Ametrine X Viridian) Canon

FrostForest (Rowan x Amy) Canon

Flux (Terro x Silva) Canon

Descendant (Navy x Ametrine) Canon

Heritage (Maroon x Coral) Canon

Bastion (Oliver x Yarkona) Canon

Chrysalis (Basil x Rosemary) Canon

Haunted (Angelo x Coral) Canon

Grim (Angelo x Sakura) Canon

Scald (Maroon x Amy) Canon

DracoSoul (Onyx x Opal) Canon

Chaos (Yurik x Zora) Canon

Ancient Series:

Ancient High: Part 1: Ancient High isn't your average school. Strange things have been happening, and students are appearing, barely alive, around the school. It's up to the Next Generation Pokedex Owners to solve this mystery. Will they succeed or fail?

In Progress

Ancient Riddles: Part 2: The worse might have stop, but there's a new danger. A cave has appeared and something is sucking the life out of students and Pokemon causing fear to rise. Another mystery and another problem from the New Pokedex Owners to solve.

To start

Ancient Prophecy: Part 3: Chaos is happening. The New Pokedex Owners are being turned on by the people of the five main regions. The Mask of Dragons has seized a Legendary Pokemon. Orre, Fiore, Almia, and Oblivia have been attacked by a icy force. The Pokedex Owners, old and new, have their work cut out for them.

Arc 1: Ancient Time to start

Arc 2: Ancient Travels to start

Arc 3: Ancient Prophecy to start

Ancient Series Fun stuff!

Ancient Series Theme Songs:

Turquoise's Theme song: It doesn't matter

Jasper's Theme Song: What I'm made of

Perla's Theme Song: Fly in the Freedom

Crimson's Theme Song: Lazy Days

Viridian's Theme Song: My Sweet Passion

Violet's Theme Song: Miss Independent/Fighter

Moonstone's Theme Song: Live and Learn

Navy's Theme Song: Dreams of Absolution

Ametrine's Theme Song: I am

Onyx's Theme Song: Open your heart

Opal's Theme Song: Rush

Rose's Theme Song: Kids in America

Maroon's Theme Song: His World

Coral's Theme Song: Mean

Janina's Theme Song: Breakway

Herbert's Theme Song: ???

Angelo's Theme Song: ???

Rowan's Theme Song: ???

Amy's Theme Song: ???

Sakura's Theme Song: ???

Ancient High's Theme Song: ???

Ancient Riddles's Theme Song: ???

Ancient Prophecy's Theme Song: ???

HealingForest (Turquoise X Viridian)

BurningPassion (Crimson X Perla)

Peach (Jasper X Rose)

Steel (Moonstone X Violet)

Fusion (Ametrine X Navy)

GlowingSoul (Onyx X Opal)

Heritage (Maroon X Coral)

Advantage (Herbert X Rose) - Enchanted

Haunted (Angelo X Coral)

Scald (Maroon X Amy)

HealingToxic (Turquoise X Janina) - Call Me Maybe

HealingSong (Turquoise X Viridian X Janina) - Girlfriend/ Better than Revenge

Pokémon DX: The Yin of Inferno

Pokémon DX: The Yin of Inferno: Sequel to Pokemon XD. It's been years since the Micheal defeated he Ciphers and purified all of the Shadow Pokemon. Peace has been restored to Orre Region for twenty years. However, a new evil has risen. Micheal has been kidnapped and a Shadow Pokemon are appearing worldwide. It's time for a new hero to rise up and stop this crisis.

Orphan Legacy: A Pokemon story. In the years of the 6000s, Sinnoh, has been engulfed in a wave of crimes. The reason why all revolves around what happened in 5960. No one knows why, but a Legendary Pokemon went rouge and started shaping Sinnoh into the way of its choosing. Now, a group of selected orphans around the regions must do their best to find the Original One and rewrite history for if they fail, there will be a new Pokemon in charge of the Legendaries, and it will not be their mother...


Chrome (Male; 10), Lapis Lazuli (Female; 10), Grey Star (Male; 11), Azurite (Female; 12), Mahogany (Male; 12), Malaya (Female; 13), Zircon (Male; 15), Vesuvianite (Female; 15), Corundum (Male; 14), Beryl (Female; 13), Calcite (Male; 11), Paraiba (Female; 12), Sulfer (Male; 11), Titanite (Female; 11), Fucsite (Male; 10), Aventurine (Female; 10)


Oceania (Chrome x Lapis Lazuli)

Acer (Zircon x Vesuvianite)

Eclipse (Grey Star x Azurite)

Subzero (Mahogany x Malaya)

BurningRose (Corundum x Beryl)

Flowstone ( Calcite x Paraiba)

Suzuki (Sulfur x Titanite)

AppleForest (Fucsite x Aventurine)

Mystical Treasure:

Mystical Treasure:A Pokemon story and a sequel to the Ancient Series and Orphan Legacy. When an old enemy rises from his ashes, he threatens the lives of the kids. So, they are sent away to a boarding school where they should be safe. But, there are many secrets to be told. Seventeen gems filled with the powers of Pokemon, a new villiance team out to get it, and what does it all have to do with disturbing Palkia? Dimensions have been been breached and Palkia is losing control. Four teams must unite seventeen gems before its too late. If they fail, it should all lead to hell...


Dimension Tau: Mercury O-S (13), Peridot O-S (13), Ultramarine O-S (13), Benitote O-S (16), Iolite K-O (14), Sodalite K-O (13), Puce K-O (16), Spinel S (16), Suntone S (13), Citrine S (12), Jonquil R (16), Peach R (13), Sphalerite R (13), Amazonite R (14), Charoite R (13), Alexandrite R (14), Laminar K (15), Chrysoclla K (14), Agate K (13), Aquamarine K (13), Diospside K (13), Folly A (16), Atomic A (16), Sardonyx A (13), Tourmaline A (12), Labradorite M (15), Tanzanite M (13), Quartz M (12), Aya R (16), Kevin R (14), Roxie R (13), Lillian D (14), Kenneth D (13)

Dimension Kappa: Jungle Green S (13), Esmeralda S (13), Blizzard S (13), Fern S (16), Jessamy Y (16), Azure Y (14), Caribbean Y (12), Nova K (13), Scarlet K (13), Pacific Blue K (16), Snowflake K (13), Slate K (13), Amaranth T (15), Klein T (14), Cobalt T (11), C T (15), Ebony T (13), Apricot T (12), Cardinal A (14), Liard A (13), Albicant G (16), Orchid G (14), Seashell G (12), Kelly A (16), Delmar A (16), Darwin A (13), Keshawna A (13)

Dimension Xi: Eton W (12), Fuchisa C (12), Rust C (12), Celeste A (12), Royal B-T (12), Ivory Glitter D (12), Yuki S (12), Kuros P (12), Hunter W (16), Paris W (16), Naomi S (16), rest to be made

Dimension Nu: Denim F (15), Cream A (15), Timberwolf G (14), Maize S (14), Beige C (13), Poppy L (13), rest to be made

Future Writing projects:

Fairy Tail's Moonlight: Inspired by Insane Dominator's The Fairy Contender. A Pokemon and Fairy Tail crossover story, Kamari is a fifteen-year-old trainer from Alola tossed into a new world with fractured memories and a mission. Collect the remaining plates and save Arceus's life or the universe will fall apart. No pressure, right?

Fire Emblem Fates - Bloodlines: A Fire Emblem story. Set one year after Revelations. King Corrin and King Niles have ruled Valla through peaceful times. However, that soon changes during a mysterious meteor shower. Can the peace be maintained or well crisis befall the kingdom?

Star Force - Pisces Rain: A Mega Man Star Force story. Set five years after the final game. Serani Kyree Olokun is the new kid in Echo Ridge. He's no stranger to travel, but living in a city is a whole new experience for him. And things turn left, when he finds himself drowning. Looks like his life is taking a turn for the worse when he finds himself fighting crime caused by an alien race of electromagnetic beings. Kind of strange, huh?

Naruto Story: Currently just an idea I'm playing around with. Will take place during Naruto Part 1 and eventually move to Part 2. No name as of yet. Only that it will take place in Kumogakure most likely, starring my OC clan of healers and genjustu specialist. They also possess a kekkai genkai called the Bun'yagan, granting them electroception. They have a summon family of salamanders and newts and specialize in lightning release just like most Kumo-nin. The main character will be black, gay and paired with Omoi. There isn't much known about Kumogakure so it'll be based purely on my creativity and I have an idea of how I want this to play out. The main cast will meet Naruto and the gang, but not until the Chunin Exams, primarily during the invasion since that's really the only logical point in which they can get there. Kumogakure apparently hasn't participated in the Chunin Exams at all, but they have ninjas like Darui who are young and Jonin level so creativity is going to be everything for this story.

Digimon Story: Another idea I'm playing around with. It either takes place before Tri, a few months after tri, or just a rewrite of Digimon Adventure 02. Not sure only because I love what Tri is doing and I don't wanna remove it, but I do wanna manipulate it somehow. Either way, the 02 kids are in high school and there is a new transfer student, my OC and a newfound Digidestined with his own crest. Yolei, Davis, Cody, and Ken will receive their own crests as well along with the original DigiDestined regaining the powers of their crests. For the 02 kids, their crests will be Passion (Yolei), Wisdom (Cody), Miracles (Davis), and Kindness (Ken). My OC's crest will most likely be Dreams and his partner digimon is Lunamon (since I love her evolution line). My character shall be black and queer and paired with TK since he's my favorite DigiDestined. Just an idea. May or may not happen, but I'd like for it to.

Pokemon Adventures - Oneshots Editions: A companion to the Pokemon series I'm making. This will contain interact between couples and friends that can't really be touched upon in the main story for pacing reasons and will take place in random points in time. It will also be a good way to introduce my story since it was originally called the Ancient Series when I was younger. Now, I've changed it up and have a lot more planned for it.

Young Justice - Storm King: A Young Justice story. I'll be a retelling of the first two seasons and hopefully the third season as well once it comes out. This stars my OC Storm King as he becomes a hero, discovers his heritage, and better his life. Summary will hopefully come when I've figured out the story for. Pairing may be another OC, a DC charcater I'll introduce into the story, or Aqualad. I was thinking about introducing Darkfire (Starfire's little brother), Zachary Zatara (Zatanna's cousin), Captain Marvel Jr., or someone else.

X-Men Evolution Story: Another idea I'm playing with. An OC mutant with the power to create whatever he imagines is found by Professor X, Scott, Jean, Wolverine, and Storm weeks before the series starts in NY. They try and help him come to terms with his powers, but he's afraid of them and keeps to himself a lot. He might get paired with Spyke since I do like Spyke's character and this isn't much love for him. Might not happen, but it'll be fun to do.

Crossing the Blazing Water: A Pokemon Mystery Dungeon story based on Explorers of Sky. Inferno is a Torchic who was turned into a human and has no memory, and doesn't know how to change back. With the help of his new friend Emperor, the Piplup, to help him, but the world is very dangerous than they think. Many Pokemon are losing their ability to evolve and time is slowly getting out of control. Inferno and Emperor are going to need to solve this mystery.

The Fall of Fuse: A Fusionfall story interpreted my way. Akihiro has life a semi-normal life in Townsville. However, that was before Dexter asked for his help with his Time Travel experiment. But, due to DeeDee's playfulness, Akihiro is sent to a devastating future here the end of the world is closer than you think. Find out new secrets about himself, Akihiro must return to the past and stop Fuse before he absorbs his planet. For this story, since it is basically a rewrite, I think I'm going to add more Cartoon Network characters, and have their fusion forms. The Nanos will the same. I'm not very good at making up Nano powers or nano missions, but I can give it a try and see if I can. There will be more places, not a whole lot, but more.

Legend of the X-Antibody: A Digimon story. Five after the defeat of MaloMyotismon, the Digital World has been in a state of peace and tranquility. However, peace doesn't stay for long. An ancient evil that was said to have been destroyed has been reawakened and has been of destroying the ones who sealed him away. Now, it's up to a new set of eight DigiDestined to rise up to stop the darkness from overtaking the Digital World. But, what's this new element called the X-Antibody? And what does it have to do with the Digital World?

Orphan Legacy: A Pokemon story. In the years of the 6000s, Sinnoh has been engulfed in a wave of crimes. The reason why all revolves around what happened in 5960. No one knows why, but a Legendary Pokemon went rogue and started shaping Sinnoh into the way of its choosing. Now, a group of selected orphans around the regions must do their best to find the Original One and rewrite history for if they fail, there will be a new Pokemon in charge of the Legendaries, and it will not be their mother...

Mystical Treasure: A Pokemon story and a sequel to the Ancient Series. When an old enemy rises from his ashes, he threatens the lives of the kids. So, they are sent away to a boarding school where they should be safe. But, there are many secrets to be told. Seventeen gems filled with the powers of Pokemon, a new villan team out to get it, and what does it all have to do with disturbing Palkia? Dimensions have been breached and Palkia is losing control. Four teams must unite seventeen gems before it's too late. If they fail, it should all lead to hell...

Aliens, Magic, and the Te-Xuan-Ze: A Life and Times of Juniper Lee and Ben 10 crossover. Takes place during Ben 10 Ultimate Alien. During an attempt to have a normal vacation in Orchid City Bay turns disastrous when the sorcerer Hex appears. He's after a certain artifact that makes the bearer immortal. Now, Ben and the gang must stop him before it's too late. But, who is the Te-Xuan-Ze and how can she fight with Hex and a majority of Ben's aliens on even terms? And how does Gwen know about a retired warrior? And with everything going on, how does Loki and Charmcaster get involved with it?

Powerpuff Girls Forever: A Fusionfall story. When Buttercup disappears, the two Powerpuff Girls aren't at their top form. Before the war started, most of their villains left Townsville to fight and destroy other cities. The war itself was just an excuse for the girls to fight. However, when two powerful Fusions are wracking Townsville, will the Powerpuff Girls be able to stop them? Or will they need some help from a certain singer? And during all of the madness, do Mojo Jojo and the Rowdyruff Boys help the girls are cause more trouble than needed? Also, what is HIM during with Albedo?

What are little girls and aliens made of?: A Powerpuff Girls and Ben 10 crossover with hints and concepts of Fusionfall thrown in for the mix. Set during Omniverse. The girls are pre-teens and they still fight crime in Townsville. But, when an alien ship crash lands in the park, it attracts unwanted attention from the Forever Knights. Grandpa Max gets a tip from an unknown source and sends Ben and Rook to investigate. But, the more they try to investigate, more the attention they attract from the Powerpuff Girls. Will these two groups of heroes be able to work together and defeat the Forever Knights or will their fighting cause more trouble for Townsville?

Nursery Rhymes and Underestimated Sidekicks: A Powerpuff Girls and Young Justice crossover. Takes place during the time-gap between the two seasons.This is loosely based off of the Powerpuff Girls Movie. Sick and tired of living in the crime cesspool known as Gotham City. Professor Patrick Utonium moves to a city known as Townsville, only to find out that it isn't much better. So, one today, he decides to create a trio of perfect little girls. However, the League has been watching Utonium and, by getting a misinterpretation, sends the Team to stop his experiment. However, this misunderstanding leads to big problems when a dangerous chemical is dropped into the batch. When three super-powered girls are created, what will the League decide to do with them and the Professor? And, what do a monkey and a demon have to do this as well?

Covert-ops and Mischief to boot: A Pokemon and Young Justice Crossover. During the time-gap between the two seasons. When Psimon and Lex Luthor begin poking around with dimensional weapons, nine Pokemon are transported into their world. The Team each meet one, separately, and discuss with the League. However, when the League's decision is to contain them, the Team must investigate their appearance and find a way to send them back home. Oh, and did i forget to mention that the Pokemon are gijinkas!

Te-Xuan-Ze Investigation: A Life and Times of Juniper Lee and Young Justice Crossover. During season one, right after the season finale. The League and the Team have been searching for new heroes to join up and fight against the Light. Their search soon finds interest in a fourteen-year-old girl in Orchid City Bay. Juniper Lee was fighting a demon when the magical veil was lifted, allowing a photo to be taken, showing her fighting off ten demons. When the Team is sent to find out who she is, they soon become entangled in her life in the worst of ways. Can they and June stop a powerful witch from escaping her banishment and destroying the world or well the fall and watch as their world turns into dust?

The link to my page is:

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Digimon Saga by Kingkaiju reviews
A group of teens are sent a mysterious message,and flung into a strange world. Now they must find a way back home,as a dark force watches them from the shadows. (Cover art by Linkmaste.) (Rated Teen for language. Chapters 6-10 currently being revised.)
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Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 22 - Words: 207,902 - Reviews: 75 - Favs: 24 - Follows: 28 - Updated: 1/14 - Published: 1/21/2017 - Gold/Ethan/Hibiki, Red, Yellow, Blue O./Green O. (male)
Strength within Myself by Sakucherryblossoms reviews
After the mission to Waves, Sakura realized she needed to get stronger; she would never survive long in the shinobi world. Through her will to become stronger, Sakura learns as much as she can from as many people as she can, while finally understanding what it means to be a part of a team, and consequently, a family.
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 76 - Words: 303,667 - Reviews: 1534 - Favs: 1,926 - Follows: 2,212 - Updated: 1/13 - Published: 2/26/2012 - Naruto U., Sasuke U., Sakura H., Shikamaru N.
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Yoni never expected to become a Pokemon trainer, much less in a different region than the one he grew up in. Worse yet, life on the road turns out to be a lot more difficult than he assumed, especially when another kid from Johto keeps outshining him. With his help and that of a sickly young boy named Wally, will he be able to rise above and stop the looming threat of Team Aqua?
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 3 - Words: 6,791 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 1/11 - Published: 12/28/2017 - Swinub/Urimoo, OC
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Guardian Fairy by Alpha Dragonis reviews
In order to save the universe, Arceus had to transfer his powers to a human. Facing the challenge of a lifetime, Rex Vermend sets off in the distant land of Fiore alongside his Pokémon to witness extraordinary sights, and experence hardships along the way. The journey will be long and the adventure will not only uncover the Plates but also his true feelings.
Crossover - Pokémon & Fairy Tail - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 72,525 - Reviews: 19 - Favs: 79 - Follows: 74 - Updated: 12/22/2017 - Published: 3/17/2017 - [OC, Mirajane S.] Team Natsu
Digimon: Cyber Wars by Thireven reviews
Six DigiDestined and their digital partners find themselves as the only ones who can save both the Digital World and the Human World from the army of the accursed Demon Lord. It's going to be harder than they think.
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Pokemon Special - The New Dawn by TheTankSoT reviews
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Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 7 - Words: 20,780 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 11/30/2017 - Published: 3/17/2017
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Sometimes I wonder if all of the pain was worth the brief moments of happiness; was the life I had chosen, a life that would make me strong so I could protect what was precious to me, truly worth all of the grief? I know if I had not chosen this life, I would never have met him - and he would always be worth it. Ren is on Team Eleven and this is his story (Yaoi, Slash, OMC)
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 22 - Words: 94,291 - Reviews: 99 - Favs: 214 - Follows: 280 - Updated: 11/18/2017 - Published: 4/6/2017 - [Shikamaru N., OC] Ino Y., Chōji A.
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