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1. Why not you?

Why not me what?

2. Are you nice?

I can be

3. Are you doing what you really want to do?

I guess, I mean I'm on the computer...

4. What are you grateful for?

My father and God waking me up every morning to see a new day :)

5. What’s missing in your life?

Someone to trust, and treu friends :P

6. Are you honest?

Not all the time, but Hey nobody's perfect!

7. Do you listen to others?


8. Do you work hard?

When I want to

9. Do you help others?


10. What do you need to change about yourself?

My attitude and disrespect :P

11. Have you hurt others?

Yaa, and they have hurt me. The list goes on

12. Do you complain?

Who doesn't

13. What’s next for you?

I don't know?? Eating and watching TV??

14. Do you have fun?

You Damn Straight! All day errrday

15. Have you seized opportunities?


16. Do you care about others?


17. Do you spend enough time with your family?

No everyone always has to work, so I just chill by myself

18. Are you open-minded?


19. Have you seen enough of the world?


20. Do you judge others?

Who hasn't??

21. Do you take risks?


22. What is your purpose?

To fulfill what God wants me to do in Life

23. What is your biggest fear?

Bugs :O( hate them)

24. How can you conquer that fear?

I can't I don't like any type of Bug!

25. Do you thank people enough?

I guess??

26. Are you successful

Are you??

27. What are you ashamed of?

My actions and I don't care attitude :P

28. Do you annoy others?

Yes, and they annoy me!

29. What are you dreams?

To become a successful cosmetologist and open up my own shop

30. Are you positive?

Not really

31. Are you negative?

Most of the time

32. Is there an afterlife?

Nope, only heaven and hell. But aye thats my belief, I ain't saying to believe what I believe, so you knoo do you, and I'ma do me and we all ghudd..

33. Does everything happen for a reason?

Yep, that's why we in this world

34. What can you do to change the world?

Change my self??

35. What is the most foolish thing you have ever done?

Disrespect my father

36. Are you cheap?

Can be

37. Are you greedy?

Can be

38. Who do you love?


39. Who do you want to meet?

God:), J.cole, Trey songz, and Future :P

40. Where do you want to go?

To heaven:)

41. What are you most proud of?

My dad, because he is a great father!!

42. Do you care what others think about you?

I mean not really, but sometimes I do things so others don't say anything. So I guess I'm in the middle??

43. What are your talents?

Singing a little, dancing, running, and starting off conversations with people

44. Do you utilize those talents?

I guess

45. What makes you happy?

When I see someone helping others or someone doing something for me

46. What makes you sad?

When I get lied to often,and people break my heart

47. What makes you angry?

When people lie to me or catch an attitude for no reason

48. Are you satisfied with your appearance?

Yea I think I have good style :) (MY OPINION)

49. ARe you healthy?

I don't know, I aint no doctor

50. What was the toughest time in your life?

I don't know you, so I ain't gonna tell you all that

51. What was the easiest time in your life?

Not telling

52. Are you selfish?

Can be

53. What was the craziest thing You did

Don't know

54. What is the craziest thing you want to do?

Go on a very crazy adventure in a dream

55. Do you procrastinate?


56. What is your greatest regret?

Disrespecting my Dad

57. What has had the greatest impact on your life?


58. Who has had the greatest impact on your life?

My father and Grandma:)

59. Do you stand up for yourself?

Yes, ain't no one gonna just talk to me any old kind of way

60. Have you settled for mediocrity?

Df is that

61. Do you hold grudges?


62. Do you read enough?

I love reading

63. Do you listen to your heart?


64. Do you donate enough to the less fortunate?

No, I should start though

65. Do you pray only when you want something?

Sometimes,but mostly I pray for others

66. Do you constantly dwell on the past?

Yea, I have to admit it

67. Do you let other people’s negativity affect you?


68. Do you forgive yourself?

Way to many times

69. When you help someone do you think “What’s in it for me”?

LMAO sometimes

70. Are you aware that someone always has it worse than you?


71. Do you smile more than you frown?

No, even though I should. But I'm always frowning -_-

72. Do you surround yourself with good people?

Not all the time

73. Do you take time out for yourself?


74. Do you ask enough questions?

I ask a lot so I can't count or tell you that answer

75. What other questions do you have?

Nothing, just so many random questions in this test?!!!

What time are you starting this?





Na Na, Ari, Laila Ali, Moo Moo, Mommy, and Roche

Date of birth?






Eye color?

Dark brown

Where were you born?

The south baby!!

Number of candles on your last birthday cake?

Didnt have a candles



Hair color?

Dark brown


2 in my right ear and 2 in my left ear

Town you live in?

I don't live in a town, I live in the suburbs

Favorite foods?

To many

Ever been to Africa?

Nahhh, df why would I go there?? To die??

Been toilet papering?

Nahh, df this look like?? Halloween?

Love someone so much it made you cry?


Been in a car accident?


Croutons or bacon bits?

Bacon bits all day Nigga

Favorite day of the week?

None cuz they all have to end like life

Favorite resturant?

Dont have one

Favorite flower?


Favorite sport to watch?

Dont watch sports nigga!!

Favorite drink?

Sprite all, day

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Cookies and cream all day son!

Warner Bros. or Disney?


Favorite fast food restaurant?

Bojangals ITS BO TIME

Carpet color in your bedroom?

can't explain it

Whom did you get your last email from?

My sister

Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?

I'on know, df I look like with a credit card?? I'm only living life and doing me

What do you do most often when you are bored?

Get on Ipad, do my hair, clean, or get on Computer

Most annoying thing to say to me?

Can I have some gum?? Then I be ready to pop off!


9:30 on school nights

Favorite TV show?

Spongebob, love and hip hop, single ladies, and BET all day !!!

Last person you went out to dinner with?:

My fam??

Been out of country?


Believe in magick?

Nahh not that childish ishh, I mean but ayee that's my opinion. So do you and I'ma do me!

Ford or Chevy?


What are you listening to right now?

Too Deep For The Intro by J.Cole

Have you ever failed a grade?


If you have, what grade did you fail?

Nigga I said nahhh

Do you have a crush on someone?


Do you have a bf/gf?


If so, what is their name?

I said No

How long have you been together?


What are you wearing right now?

Spongebob pajama pants, gray wife beater, and a gray jacket

Would you have sex before marriage?

Wouldnt plan on it

Have you ever had a crush on any of your teachers?

Ewww Nigga that's gay

Are you a virgin?


Do you smoke?


Do you drink?


Are you ghetto?

Hell yea!!

Are you a player?


What are your favorite colors?

Neon colors all day

What is your favorite animal?

Puppies not them old ass dogs!

Do you have any birthmarks?


Who do you talk to most on the phone?

My best friend

Have you ever been slapped?


Do you get online a lot?

Hell yea

Are you shy or outgoing?

On some RNS outgoing!

Do you shower?

Hell yea!

Do you hate school?


Do you have a social life?

I guess you could say that

How easily do you trust people?

Fuck trust, I don't fear no nigga!

Do you have a secret people would be surprised knowing?


Would you ever sky dive?

Ahhh, maybe

Do you like to dance?

Hell yea, all day errrday

Have you ever been out of state?

Hell yea!

Do you like to travel?

Not in the car

Have you ever been expelled from school?


Have you ever been suspended from school?

Hell yea!

Do you want to get out of your hometown?


Are you spoiled?


Are you a brat?


Have you ever been dumped?


Do you like snapple?

Hell yea fucking right!!!

Do you drink a lot of water?

I drink enough

What toothpaste do you use?

Nigga I'on know, what kinda question is that??

Do you have a cell phone?

Hell yea

Do you have a curfew?


Who do you look up to?

No one

Are you a role model?


Have you ever been to Six Flags orCedar Point?


What name brand do you wear the most?

Dff, how would I know!

What kind of jewelry do you wear?

All kinds

What do you want pierced?

My cartilage and navel

Do you like takin pictures?

Hell yea

Do you like gettin your picture taken?


Do you have a tan?

Black already boiiii

Do you get annoyed easily?


Have you ever started a rumor?

Don't remember

Do you have your own phone or phone line?

Own phone, but not line

Do you have your own pool?

Nahh, you think I'm rich??

Do you prefer boxers or briefs?

I'on know I ain't no boy, boy shorts??

Do you have any siblings?


Have you ever been played?


Have you ever played anyone?


Do you get along with your parents?

Not all the time

How do you vent your anger?

Hitting things, screaming, cussing, rolling my eyes, walking away

Have you ever ran away?

Thought about it, but decided against it

Have you ever been fired from a job?

-_- have you?

Do you even have a job?

You should of asked that question before the one before

Do you daydream a lot?


Do you run your mouth?

Who doesn't??

What do you want a tattoo of?

A heart and my name

What do you have a tattoo of?

Nigga why for the umpteenth time!

What does your ex bf/gf look like?

Tall, and light skinned

What does your most recent crush look like?

White, but he Hispanic a little bit taller than me, and got the best swag!

Whats her/his name?


Are you rude?

I mean I can be, like if you ask me questions you don't need to know about, like personal? _

What was the last compliment you recieved?

I like your hair

What is your heritage?

Black all day errdayy

What is your lucky number?

6, the day God made us!

What does your hair look like right now?


Could you ever be a vegetarian?

Hell nahhhh, I need my meat!

Describe your looks?

:O stalker!

Would you ever date someone younger than you?

Ehh depends

Would you ever date someone older than you?

Hell yea

When was the last time you were drunk?

Dont drink! Again how many dam how many times I have to say that shit!

How many rings until you answer the phone?

2 0r 3 the most

Have you ever been skinny dipping?


If yes, when was the last time?

I said nahh!!

When was the last time you went on a date?

To young as they say!

Do you look more like your mother or father?


Do you cry a lot?


Do you ever cry to get your way?


What phrase do you use most when on the phone?

Whatever or O ok like in a sarcastic way

Are you the romantic type?

I don't know?? Am I!

Have you ever been chased by cops?


What do you like most about your body?

My bootayyy and boobs

What do you like least about your body?

My nose and face

When did you have your first crush?

2nd grade

When was the last time you threw up?

Last year

In the opposite sex, do you prefer blondes or brunettes?


Do you ever wear shirts to show your belly?

Around the house..

What about cleavage?

Embrace it girlll!! But don't make it look slutty!

Is your best friend a virgin?

I don't know???

What theme does your room have?

Cheetah Girls

What size show do you wear?

Shoe? You mean well I wear a 7

What is your screen name on AIM?

Df is an AIM??

How are you feeling right now?

Bored and hungry

When was the last time you were at a party?

A year ago

Has there ever been a rumor spread about you?


What is one of your bad qualilties?

My attitude

What is one of your good qualilties?

Pampering others

Would you marry for money?

Hell no

What do you drive?

Im not repeating my self again

Are you more of a mommys or daddys child?



So what?


Nigga what!

When was the last time you cried in school?

Whn my teacher called my parents and I got in trouble

What kind of music do you like?

Rap, R&B and Gospel

Would you ever bungee jump?

I have already

What is your worst fear?

Already said it

Would you ever join the army?

Hell no

Do you like cows?

Only for meat!

If you were to die today, what would you do?

Tell everyone I love them before I die

If you had one last word to say to someone before you die, what would it b?

I love you

Do you like to party?

Like clubbing?? Df I ain't repeating my self again

Hearts or broken hearts?


Moons or stars?


Coke or pepsi?


Favorite scent?


Favorite band?

Dont listen to bands

Would you ever dye your hair red?


How many languages can you speak?


What time are you finishing this?


Name? Ariana
Nicknames? Read all the way way up there
Age? NA
Single/Taken? Single
Are you happy with that? I guess
How many kids do you want to have? 2
What would you name them? Davonte or Trevon and Malika or Jasmine
Do you have a best friend? Yes
Are they a guy/chick? Guy and chick
Do they like you more than a friend? He acts like it
Do you drink? Age
Do you like to party? Pool parties??
Do you smoke? Nope
What do you smoke? I don't smoke
Have you ever been in LOVE? No
Do you believe in love? It can happen
Have you ever had your heart broken? Yep
Who was your last boyfriend/girlfriend? Davonte
Are you happy that you are no longer together? Yea
Do you hate him/her for that? He didn't do anything
What is your favortie band/singer?
What is your favorite song? Nobody's perfect by J. Cole
What is your favorite movie? Madeas Big Happy Family
What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Cookies and cream
What is your favorite color? Neon colors
Who is your best friend? I have 2
Do you know everything about them. No
How many siblings do you have? 1
Are you happy with that? Nope
What are you listening to right now? Nothing
What was your last drink? Pepsi
Who was your last kiss? Never kisses anyone
Who was your last hug from? My dad
What is your favorite food? To many
Do you have more guy/girl friends? Girl
Would you date any of your friends? Oguys about 60% of the guys
Is this survey getting on your nerves? YES
What was the last thing you watched on T.V? Don't know
Do you know who E.T is? Yes
Do you believe in aliens? Df?
Do you believe that all cheaters will always be cheater? Depends
Do you believe in dying becasue of lost love? Hell no
Have you ever had someone close to you die? No
What was his/her name? I said no
How did you know one another? I fucking saiid NO
Have you ever "Jump shake your booty, Jump, Jump shake your booty"? Df??
What kind of cell phone do you have? Motorola
Who was your last txt from? My Aunt
Your second? My friend
Your fifth? My friend
Your ninth? Why
What did you last txt say? Hey. Tell.marccall. Me
Your second? o OKai
Your fifth? thts how I spell it
Your Ninth? Why?
One or the other...not both..
pepsi/coke? Pepsi
white/cream chocolate? Cream
love/lost? Love
money/love? Love
friends/money? Money
family/friends? Family
pens/pencils? Pems
Hawthorne Heights/ neither
computer/music? both
camera/computer? computer
last person you slept with? Not a Hoe
last person you ate with?My family
last person you hit? My sister
last person you cried over? My bestfriend
last person you hugged? My dad
last person you kissed? Never kissed anyone
last person you said "I LOVE YOU" to? My dad
did you mean it? YES
probably not right? Nigga yes I did!
last relationship lasted?I DONT KNOW!
last hookup lasted? Don't know
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