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I'm in need of some ideas! Would anybody like to help me out?

I have a story called 'Trust Me', about a Buck x OC character. Please read it, and as I am updating numerous stories now, I would like to have it completed or updated soon.

Anybody got some ideas?

If you do, please PM me, and I'll reply to you if your idea is chosen, and I'll credit you in the chapter. Thank you. I hope you can help me out.






I cannot think how to give a decent apology for my long, long absence. I've lost all the motivation of writing stories, and I felt that I wasn't giving my best to you readers. I still receive plenty of reviews which I am so, so grateful for.

So, I shall be updating some in the future, but please don't rush me. Just got into school, and I'm doubled over in homework. Yeah.

I hope you read this, and I am so, so, sorry.

But I just changed the status for 'Sweet Revenge' maybe you can check it out and realise that it's going to be up and running again...

:) Hope you got the hint.

OK, goodbye, better get writing!

Continentally Drifting Forever


Welcome to my profile, people. Let me list my FAVE stuff...

FAVE MOVIE: Oh my gosh, I love love love Ice Age 4! Best ever!!

FAVE CHARACTER: Shira and Diego from Ice Age 4! Love them!

FAVE BOOK/SERIES: I've got the Ice Age 4 Novel and I love it. I've also read 'Pride and Prejudice' which is also really good. Love the Hunger Games trilogy- they're amazing. I even have my own personal Mockingjay pin. ;)

FAVE FOOD: I love like, tons of food, but I'd have to say I love chocolate coated strawberries and apple pie and ooh... I love waffles, pancakes and French Toast. Oh yea, I love spongecake- definitely..

FAVE HOBBY: Making scoobi-dous! I've made like ten billion of them LOL! I am also obsessed with writing novels and drawing even though I suck at both. :( I also have a habit of checking my messages every given moment.

FAVE COLOUR: Hmm...aqua... black, some shades of pink and blue and green.

FAVE JOKES: My mother uses lemon juice for complexion. Maybe that's why she's so sour...

FAVE SINGER/BAND: One Direction (I don't care if you hate them), Maroon 5- they're amazing, The Script- they're also amazing, Florence the Machine

Story Panel

Feel free to contact me if you have an idea for a story. I will be most happy to use it. As long as it is appropriate. But I will let you know if I will or will not use it. And yes, I will credit you in my story.

I am sincerely apologetic to the many uncompleted stories I own. They will be finshed- in the meantime. I am a busy person with a life, and I have other important things to do.

Please see my DeviantArt page, I am MTanLOL.

Review of Ice Age 4

I was very excited when Ice Age 4 was released. In my opinion, I really liked the movie. I saw it twice in the cinemas and both times I thoroughly enjoyed it. The use of the characters was great and the graphics and animation was just PERFECT! The story really brought out some nice features. I was very pleased with the way it was produced. Each character had a battle to deal with. Sid was faced with a lot of responsibility at one point of the movie, in which he did not fulfill unfortunately, but in his second job, he fulfilled it very well. Diego was stopped short by beautiful Shira the pirate, and he dealt with this new feeling of love. It was a little disappointing not to see anything real cute between them, but I suppose he didn't really see her very often, and they were a newly made couple at the end. Manny was separated from his family, which really stressed him. But luckily, he had his friends with him to help him out. Meanwhile, Peaches is having her own dealings, working out how to feel about mammoth sweetheart Ethan. She also learned that friends will always be there for you- as there was an affair between Louis and herself, but in the end, Louis didn't really totally abandon her, for he rescued them in the end.

I liked the ending, it was very sweet. Manny reunited with his family after defeating the pirates, and there was an emotional reunion. Shira inquired of Diego, whether he still wanted her on their 'scurvy crew', to which he replied 'You bet. Welcome to the herd.' I found that very sweet, as she smiles, and they just look at each other for like, ages. :) Manny actually said some very touching genuine words to Sid. I can always remember Sid being teased a lot, getting picked on, and at the end of the third movie Manny told Diego that there wasn't a chance for Sid to babysit his daughter. But Manny said to Sid, 'You know, Sid, you're not such a screwup.' And Sid replies 'Aw, thanks,' and Manny says 'Really Sid. You're a hero.' And Sid looks very happy and cute.

Scrat did not have a great ending, as usual. He drained 'Scratlantis' in a desperate move to snatch a huge acorn, and ended up in a parched desert.

It would be nice to see more Shira and Diego in the future, and that is my opinion. If they do make a fifth Ice Age (which I really doubt they would do) I would hope to see some cute shy romanticness between Diego and Shira, or maybe even a family.

Anyway, it was a fantastic movie and I shall rate it 10/10. Since I LOVE Ice Age, it would probably be more.


These are short poems I have written for you to enjoy.


An icy heart which reigns inside,

Will never ever find a bride,

But is this saying really true,

Or would it be to make you blue?

But, alas, one day a time will come,

A female that will make him numb,

A special one of no kind of sort,

She’ll glow inside him like a torch,

She’s divinely made of a fine art,

And will melt the ice in his heart.



She’s beautiful and very bright,

A female sabre with a lot of might,

She’s white and has blue gem eyes,

And it’s her turn to finally rise,

She’ll play a part for her future love,

And he’ll see her as a pretty white dove,

But she’ll help to overcome his fear,

And soon he’ll call her ‘my dear’.



Adorned in amazingly pretty white fur,

Against the snow, she’s a blur,

But a silent, sneaky sabre is she,

So sneaky that all must flee,

Although like all, she has flaws,

Like the painful scars in her paws,

But nevertheless, she’s a special one,

So beautifully radiant under the sun,

I hope Diego will see her soon,

And they will meet under the moon,

I hope they will together endeavour,

And may their love last forever.



Continentally Drifting Forever


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Sweet Revenge reviews
Long are the days where I would breathe salty air. Long are the days where I would be perfect to avoid a beating from Gutt. Long are the days where I served Gutt. I have finally reached land with Diego, but are things as expected when the Sweet Revenge returns? Will I be able to confess to Diego my love before it's too late? Rated T now- bit of a scary scene...
Ice Age - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 7 - Words: 6,141 - Reviews: 80 - Favs: 36 - Follows: 45 - Updated: 2/16/2013 - Published: 7/5/2012 - Shira, Diego
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Shira's a runaway saber, until her lover appears to have followed her. A bit of fluff- nothing big, just a sentence or two. Based on the Shiego pairing. Rated T because I am paranoid. Oneshot, ppl!
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