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Hey. I'm The Dancing Queen. You may call me Piper (that's not my real name but I like the sound of it. Hoho.)

PM ME. if you want to be my friend. but of course, everybody wants to be my friend so.


Q: Why were you gone for so long?

A: I was sick, in a car crash, lost motivation, computer/fanfictiondotnet crashed, hectic life, etc. sorry.

Characters I Like:

Sakura Haruno, from Naruto Shippuden (she's friggin as strong as Hulk and Superman COMBINED. youknowit!)

Chrome Nagi Dokuro, from Katekyo Hitman Reborn (it's not possible to NOT like her!)

Shanaynay from, Shane Dawson and Friends (aww, COME ON)

Quinn, from Glee (she's the most sane girl. except for the part when she got preggy. XD)

Ino Yamanaka, from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden (iloveher. :D)

Troll, from Equals Three (FAKE AND GAAAYYY)

Rima Touya, from Vampire Knight/Guilty (she kicks butt. + she has angel eyes! :D OHHH)

Noi, from Wallflower (one smartass heroine.)

Kyouhei and Sunako, from Wallflower (i know you ALL do)

Rukia and Ichigo, from Bleach (Best duo ever! Sorry, Renji. Wha-NO, KON!)

Orihime Inoue, from Bleach (haters will hate!)

Ulrich Stern, from Code Lyoko (tch. he looks better in 2D.)

Tifa Lockhart, from FFVII (I WANT TO LOOK LIKE YOU, TIFA. and how'd you grow your b00bi-nevermind.)

Reno, from FFVII (idk. you know how you just like a character but you have no reason?)

Everyone, from Ouran HSHC (best. high school. EVAR.)

Kyo, from Fruits Basket (i like cats. NO, I'M NOT A SINGLE WOMAN LIVING IN A CREEPY HOUSE WITH BILLIONS OF CATS! well...almost.)

Chrona and Death the Kid, from Soul Eater (fuggin. awesome. the best couplette. EVAR. symmetry!!!)

Mostly everyone, from Durarara!! (they're either hot, sweet, the cutest couple ever, evil...but hot, or epic. Except for Saki, of course. EVERYONE HATES MARY SUES!! :D) (...ShizAya!!!)

Sebastian, from Kuroshitsuji (i can't believe i used to think that butlers were wrinkled, old men)

Everyone, ESPECIALLY AMERICA, from Hetalia: Axis Powers/World Series/Paint it White (best. anime. EVAR. Belarus was YES)

Characters I Don't Like

Hinata, from Naruto Shippuden (noope. sorry)

Karin, from Naruto Shippuden (icckkk. sorry!)

Light/Kira, from Death Note (dammit! he's ho- HE'S A KILLER! KILLER!)

Saki, from Durarara!! (talk about Mary Sue. DISLIKE, sorry)

...i like kpop. but only the boy bands. heh.

I want you to draw me like one of your French girls.


About me:

I like to dance. That's all the Internet needs to know! ;)

Don't get fancy, just get dancy!

I am The Dancing Queen.

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