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Latest Update: I will be gone from June 3rd until mid-July. As such, I will be attempting to publish Chapter Eight sometime before this upcoming Sunday. If I'm successful enough, MAYBE I'll get Chapter Nine out, as well. But I can't make any promises, so just assume that you'll only be getting a single Chapter this week. I apologize for the lack of communication, but my life has been hectic. I've said that a lot, I know, but it's true. I'm sorting through college currently, and I'll be attending a job program, which is why I'll be gone for so long. I haven't forgotten about you guys, I was just being pressured to update the other story on my plate... Hope to get Chapter Eight out to you in the next couple of days! StMM

Just a reminder: Princess Lena aka Lady Kittuna will be the co-author of WotL after the Field Trip Arc.

Just to emphasize the significance of the 'vision' that Bastion received, I've left it up here for now. I believe that there are a total of five verses to this rhyme, and each Chapter of the Field Trip will feature a new verse. When read together, you can piece together what happened in Oneiro all those years ago. Almost. But I've said too much... again... Thanks for the views, Reviews, Subscriptions, and Alerts!

Tick Tock goes the clock...

We laughed at fate and mourned her...

Tick Tock goes the clock...

Even for Duke Incendia...


Hey, guys. Just opening another account... strictly for Yugioh GX... Bwaha. Kinda silly, what with this account only Uploading three stories, but my other account's getting loaded with a lot of other stories in different categories...

Anyway, to business. The Stories that will be found here in the future are...

War of the Light

Shadows of Duel Monsters

Ominious third story to the trilogy. Have not thought up a proper title yet.

Why'd I title this account 'Souta the Madman'? You'll be finding out soon-ish. Souta is kinda at the center of all three of the stories. Very important OC. Can't say much else right now, I'm in the middle of a ton of writing...

The following are Descriptions and Synopses of this trilogy:

War of the Light: A re-make of the second season of Yugioh GX. Not very original, but I'm addicted to watching the second season... again... so I figured, "Why not revise the first story of the trilogy?" Some of my original ideas were never properly expressed, and now I'll probably be rubbing out those ideas to connect the trilogy more properly... Will be undergoing some heavy revisions, so I can't say much at this point. However, I will say that some things will remain the same. Like Bastion being the second-in-command of the Society of Light, and 'Seth Phoenix' leading the Society. You won't know why I'm switching out Sartorious for Seth Phoenix until Shadows of Duel Monsters, though... Oh, and the Duels will be lengthier and the descriptions will hopefully be better. Taking the revising stage very slowly...

Shadows of Duel Monsters: Jaden's years at Duel Academy draw to a close, and Jaden's new adventure begins: Battling Team Darkness and, possibly, Altru's elite. Jaden is forced to look back on his lonely childhood as he is faced with a task that he isn't unfamiliar with: Saving a friend. Evil forces are at work. Who can be trusted? One by one, Jaden's friends are slowly being turned against him. Altru promises a new, bright future for the world with a 'fuel that will never be used up.' But can they really supply the fuel? More importantly: Who is really running things at Altru? Who is the one that 'masterminds the game?'

The Third: No information can be leaked about this one. I have some ideas, that is all I have at this point.

Call me bizarre, weird... whatever. But I find inspiration for my writing by listening to Theme Music. It helps move my writing along. Listed below are a few pieces that helped shape particular scenes in the Chapters so far. I know my titles aren't the real titles of the song, they're just there to help identify which scenes the Themes inspired. Enjoy! ... Even though some may not be to your liking. *Shrug*

WotL's Opening Theme (In my opinion, this is a great Theme for this fic. Not from Yugioh/GX, but... Eh.):

The Mysterious Fortuneteller! The Unrecognized Genius! Prelude to an Enlightening Duel:

The Mobile Fortress Cometh:

The Tide of Battle Shifts! Jaden's Counterattack Against Aster:

'Welcome to the Future!':

And, a small gift:

'Seth Phoenix's' Future Theme:

That's all I want to give for Themes right now. Moving on...

... I just love giving spoilers. So, here's synopses for the next few episodes of War of the Light... No synopses for the Field Trip until I publish Chapter Seven in a couple of weeks.

Chapter 8: Ghost Town or Glimmering Utopia? ThePhantomTownof Oneiro!

Despite the loss to Princess Rose, Alexis finds that she isn’t brainwashed yet. So she doesn’t join the Society of Light. Jaden, Hassleberry, Lorenzo, Chazz, and Atticus are relieved, and Bastion is perplexed. Immediately after the duel ends, the Society of Light boards their ship and Jaden, Hassleberry, Lorenzo, Chazz, Atticus, and Alexis board their much smaller ship. Aster refuses to go because he has issues with Seth. In almost no time at all, after passing through a mysterious fog, the ships dock at what appears to be an abandoned pier. The Society docked first, so all of them went ahead as a group. Jaden, Hassleberry, Chazz, Atticus and Alexis, however, take time to observe their surroundings. To them, the place seems deserted. But when they pass through the ancient-looking ticket station, they come face to face with the ‘Glimmering Utopia’ of Oneiro. Just what is going on?

Chapter 9: Uncovering the Past! The Curse of Oneiro!

Jaden and co. do some digging around. For some reason, other than running into Bastion occasionally on their search to find answers, the Society of Light has mysteriously vanished. The boat is still moored in the pier, so where did they go? And after being repeatedly warned to not go near Incendia Castle, the gang decides to go check it out. But what will they find?

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